Monday, December 10, 2018



Russell Bentley

Mon, Dec 10, 5:30 PM (16 hours ago)

Today on the Official DPR Army website there is very heavy info - Morning of December 14, the big attack is scheduled from Mariupol east to the RF border and north to Telmanova.  My friends in Spetsnaz say it's probably true, this time for real, after ukrops stage a false flag attack against chemical plants in Mariupol and blame it on DPR. There is a LOT of info on this site. About ukrop drones that can carry 70 Kilo payloads being moved up to the Front, about bodies being loaded from the Front and taken to Mariupol. My Army friends make the following observations -

1) This is real. The attack is scheduled for the morning of Friday December 14th.
2) There probably will be a false flag chemical event in Mariupol in the next 72 hours.
3) Ukrops are already prepared for this attack.
4) Front line Ukrop units don't want to do it, are ordered to, probably they that leaked the plan.
5) Front line Ukrop units MAY refuse to attack.
 6) If they DO attack, it will be at least 48 hours before RF responds.
7) The attack in the south is a diversion. When DPR moves to protect the south, main attack will come against Donetsk, Gorlovka and Lugansk.

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Below is translation of official statement by Eduard Basurin on December 10th, 2018 -

Our intelligence has obtained irrefutable evidence of the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the attack on the Mariupol area. The information obtained from reliable sources fully discloses the plan of the Ukrainian security officials.
The goal of the planned offensive is to seize the territory of the Novoazovsk and Telmanovsk districts and establish control over the stretch of the border between the Donetsk People's Republic and the Russian Federation in the area of KONYKOVO and COLD.
The shock offensive group formed by the enemy, with a total number of more than 12 thousand people, is concentrated along the contact line in the area of settlements Novotroitsky, Shirokino, Rovnopol. Here are concentrated more than 50 tanks, 40-ka volley fire jet systems, 180 guns and mortars.
The first echelon is made up of the 128th Mountain Assault and the 79th Air Assault Brigade.
In the second echelon - the 56th motorized infantry brigade and the 36th marine brigade.
The basis of the artillery grouping is the two jet divisions of the 27th Artillery Brigade and the rocket division of the 15th Artillery Regiment. In addition, 12 Smerch MLRS units of the 40th Artillery Brigade were urgently deployed to the area of the settlement of Volodarsky.
The Mariupol tactical group consisting of the 73rd Maritime Special Purpose Center (about 500 people) and two self-propelled howitzer battalions of the 1st and 406th artillery brigades was withdrawn to the reserve.
The functions of the detachment assigned to the bandits of the regiment "Azov".
According to the Ukrainian command, in the morning of December 14, after artillery preparation, the advance units of the 128 and 79 brigades should launch an offensive from the line GRANITNY -. SHIROKINO in the direction of the settlement KLINKINO with the task to reach the state border of the DPR near the KONKOVO and COLD settlements by the end of December 15.
To develop the success of the offensive and cover up the offensive units of the 79th Brigade, it is planned to launch the second echelon - the 56th motorized infantry brigade from the Primorsky - Shevchenko border in the direction of the Klinkino settlement.
To violate the control of our troops, sabotage actions by the Mariupol tactical group are possible.
After completion of the operation on the captured territory by the Nazi regiment "Azov" and also by the 36th brigade raid detachments of the marines, it is planned to clean up the settlements from the unwanted "elements" and opponents of the Ukrainian occupation.
The command of this criminal adventure entrusted to the war criminal Moysyuk received for loyalty on December 6 from the hands of Poroshenko generals shoulder straps.
The reason for the armed aggression will serve as a terrorist attack committed by the Ukrainian special services in Mariupol. A few days before the planned offensive, one of the industrial enterprises will be undermined.
chemical storage facilities. It is possible that with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles adapted for dumping mines and hand grenades.
As a result, there should be a release of toxic substances. According to the information we have, which is now being checked, sabotage is planned at the Mariupol Metallurgical Plant named after Ilyich. It stores significant reserves of ammonia used in industrial production. In this case, the scale of possible contamination can be up to 15 square kilometers. In the area of infection will be part of Mariupol with a population of about 50 thousand people.
In the future, responsibility for this diversion Poroshenko's regime plans to impose on the Donetsk Republic. These actions will be accompanied by hysteria in the Ukrainian media, designed to convince Ukrainians and the international community of justice and the justification of unleashing aggression against us.
Obviously, Kiev expects that under these conditions the issue of gross violation of the Minsk agreements in the OSCE will not be raised and the international community will once again close its eyes to the bloody crimes of the Poroshenko regime.
The date of completion of the operation of the Ukrainian security officials, December 15, was not accidentally chosen. Apparently Poroshenko can not wait at the schismatic cathedral, which he gathers on the same day, to report to the schismatics, who are essentially traitors to the Ukrainian people, who are, and he himself, about their military victories. Actually, this is the main reason for the provocation conceived by the Kiev authorities - in spite of what to demonstrate to PULB. Because Naev and Moisyuk, seeking to curry favor, will not spare the soldiers to carry out the criminal order of their president.
I appeal to the Ukrainian soldiers. We protect our homeland. We are on our land. You came to us in the Donbass as invaders. Our cause is right. We will win. Think of your loved ones. Going into battle against us, you do not defend Ukraine. You defend the interests of Poroshenko and his company.
I urge OSCE observers to pay attention to the military preparations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and stop the aggression. When hostilities resume, you cannot say you did not know about its preparation.
I appeal to the residents of Mariupol. Brothers and sisters, be watchful. In the event that we fail to prevent the sabotage of the SBU, do not panic. Keep calm. During the period from December 11 to December 14, try not to be located near industrial facilities where chemicals are stored - chlorine, ammonia and others. Take care of children. They are the least protected in these conditions.
Oddly enough, it will sound, I urge the Ukrainian police to increase their vigilance and try to prevent a terrorist act, planned by the SBU. Remember, you are not serving the criminals who came to power as a result of a coup, but the people of Ukraine.
In conclusion, I will add that the People’s Police of the DPR is ready to meet uninvited guests. We will protect our citizens! The enemy will not pass!