Monday, May 22, 2017

Russian - German Brotherhood. And Human Aid.

Brotherhood and Human Aid from Germany to the DPR...

"Deine Zauber binden wieder            "Your Magic brings together
Was die Mode streng geteilt;                what politics has torn apart
Alle Menschen werden Brüder             all men become brothers
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt."              where your gentle wings abide."

- Fred Schiller, Leipzig, 1785

I have spent the last few days (and nights) with Manny and Sasha, two German anti-fascists here in Donetsk on a human aid mission. I met them in Rostov last Thursday, and we agreed to meet in Donetsk the next day. When I got back to Donetsk about 10 PM on Friday, I opened my computer to find they had been stuck at the border for 30 hours. They only had a 2 entry Russian visa, so if they went back to Russia, they could not come to the DPR. The punks who were responsible for getting them into the DPR had totally fucked up and just left them there on the border. For 30 hours. I was there to get them less than 4 hours later, and after a long midnight ride, we got to Donetsk just as the sun was rising. Thanks to my friends in the Administration and "My Good Buddies" who helped!

The first thing we did was to pay respects at the graves of Givi and Motorola. We went with my Godfather, Father Boris. All 3 of us are combat veterans, and we were deeply moved. Heroes live on in their example, and in the memory of all good people. So long as there are still good people in the world, heroes never die. May it always be so...

Sasha is a professional musician, and I have enjoyed jamming with him. But they did not come 3,000 Km from Berlin just to party, so today we got to work. They brought money from Germany - from Spendaktionen fur Novorussia and also the Russian-German Brotherhood, specifically to help kids here, and today, that's exactly what we did. SfN gave 800 Euros, and RGB gave 500. We bought a new desktop computer for Teremok orphanage, along with some yogurt, fruit and sweets for the 50  super sweet kids there. We got a good deal on the computer, 1 year warranty and 10% discount. We got a discount on the food too, from First Republic Supermarket. Everyone here is happy to help kids. That's our main focus, and that's EVERYBODY'S job - making a better world for future generations.

We also bought school supplies for two schools in the Petrovsky District of Donetsk. My wife is from there, and used to teach there. It is one of the most heavily bombed neighborhoods in Donetsk, and the kids there need school supplies. We went to the best place in town for school supplies - right behind the Donetsk city jail. (Remind me to never go to jail in Donetsk!) We bought paper, pens, pencils, art supplies, rulers, erasers (hey, nobody's perfect!) stuff for students and teachers. We also bought volley balls, basketballs and soccer balls. And 7 boxes of vital medicine for a kid with epilepsy in Petrovsky District. Nobody else could help, so we did.

We delivered the computer and food to Teremok as the sun was going down, after a looooong day. The kids did a short performance from the recent Victory Day and Day of the Republic. It was really impressive - those 6 year olds can dance better than I can! I always love seeing the kids there, and am glad we could help. It is a great place, but the Director explained that there are not nearly as many supporters as there once were, so they really need and appreciate our help. I wish every orphan kid in the world could be taken care of by people who care as much as the Teremok staff does. I am very proud to be working with them, helping to take care of some really beautiful kids.

Tomorrow we deliver the school supplies to Petrovsky. There's some beautiful kids there too!
Video (made with my new vid cam) coming soon. Stay tuned!

PS - The shelling has again been heavy at the Front and on the outskirts of town. I'm heading back to the Front soon, and will be taking cameras and crew. So keep an eye out for updates. You can catch them here or on my Youtube channel, VK and Twitter, but don't look for them on my FB profile - I don;t post there anymore...

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Trump / Russia Hoax and (WTF?) Lieberman for FBI

First, let me say I'm no fan of Trump. Never was, never will be. He's an egotistical clown, a dangerous fool, and a threat and embarrassment to all decent people in the world, not to mention in the USA. But he is not the worst snake in "The Swamp", and this Russia-gate bullshit is getting way out of hand.

It is hard for me to believe that there are still people so stupid or self-deluded that they can still take Western mainstream "media" seriously.  CNN, FOX. MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, these are all propagandists of the lowest order. They do not report the truth, they manipulate reality, they tell you what they want you to think, and it is more often than not an outright lie.  Can people be so stupid as to have already forgotten the absolute lies about 9/11, Iraq, Gaddafi, all the Syrian gas attacks, Crimea and Ukraine?

And now the latest in the string of lies about Trump being a "Kremiln stooge". He's a stooge, alright, but not competent or consistent enough to ever be trusted by the Russian government or secret services. Putin has offered the word for word transcript of the meeting between Trump and Lavrov where it is alleged Trump gave Lavrov classified information. But actual facts and evidence might get in the way of the narrative and what the scum who own the media and the US government want the population of mostly willing dupes to think. Don't these imbeciles ever ask themselves whether it is wise to believe reports based on "anonymous sources", and whether these sources have any real way of knowing what was or was not said in the Putin / Lavrov meeting? And who is qualified to decide what information is appropriate to share with a foreign diplomat if not the Commander in Chief, the President himself?

Finian Cunningham has written an excellent article about this brouhaha. Making the analogy about the red pill / blue pill scene from the movie The Matrix. People who cling to illusions or are willfully ignorant are not worthy to be considered adult human beings, not worthy of trust or respect, not qualified to have an opinion, much less express one. They are a danger to themselves, the world and the future of humanity. And there are way too fuckin' many of them these days.


Speaking of which, I read today that former senator Joe Lieberman may be considered as a replacement for the excrable James Comey as head of the FBI. Joe Lieberman is a bigger piece of shit than even James Comey, and that is pretty amazing. But also true.  Let's remember Lieberman was one of the most ardent supporters of the Iraq invasion (and let's remember that war was based on a lie.) Let's remember Lieberman endorsed and campaigned for the utterly unqualified and criminally insane John McCain in 2008.

And speaking of unqualified, Lieberman is about as unqualified to head the FBI as Inspector Clouseau. At 75 years old, it is inconceivable he will last the appointment's 10 year term, not to mention the fact that he has exactly zero experience in law enforcement or as a prosecutor, but this video shows beyond any question why Joe Lieberman is a liar and a traitor and should never be allowed anywhere near any office that has to do with the search for truth  or justice or in any way connected to national defense. The video shows Lieberman stating that he does not know that a 3rd WTC building was demolished on 9/11, and in fact saying it didn't even happen. No one is that stupid, especially a US Senator who was instrumental in forming the American Gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security. So, he knew, and he was lying. And this ties in perfectly with the fact that the 9?11 Commission did not even mention the destruction of WTC 7 in their report.

This is a willful and intentional effort to erase and rewrite history. In another 10 or 20 years, the propagandists and professional liars will be saying the fall of WTC 7 didn't really even happen, it was all just a "conspiracy theory", "fake news", and their lies become reality. When the nazis who own and control the US government and media succeed in controlling and distorting history and reality, we have already lost, because we have already entered the real life Matrix, from which there will be no escape. So do your part today - defend history and reality, defend yourself and the future of Humanity. Face the hard truth and forego the comforting lie. Humanity depends on it.

Thursday, May 18, 2017



First, because fuck FB, second, because fuck Mark Zuckerberg in his smarmy face. Third, being on FB is like eating at McDonald's, paying taxes, voting for the Republican or Democrat of your choice, watching CNN or reading the NYT - bad for your (mental) health and reputation, and supporting your own worst enemies and the goddamned status quo. Seriously. Do you think Jesus or Che would be on FB? No. me neither. I'm not comparing myself to them, but I do try to follow their example, so...
I'm never logging into or posting to my old FB account again.

FB censored me MANY times. Thirty day ban for posting a photo of Motorola after nazi assassins murdered him in his own apartment building, Thirty day ban for posting a vid that showed US backed ISIS had and used chemical weapons, when Western media was blaming the Syrian government for war crimes their own government backed terrorists committed. They let ukrop nazis like Azov post shit all day, every day, but serious info warriors are under constant threat of getting shut down on fuggin FB. So, fuck it. Yes, I know it is a powerful platform, but I am leading by example. We ALL need to quit that shit. I feel better already, like I scraped some dogshit off my shoe. And about time, too!

I almost was tempted to log back in and make my final FB cover photo the image at the top of this article, just like any other junkie... "Just one last hit". Fuck that and fuck FB. If I ever log in to FB again, I'll make a video of me kissing the ass of every person who ever sees me there again. THAT should get a few views on Youtube! But don't hold your breath, it ain't gonna happen.

Think I'm crazy, too over the top, don't know what I'm doing, losing a "valuable resource"? FUCK IT.
WE CAN DO IT! If all my FB friends quit, and all their friends quit, and all THEIR friends quit, we can make Mark Zuckerberg, the cute young billionaire, piss his pants. A worthy endeavor...

This blog, this website, (soon to have a major overhaul) is where I will be posting whatever I would have posted on FB. Starting now, and from now on. I'm on VK, I'm on Twitter, I'm on Instagram. G+,
and even had an account on some months back, and might well again. But for now, this website is my blog. Bookmark it and check in when you want to know what's going on. It's no more trouble than checking your FB account, and a LOT cooler, starting now. Fuck Facebook, fuck Zuckerberg, fuck censorship and "social media lite" in the 21st Century. You think cat pictures and what your "friends" had for dinner is news, is important? Stay on FB. You a real warrior in the Info War? Scrape that FB shit off your shoe. Today. You'll feel better, and you'll smell better too,
starting instantly.

But if you're not quitting FB today, (and it's OK, I understand) you can do us all a favor and post this on your FB page, if you're not too scared of getting censored. Because I will never post on FB again.
It's a tough job, being a soldier, even in the Information War. Sometimes it's scary, because it's risky, but I'm a soldier, it's my job to take that risk. How about you?