Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Alex Jones, Freedom of Speech, and The Real Enemy

The sickening and alarming targeted censorship of Alex Jones, regardless of what you may think of him personally, is a genuine threat to the future and freedom of every single one of us who is not a willing slave or a minion of those who aspire to rule the world and be masters over us all. The Facebook censors still allow several FB groups promoting the lying murderers of "The White Helmets", professional fake news creators and actual killers, but FB shuts down Jones, who may often be mistaken, but I believe is sincere, and he, who unlike me and The White Helmets, who are still on FB, and he, unlike me and the White Helmets, I doubt has ever killed anyone.

Personally, I think Alex is an alright guy, in spite of the fact that he has studiously ignored (thus, in effect, censored,) me and my work in Donbass for the last 4 years, even though we are both from the same town, (Austin, Texas) have some close common acquaintances, and actually agree on many things. Alex has been right about a lot of things, and though he has gotten paid very well for his work, and though he has said some contradictory and even stupid things, I believe he is genuinely sincere in his efforts to make a better country and a better world. I've said some stupid things myself, on occasion, and there is no shortage of people who think I too am an asshole. So, Alex and I are now in the same boat. Targeted, censored and repressed by the multi-billion dollar propaganda machine known as the "Mainstream Media".

A year ago, when the scumbag presstitutes of the BBC and the Houston Chronicle targeted the fundraiser for my book, they used lies to engage in a coordinated attack, outright suppression, not just of my book and free speech, but of the truth. Their poison pen campaigns, textbook examples of lying "yellow journalism",  cost me thousands of dollars that had already been donated, and were subsequently returned to donors. A lot of people spoke out against it, but my homeboy Alex was silent. And so now, it is his turn to see what it's like to have his funding cut and his voice silenced by hypocrites and professional liars. And perhaps to be ignored by so-called "comrades" and "Defenders of the 1st Amendment" who don't speak up for his rights because of their personal animosity, warranted or not.

When Inessa S was de-monetized on Youtube, she lost her main source of income from the millions of views her work translating Russian news for an English-speaking audience had earned. Again, this devastating attack on an excellent independent journalist and upon free speech itself, as well as against the basic access to honest information, did not raise any cry from Alex Jones. But now that he's in the crosshairs of Fascist repression himself, he has finally begun to think it's a serious thing.
It seems to me that he and his supporters are a day late and a dollar short, and it can not but seem disingenuous that only now does he complain, whenhis own free speech is attacked. None the less, I have to stand with Alex on this issue, and hope he has learned his lesson. He did not stand up for others' rights to free speech, so now he has lost his own. This is a lesson we all must learn, this is a battle we all must do our part in. Not for Alex Jones, but for ourselves, for all of us.

There will always be conflict between people and groups who are nominally on the same side. Orwell hated Laski, Emmett Grogan despised Abby Hoffman, Mario Monje betrayed Che, "The Saker" hates "Texac". Usually there are legitimate reasons for the conflicts between supposed allies, from one side or another, but to fail to defend free speech, even of someone you don't like, is a betrayal of the lowest order, beyond excuse and beneath contempt, a betrayal, not just of comrades, but of principles, and of ourselves.

So, what is to be done? My friend and Comrade Joaquin Flores has taken the brave and principled stand to no longer post on FB. I understand and respect his logic and decision, but will not follow his example. I will wait for FB to shut me down, I will not censor myself. I have had two Twitter accounts shut down, the first with over 700 followers, the second with over 1,000. Perhaps I will soon start another Twitter account. I believe the answer is not to boycott crooked media channels, but to turn their power against them, and above all, to support and amplify the voices of those our true and mortal enemies seek to silence, even if we don't agree on every issue.

Perhaps Jones and Watson, Zuckerberg and the rats at CNN, Apple, and the goddamned BBC, as well as all of us who claim to stand for freedom of speech, should remember the words of Martin Niemoller's famous poem -

First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out---
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Fuck who says they won't re-post what such and such other site posts, because they don't like 'em. Fuck every one of them.  If it's true, support it, share it, and respect it.  A fake comrade is a real enemy. Whose personal feelings come before the Truth, and before the Struggle, is no comrade of mine. I stand with the Truth,whoever says it, and where ever they say it.

Speak up while you still can, and support others' right to do the same, even if you don't like them. We must all stand against the real enemy, the mortal enemy, who are trying to silence us all. And BTW, I'd be happy to discuss or debate with Jones or "The Saker" on any subject, anytime. We'll see what they say... Or don't.

Friday, July 27, 2018


#1) This book needs to be read. It is the first and only English language account of the Donbass War from an American volunteer who was actually in the war, on the Front, on the Donbass side. There is not, and will not be, another one like it. It is literally the view from the trenches. I was a soldier in the Essence of Time combat unit at the Donetsk Airport when we took back the new terminal. I was there when we cut the control tower down. I served for almost a year in the Novorussian Armed Forces, in some of the hottest areas - Airport, Spartak, Yasynuvata, Avdeevka. This book is genuine history, a first-hand account. It is unique. If you haven't read this book, you don't have the whole story on the Donbass War.

#2) This book is not for my benefit, it is for the benefit of the DPR, Donbass Human Aid and for the benefit of the true historical record. It is a powerful weapon against Western propaganda and fake news. I can confirm the ukrop nazis used white phosphorus, Uragan and Tochka-U missiles, because I was there  when they did. This book is a testament of what really happened and the ukrop war crimes that took place. Proceeds will go to support further journalism and human aid work here in Donbass. What, did you think I was going to use the money from the book for a Crimean vacation? Hardly. I've got work to do. I'll take my vacation after the war. Until then, I'm going to do what I came here to do - fight fascism and help the people of Donbass. Publishing this book is part of my job. Reading it is part of yours.

#3) It's not just a good story, it's well-written. I think I'm a pretty good writer. Of course all poets think they are, but you don't have to take my word for it. Professional writers, editors and journalists have compared my writing to Hemingway, Jack London, and Che Guevara. That's not bad company.
I worked hard on this book, and it shows. I have had the help of several professional writers and editors, who did great work and did not ask to be paid. It was a labor of love, and a point of honor.

#4)  This story isn't about me. It's about my experiences here, about the people I met and worked with, who I fought beside, men and women who fought in a just war against real nazis, and won. When I got here, it was by no means certain we would prevail. But we did. All of us gave something, some of us gave our limbs and our lives. We did this together, created a new Republic, turned back the tide of neo-fascism. The story of these Heroes is an example to the world, it shows what can be done by serious people who are willing to sacrifice for an ideal, to make a better world, not just for themselves, but for all of us. This is the story my book tells, and this is a story that needs and deserves to be told. It is an example and an inspiration for all good people. The struggle continues, and we all have a part to play.

#5) By supporting this book, you become a real soldier in the real info war. Information warfare is as important as actual military warfare, and we are as out-gunned in the info war as we are in the military war. But we are still winning. Western and ukrop propagandists have millions of dollars and thousands of professional liars, paid and volunteer, who work every day to confuse the situation and obstruct the truth. The last thing they want is an honest account of the war being available to Western readers. Let's make those liars sweat! A few dollars worth of truth can defeat a million dollars worth of lies. This is a real war, and we need everyone to do their part. Don't just be a spectator, this is your chance to actually be part of the team, to make a difference, today. This is your chance to support honest independent journalism, put some of your skin in the game, even if only $10 worth. It's a start.

#6) Western MSM propaganda outlets, including BBC, Houston Chronicle, and others, have written hit pieces against me and already derailed thousands of  dollars of support for the publication of this book. But it is now published. We have defeated multi-Billion dollar propaganda presstitutes like the BBC with simple courage and determination, and a little help from our friends. The book is ready. Now, all you need to do is get a copy and read it. You can do so by donating at least $10 (more if you can) to Donbass Human Aid via Paypal. Click the "DONATE" button, fill out the form and put "BOOK", along with your email address in the comment/instruction box, and I will personally send you an E-book copy of Donbass Cowboy. Read it and share it with your friends and comrades, and please tell me and others what you think of it. I am not selling this book on Amazon or other Western capitalist venues, where the parasites eat 70% and the writer gets 30%,  if the Western presstitutes and propagandists don't shut me down all together. I am not selling the book at all, I have donated it as a gift to Donbass Human Aid (of which I am a Board member) to give as a gift to our supporters. DHA is a registered 501(c)3 charity in the USA, and donations are tax-deductible. It is 100% legal and legit.

#7) Now is the time for you to be a part of history and a part of the team. The success of this book is up to everyone reading this.  It depends on you doing your part - get a copy, read it, and share your impressions, tell others to do the same. The time to act is NOW. In view of previous attempts to cut our funding (and the funding of ALL alternative independent news) it can be expected that another campaign to shut us down and to prevent people from reading this book will soon be forthcoming. Get your copy TODAY, while you still can! It is a unique part of the historical record of what happened here, real and honest history, and by supporting it, you become part of the story. By making history together, in the realest sense, we can change the future.

#8) This is a combined effort - By many people, for many people. This is about all of us. Not just the DPR, this is a powerful blow against neo-fascism and their fake news propaganda, all around the world. Together we are powerful, like all 5 fingers of a hand squeezed into a fist. This war is worldwide, what we do counts, for everybody. Everybody here, and generations to come. What kind of a world will we leave to the children of the future? Let's be good ancestors, like our grandparents were before us, the ones who defeated fascism last time. We can too, and if we want to, we will.

#9) It doesn't take much. A $10 donation or more gets you the real story of what it was like for an American volunteer in the Novorussian Armed Forces in the early days of the war. I stood in the trenches, under Grad and white phosphorus, faced heavy artillery and machine guns every day.
I hunted the snipers who were hunting me, and made it back alive to tell the tale. Your $10 contribution goes to help the people of Donbass who have suffered greatly from this war, which was started by the US, NATO and the IMF. The propagandists spend millions of dollars to suppress the truth of what I have seen here. Spend $10 to get this truth out there, to the world. It's the least you can do. Or you can do nothing...

#10) What goes around comes around. That's a certainty of life. You only really own what you give away. It can't be lost, it can't be stolen. It's yours forever. And the more you give, the more you get. THAT is the whole point of this book, the reason I wrote it, the reason it is a story worth telling, and worth reading. Generosity is a sign of courage, and courage is the key to happiness. Courage and generosity are not just the keys to happiness, they are the keys to our survival and a better world. 


Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get everything we deserve.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Donetsk Is In Hot Water! Kiev, Not So Much...


Bathing in Kiev has become "problematic" for 1 million citizens of Kiev. The problem? No hot water. Since early May.
The administration says not to worry, they'll turn it back on. In October. So they say.

Until then, 1 million citizens of the capitol city of a "European" nation take cold showers, or they heat up some water on the stove. Or go without. A month ago Ukraine mass media published an excellent article on "How To Cope With Bathing". For the next 6 months. As we say in Russian, "Klacc..."


In Donetsk, every summer, for two weeks (not six months) they turn off the hot water. Upscale pads, apartments or houses, usually have their own hot water heaters, so for rich guys it's no problem, but in the big apartment blocks in the city or the suburbs where us regular folks live, the city provides the hot water for a set fee. And they turn it off every year for two weeks in June or July for maintenance. Two weeks is tough, but tolerable. You heat up a few big pots of water on the stove, or go cold. Or maybe even skip a day. But only for two weeks. But for six months, I think that would start getting real old, real fast. In only four years, Kiev went from the "Heavenly Hundred" to the "Unwashed Million". Some progress! I bet they yell "Slava Ukraine" every time that cold water hits 'em.  Like this -
                                                                              "SLAVA UKRAINUS!!!!"

In other water related news (I mean "Russian propaganda") reported by mainstream Ukrainian media - On 9 July, this year, Interfax Ukraine News Agency published an article with the following headline

"Ukraine's Centralized Water Supply System Could Stop Providing Drinking Water"

And by "could", they mean "will", and by "drinking water", they mean "not dangerous to drink". Which it soon will be. DANGEROUS TO DRINK.  Not just in Kiev, in Ukraine. The reason both hot water and now clean water are shut down? Kiev junta not paying its bills. For the gas to heat the water, they already owe $150 million, which they'll have to pay off before the gas gets turned back on. And I wonder where that $150 million went. Hmmm...

As for the chlorine to clean the water to make it safe enough to drink, I haven't found an exact dollar amount of the debt, but the Dneproazot chlorine plant shut down a month ago, and is out of stock, in spite of increasing the price of chlorine for water service companies 300% over the last year. I guess as long as Ukrops are heating up some water on the stove to bathe with, they might as well go ahead and let it boil so it will probably be safe to drink. Even though the price of cooking gas has gone up 400% in the last few years. And if the gas gets cut off, they can always heat water on a campfire in the courtyard, like they do in Mogadishu. And again, this is not just the million in Kiev without hot water, this is everybody in Ukraine without safe drinking water. Nation-wide.

Except for Donbass and Crimea, of course. Because we aren't in Ukraine. The hot water's hot and the cold water's clean here. I took a nice warm bath tonight, in nice clean water. And sure, we mostly drink spring water here, but I wouldn't be scared to drink a glass right out of the tap here in Donetsk. I've done it before, no ill effect. I doubt it'd be the same in Ukraine. Because while cold showers and unwashed millions might be the road to "European Aspirations", nothing quite says "Third World Shit Hole" like a nice little cholera outbreak. Again.

Yes, Mariupol, under the tender care of Azov nazis and the ukrop government, is experiencing another cholera outbreak. But don't worry, Her Majesty has dispatched a special squad of British soldiers to help prevent the disease from spreading, at least among Azov nazis and Ukraine Army soldiers, if not the general population, And, no, not among the general population, just the nazis.

"British Military Instructors Arrived to Save Ukrainian Troops in Mariupol From a Cholera Outbreak"

There are some lessons to be learned from all this. First of all, the the kleptocrat fascist junta in power in Kiev care less than nothing for the average Ukrainian citizen.Neither do the kleptocrat fascists in Europe and D.C. who put the Kiev junta in power. Average Ukrainians are no longer citizens, they are livestock - to be cared for as long as, and only as far as, it is profitable. And for the thieves who rape and rule Ukraine, from Kiev and the West, it is profitable. Very profitable. So far...


A) Move to civilized country like Russia or DPR. Or become civilized country like Russia or DPR
B)Take cold shower every day, scream "Slava Ukraine" while freezing ass off.
C) "Go Somali", Heat water on campfire in courtyard because gas too expensive or cut off, like hot water.
D) Cold shower? Laundry? Skip it. Maybe I'll take one in October.
E) Move to Mogadishu, could hardly tell the difference