Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Politics and Religion, Good and Evil in the World Today

Based on my remarks at the Politics and Religion conference held in Grozny, October 6th, 2018


When I look back on twenty years of political activism in the USA and more recently in Donbass, I must admit I sometimes wonder if it was worth it. I ask myself if I have actually done any good. "Good", both in the moral sense and as well as whether I've been effective. Whether I've done my share, made any actual difference. We all have a part to play, something that we can do. The question is whether we do what we can, or don't. Einstein said that the answers to all the world's problems lie in the space between what people do and what they could do, if they chose to, if they made the effort, took action instead of just talking about the world's problems, or worse, ignoring them.

But of course, if you take the responsibility, the risk, of taking action, you must be sure it is for the right cause. This brings up the question of good and evil. You have to know what they are to know which side you're on.  So, let's start by defining both "Good" and "Evil", as moral, philosophic and materialistic concepts. Should we start with Good or Evil? As Anton Chigurh might say, "Let's flip for it." I did. It came up tails. Evil.

Many people say that money is the root of all evil. They are ignorant, (and we'll get to that) aping the words of others, clueless as to the real quote, where it came from, or what it really means. The real quote is from the Bible, First Timothy 6:10, and it says "The love of money is the root of all evil", and that is what it means. Big difference.  So, how is the love of money expressed? Through greed and selfishness of course, and greed and selfishness are also symptoms of fear.

Scott Peck, the brilliant psychiatrist and theologian, wrote a book, People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, in which he gave several excellent definitions of what evil really is. The first and most concise is simply "militant ignorance". Think about that for a moment, let it sink in. And ask yourself if there is a better, more all encompassing description than that for the USA in the 21st Century.  It is the definition of evil. There are other definitions and  indices of evil in his book, all of which are instructive. The title itself defines evil - "The People of the Lie". Is there a representative of the US government over the last 30 years for whom this title does not apply? The Bible, in John 8:44 describes the Devil, saying, "When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar, and the father of lies." Peck further defines evil as "a willingness to impose suffering on others, in order to avoid one's own spiritual growth." Again hauntingly familiar, a definition I am sure that the millions of suffering victims of the USA's 21st Century wars of aggression would readily agree with.

The modern history of the USA is one big lie. From the Warren Commission to 9/11, from Iraqi WMD's to Syrian chemical weapons, lies are the currency of the US government. And the worst kind of lies are self-deception, which allows people to continue to do evil, while pretending to themselves that they are good. The murder of Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya, under the excuse of Right-to-Protect ("R2P") is a perfect example. The "protection" that the US and NATO provided to Libya has led directly to an estimated minimum of 150,000 people in Libya, and a potential maximum of 360,000, with the mean average estimated at 250,000 people "protected" to death in Libya in the last 8 years. Under self righteous but demonstrably false premises. The same false premises have cost the lives of 2.4 million people in Iraq (NOT counting the 500,000 children killed by sanctions before the  2003 invasion, which Madeline Albright said were "worth it".)  Over a million are estimated to have been killed by US/NATO in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the death toll of the US instigated civil war against the legitimate government of Syria is estimated at 511,000 as of March 2018, and the toll continues to climb. These illegitimate wars of aggression, started by the USA and their lackey have killed over 4 million human beings in less than a decade, and these war continue today, based on the same lies with which they were started. The people of the lie, indeed...
So, let's begin our definition of evil by agreeing that those who commit, facilitate, allow or ignore the murder of millions of human beings is genuinely evil.

Hannah Arendt's book, Eichmann in Jerusalem : A Report on the Banality of Evil, also offers useful definitions and insights into what evil really is. She came away from Eichmann's trial struck by the banality, the stupidity, the utterly unremarkable and unoriginal character of a man who was also a willing functionary in a regime that was guilty in the mass murder of millions of people whose only "crime" was allowing themselves to be victims.  We can see the same banality in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in Boris Johnson and Teresa May, in Petro Poroshenko and Benjamin Netanyahu. Their pseudo intellect and their pseudo humanity. Another telltale sign of evil is cowardice - most of the leading German nazis chose suicide, and even murdered their entire families, rather than face justice and try to justify to the world what they were and what they had done. Or perhaps,it would be better to say that evil is a symptom of fear. It is, after all, far more difficult to be good than to be evil, especially in the world today, though perhaps it has always been thus.

Greed and stinginess are also symptoms of fear, and the ultimate goal of Capitalism can honestly be described in the vile maxim "All for me, and none for anybody else." In the USA today, the ultimate perversion of true Christianity is practiced by millions of affluent citizens under the contemptible name of "Prosperity Gospel". They say that they are rich because they are rewarded by God for being good, and poor people are poor because they are punished by God for their evil ways. This, of course, is the exact opposite of the true Gospel of Jesus, such as Matthew 19:24, " Indeed, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."  And Matthew 1:29, " "If you want to be perfect, go sell everything you own! Give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven."   When it comes to riches, it was the Devil who "took Jesus on a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the Earth, and all their riches, and said, "All this I will give to you if you will but fall down and worship me." Matthew 4:8. Among the venal scum who preach this false religion, giving to the poor is not a priority. They live in multi-million dollar mansions, own private jets and luxury cars and build "mega-churches" the size of sports stadiums, as opulent as any Roman colosseum. "Pastrix" Paula White even gave multi-millionaire ($147 million) "Bishop" T. D. Jakes a $200,000 Bentley convertible for his 50th birthday. The top 10 richest "pastors" in the world live in the USA, or Nigeria. These scum spend millions on their own obscenely extravagant lifestyles, while giving a tiny fraction of their proceeds to the poor. They are paid by the Devil that they worship.

Bono's ONE Foundation is another glaring example - Though his own net worth is close to $700 million, he started the ONE Foundation to "raise awareness" of extreme poverty in Africa and elsewhere. The foundation raised over $11 million in 2008, and gave less than 2% to actual programs to help the poor. The rest went to the already obscenely rich Bono and his yuppie underlings.  Of course, centi-millionaire Bono's fraud is chump change compared to the Clinton Foundation, "a charity fraud of epic proportions".   The Clinton Foundation entities are part of a network that has defrauded donors and created illegal private gains of approximately $100 billion in combined magnitude, and possibly more, since 23 October 1997."  Remember the quote about the love of money? It is the root of all evil. These phony preachers, these fake progressives, they love their money, are willing to steal food from starving children to buy their mansions and private jets, these паразиты, these parasites, are truly evil.

There is an old canard, sometimes taught in 3rd rate ethics or philosophy classes that asks, "Is it wrong for a man to steal medicine for his dying wife if he cannot afford to buy it?"  What a ridiculous question. The answer is so obvious to any decent human being - "No, it is wrong for there to be medicine that is unaffordable to people who need it." 

So, what is "good"?

As a Communist, my interpretation of what is right and good is that which is the greatest good for the greatest number of people, and by "good", I mean that which promotes the health and happiness, that which ensures the basic necessities of life and the opportunity for each individual to fulfill their human potential to the greatest degree. As I see it, to the extent that someone's actions diminish or interfere with this, they cannot be good. To the extent that they impose unnecessary suffering on others, they are evil. Every billionaire on this planet is evil. Their love of money has led them to amass unearned and unjustifiable fortunes without any consideration of others. No one can earn a billion dollars. That amount can only be stolen or swindled. No one can work so hard or be so brilliant that they could possibly earn such a sum. And it must be understood and remembered that a billion is one thousand million, and most billionaires are multi-billionaires, they have multi thousand millions. And yet children on this planet still starve, millions live without even the most basic requirements of life. There can be no moral justification for this.

Other than a belief in God and an afterlife to be determined by what we do in this one, the broader definition of "religion" is a belief in something greater than one's self, and a moral code that reflects that belief. I am an Orthodox Christian, and I do believe in God and an afterlife, but whether God exists or whether there is life after this one or not, either way, the definition of "good" remains the same. "The greatest good for the greatest number of people."  Certainly, this would be the right way to earn the approval of God and a good place in the afterlife, but even if this life is all we have, we should still work for the same goal - we must make it as good and fulfilling as possible for ourselves and for all who share this short cosmic miracle of life with us. After all, we are all in this together. So, religion is the moral code by which we judge good and evil, ourselves and others, and politics is the method we use to realize our ideals. Thus politics and religion are inextricably intertwined.

Von Clauswitz famously said, "War is not an independent phenomenon, it is the continuation of politics carried out by different means." So, if war is politics carried out by different means, then politics is war carried out by different means. And make no mistake, our world is at war, the final war, Armageddon, the final conflict between good and evil, life and death. This war has the very real potential to annihilate not only all human life but also the very biosphere, all complex life on our planet. We are here, now, to choose our side and do our part in this war. We all have a part to play, and we all choose our side. Neutrality is not an option. Indifference is not an option. Evil is winning, death is winning, and all those who do nothing are on that side.

The open warfare in Donbass and Syria are only the most obvious flashpoints in this global war between good and evil, life and death. And every choice we make, our every act or failure to act, effects this war and its ultimate outcome. Unless we can drastically change the current trajectory of human activity, we ourselves may not see the end of Humanity, but our children will. Life is what we make it, what all of us together make it for all of us together. Evil is powerful, but it is small, and it is afraid. We can defeat it, if we choose correctly our own moral code and then live by it in real terms, come what may, if we cross that space between what we do and what we could do, we can find the answers to all the world's problems.
Let's go!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rats Poisoned in a Toilet - A Tale of Two Alex Kings. Or Just One?

   Is  the drug dealing pimp "Alex King" from London, who recently rat poisoned himself in a 
   Salibury toilet the same "Alex King" from London behind "Glasnost Gone"?  Highly Likely!

When did Monty Python take over MI-5 and Scotland Yard? Seems like it was a while ago, but this latest comedy sketch is really over the top. Yet another Salisbury poisoning, this time featuring a Russian/Israeli hooker and her husband, "Alex King", who either is, or at least shares the same name with, a rabidly anti-Russian propagandist and professional liar, "Alex King", who produces 100% bullshit on Twitter and Youtube under the pseudonym "Glasnost Gone".  If it turns out to be the same Alex King/Glasnost Gone, it is guaranteed that he and his hooker wife did it to themselves as a ploy for publicity, attention and money. With, of course, the connivance of the British government and press, either before or probably after the fact.

Is the same name a coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it. And I bet that the Alex King who produces vile tripe as "Glasnost Gone" is the same dude found foaming on the floor of a men's room in a Salisbury pizzaria. This dude, and his hooker wife -

The ex-Russian, now Israeli citizen, Anna Shapiro, is billed by The Sun as an "ex-model". Well, exactly what agency was she represented by? Let's see some pics from her professional portfolio, some ads her photo was in, some magazine covers. No, seriously. Let's see. 

You could have seen many more of her photos like the one above in this article by The Sun, but it has now been deleted. Note the (lack of) professionalism and production values of the photo above as well as her fake tits and lips, and her 5 o'clock shadow. "Model"? Hooker. This may well be the girl heard romping with Petrov and Boshirov in the hotel when the Skripals were actually poisoned. 
Hell, maybe she did it.

"The Sun" is the British equivalent of The Weekly World News in the U.S. The Sun is the sine qua non, ne plus ultra, the abso-fucking-lutely perfect example of Fleet Street perfidy. Fleet Street, the heart and birthplace of British "journalism", is known for the barber, Sweeny Todd, and for its "yellow journalism" which I prefer to simply call "Urinalism", because it's yellow, and hardly fit to wipe the floor of the toilet upon which Alex King was found. Sweeny Todd was known for doing to his customers what Fleet Street "journalists" do to the truth. Just like the Alex King who produces pro-nazi, anti-Russian propaganda under the name "Glasnost Gone". I'm betting both Alex's are  100% the same. Highly likely, indeed.

And if so...

Alex King has been working for years as an anti-Russian propagandist. He started out as a fanboy of Nadia Shevchenko, the convicted murderer, mental case and triple turn-coat. When she was imprisoned by the Kiev regime, after being a "Hero of Ukraine" and member of the Ukrainian Verkona Rada national parliament, King's fervor waned, and he began his career as a junior Bellingcat wanna-be, creating demonstrably false propaganda vids pretending to show "Russian occupation" of Ukraine. His videos have never been taken seriously by ANY real media, and after spending the last few years begging for financial support for his work, he has finally hit the big time. (On the floor of a men's toilet in Salisbury. Congrats, Alex, must be your destiny...)

It is easy enough to imagine the conversation - King's new hooker wife lays down the law - "You start bringing in more money, or I'm going back to work!" In desperation, King comes up with a plan - "We'll go to Salisbury, have dinner, I'll have a (non-fatal) portion of rat poison for dessert, go to the toilet, where you'll find me writhing on the floor, we'll blame Putin himself, and be rich and famous, like Bellingcat or Pussy Riot". His loving wife responds, "OK, but you better take enough poison to make it look good".
       They Blamed Putin Himself... So did The Sun.

How can I know this? Well, me and "Glasnost Gone Alex King" go way back. He has made multiple propaganda hitpiece videos about me, as well as about other corespondents working in Donbass. His aim is to try to disrupt the financial support we get from friends and supporters in the West, and he's actually trying to get the British government to charge Graham Phillips with terrorism. He uses lies, innuendo, fake editing and sensationalistic bullshit to try to shut down open and honest reporting from Donbass. So, the Alex King who is behind Glasnost Gone is a lying, attention-seeking, under-handed low-life scumbag, just like the Alex King found in the Salisbury toilet.  Coincidence?
Maybe, maybe not.

I've been in touch with Graham about the case, and he does not think it is the same Alex King, pointing out that Glasnost Gone has continued "tweeting" even as the Alex found in the toilet was supposedly still in a coma. True, but it is, indeed, possible, and therefore highly likely, that other accomplices have the password to the Glasnost Gone Twitter account too, and could be tweeting in his stead, trying to salvage the reputation of their last meal ticket by pretending it is a different Alex King. On the day after King was taken from the toilet to the hospital, there were 32 "Tweets" by the Glasnost Gone account. Only one single post mentioned the Salisbury incident, even as the incident was still making headline news around the world. Posted about 14 hours after the first reports, while King was still in the hospital, supposedly still in a coma, it says "For God's sake, STOP talking about #Salisbury". I wonder why. What did Glasnost know that even the cops didn't, less than fourteen hours after the "poisoning" ? (NOTE - Twitter time stamp on first reports of the incident around 12:45 PM Sept 16th, Glasnost post below, 03:12 AM Sept 17th.)

The Glasnost Gone Alex King has never published a photo of himself, or even used his own voice to narrate his propaganda videos. For someone who claims to be showing "the truth", he certainly takes every precaution to hide his identity and guard his anonymity. Almost as if he had something in his past he didn't want known.  Like, perhaps being a coke dealer and a pimp? One and the same?
Is it Proven? No.  Is it Possible? Yes.  So... HIGHLY LIKELY!!!

Sure, there is more than one Alex King from London, just as there are several Russell Bentley's in London too. But it is easy to tell that none of those Russell Bentley's is the one who fought nazis in Donbass. On the other hand, the "Toilet Alex King" and the "Twitter Alex King" do have an uncanny number of similarities - Rabid anti-Russian? Check. Professional liar? Check. Attention-seeking weasel? Check. Craven ass-kisser and obsequious lickspittle to those with money or power? Check. (See Glasnost tweets to Judith Gough, UK ambassador to Ukraine.) Tries to destroy the reputation and livelihood of others by lies and innuendo? Check. Weird infatuation with masculine looking Slavic women? Check. Is it all a coincidence? Let's check!

We could ask the Metropolitan Police, "London's Finest", but considering the fact that they have a 90% failure rate in solving crimes, this mystery might be beyond their capabilities. How about the British press? Surely with all this coverage, some industrious reporter would mention that King was a full-time paid anti-Russian propagandist. No mention of it, as of yet. But the poisoning story is already unraveling on its own. The Telegraph has already published the seamy backstory of King and his wife, the fraud, the sex parties, the fake names ( Alex King/Alex Ainley - Anna Shapiro/Chana Shapiro/Anna Webb) the failed businesses, and the surprisingly candid comment from the local cops-
Wiltshire Police issued a statement on Tuesday night saying their illness was “not being treated as suspicious” but that inquiries were continuing. A police source said: “The only thing we can say is the majority of the newspaper’s report can be ignored.”

Well, the coppers seem pretty confident that they've gotten to the bottom of this particular case. Congratulations, Bobbies! 10% plus one! And now even the illustrious BBC seems to have figured out that Alex King is a fraud. The question remains - is the rat poisoned in the toilet fraud Alex King the same as the Glasnost Gone pro-nazi disinfo fraud Alex King? 

Here's how to find out - you can ask Glasnost Gone himself on Twitter (If you have an account. I'm banned.) or leave a question in the comment section of his Youtube videos.  Or you might ask the BBC's Daniel Sandford.  He seems to know quite a bit about the rat poisoned King, perhaps he knows the Glasnost Gone King as well. Both Sandford and Glasnost King are pro-nazi propagandists who have covered the coup in Ukraine. (With bullshit.) Would they know each other, and would Sandford know if the two Kings are one and the same? Highly likely! And I know for a fact that Sam Bright (Ex-BBC) knows Glasnost Alex, and can say whether it is the same or different Alex Kings. Again, if you have a Twitter account, ASK HIM. Let's ask, and keep asking till we get a clear answer.

We can follow the example of British "justice", convict Glasnost King on the basis of "highly likely", and then once having found him guilty, then kindly give him the opportunity to prove he's not a drug dealer and a pimp, if he can. Otherwise, guilty as charged. Hey, it's the English Way!

I say that Toilet Alex King and Glasnost Alex King are the same person, but it is possible that I am wrong.  If I am wrong, and they are two completely different lying, scamming scumbag frauds, well, I guess I might owe them both an apology.  But that's NOT highly likely to happen.

Friday, September 14, 2018

UNSC Stalemate and The Great Game

I just finished watching the live kabuki theater of the UNSC September 11th meeting on Syria, broadcast by Sputnik News.    As usual, the immeasurable hypocrisy of France, UK and US, (FUKUS) along with the craven obsequiousness of Western states like Poland and Sweden, and other minions like Kuwait,  were on public display along with the latest opportunistic treachery by Turkey's weasel king, Erdogan. I also observed the mealy-mouthed condolences of the UNSC representatives about 9/11's 17th anniversary, as every one of them pretended not to know that beyond any question, 9/11 was a false flag terrorist operation by the  US "deep state" committed against their own citizens.  Even as they discuss the parameters of another equally as horrid false flag terrorist operation like so many that have been committed repeatedly against the citizens of Syria. By the exact same people.

The writing is on the wall - If Syria and Russia continue to prosecute the operation against US-backed terrorists in Syria, the US and their lackeys threaten to attack Syria, and the US will unleash their Ukro-nazi attack dogs against the Donbass Republics. The implication being that if Syria and Russia desist from the operation to clear Idlib and Syria from the last few remaining abscesses of US-backed terrorism in Syria, the perilous situation will be de-escalated, and US control of Idlib and their terrorists there will become the status quo. Again, for a while. Ostensibly, in return, the big ukrop attack on Donbass Republics will also be shelved, at least for the moment. Or so they seem to be implying.

Of course, as usual, the FUKUS powers are lying, as they did today and as they always do. If the staged false flag attacks, and the coordinated attacks against Syria (and international law) take place as a result, all bets are once again off. The FUKUS powers have proven long ago, and time and again, that their word is worth nothing, they are not "agreement-capable". Syria and their allies could agree to allow the terrorist stronghold of Idlib to continue to fester, and FUKUS could still instruct their allies to carry out the false flag, with attacks on Syria and Donbass to follow anyway. But as of tonight, 12 hours after the UNSC meeting, it appears that perhaps the deal is done - the latest reports from Southfront are about SAA operations in Der Izzor, not Idlib, and SANA News reports are still from yesterday, about the ISIS/White Helmets false flag videos. But as of tonight, the false flag in Idlib has not yet been raised. And as of tonight, there are no more reports about air strikes on Idlib.

The hostage millions (3 million) civilian citizens of Idlib are now bargaining chips, along with the 6 million citizens of the Donbass. It is only realistic to call us both "pawns", which is what they and we are. In "The Great Game" of geopolitics, a city, a few million people mean little compared to the future of the alliances of the East and West. All human suffering is subjective and relative.
Politics is a long game.

Those who move the chess pieces, who move the pawns in The Great Game, do not feel the pain of the innocent victims in Idlib or Donetsk, they cannot, and perhaps it is for the best. Perhaps... 

Vladimir Putin's first priority is and always must be the safety and security of the Russian Federation. This comes before and above considerations about the people or the States of Syria or the Donbass Republics. Without the existence of the Russian Federation, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Donbass Republics would already long ago have ceased to exist. If those who have stood by us and ensured our survival for so long are now forced to use us as bargaining chips, so be it. Putin has proven himself time and again to be a brilliant tactician, a shrewd bargainer who achieves his objectives with a minimum of bloodshed and suffering. With or without Syria or the Donbass Republics, Russia can and must survive. Without Russia, our small Republics have no chance against the Fourth Reich. Without Russia, neither does the world.

But the Western fascists care nothing about a few million souls, suffering or sacrificed, here or there, as has been proven by their criminal actions time and again, and openly admitted by the likes of Madeline Albright and Zbignew Brizinsky.  The DPR is my country, and these are my people, and if need be, I will die alongside them. If the Donbass Republics must be sacrificed to ensure the survival of the Russian Federation, we are ready to make that sacrifice, as our Grandparents did, by the millions, and as we will if we must, to preserve the Russian Federation, the Slavic People, our people, the best and only hope for the future of Humanity. But you can bet we will die fighting, and we will take as many nazis as we can with us when we go.  We ask only that the leaders and the people of the Russian Federation and the world, make sure our sacrifice is worth it. Hoka Hey.

To be clear, Neither I nor the people of the Donbass Republics think Russia will desert us. We have Vladimir Putin's word, and Putin don't lie. We have also seen the Russian military equipment and manpower lined up, out in the open, just a few Km from the Russian/DPR border crossing at Uspenka. But Russians never tip their hand. For every piece they show, there are twenty more that you don't see.  If the ukrop army does make an attack on the Donbass Republics, it will be the last move that army ever makes, a ukrop Waterloo, a neo-nazi Dien Bien Phu. But if the US and their lackeys make another unjustified, baseless and illegal attack on Syria, based on false pretenses, it can only be expected that they will do the same with their neo-nazi attack dogs in Ukraine. In which case, all these rabid nazi dogs will be cured. And there is only one cure for rabies.

Nor should the citizens of Idlib think that Russia or the SAA will abandon them to the tender mercies of the US-backed cannibal terrorists who now hold them hostage and murder their children for false flag videos. We are coming, and the terrorists in Syria too, will be tried and punished for their crimes, and they too will be cured of their rabies. As will their masters, directors and supporters.

The people of Idlib, the citizens whose families have lived there for generations, have much in common with the people of the Donbass Republics - we are victims of a war started by foreigners that became brother against brother, and has lingered on for years now. Above all, the people of Idlib and the people of Donbass have the same enemy.  we know it, and we know who it is. Do you?

I say to everyone who is reading this - our enemy is your enemy too. The exact same people and powers that fill our lives with strife, with sadness, struggle, misery and danger, who threaten our lives, our futures, who diminish the quality of life in every way, every day.  What they are doing to us, they are doing to you today, every day. And you know it. So what are you going to do about it?