Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lithuania Loses. Again.

With the first round of the 2019 Lithuanian Presidential elections completed on May 12th, the field has narrowed down to two candidates Ingrida Simonyte and Gitanas Nauseda, with Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis announcing his retirement in July, 2019. All three candidates continue the decades long policy of anti-Russian and anti-Communist actions and rhetoric, along with servile obedience to EU and NATO influence and control.

As  FPRI points out, whether the race is won by Simonyte, “a tall, high-pitched economist squirming out of potentially uncomfortable positions” or Nauseda, “a rotund policeman baldly pushing through”, the next four years will not bring any new or significant foreign policy changes.
However, on the economic front, there is a potential hurricane on Lithuania’s horizon that while studiously ignored by the candidates and the media, will be one of the most important issues the new government and all Lithuanians will face in the near future.

On April 29th of this year, US law firm “Alston & Bird” and a Russian law firm “Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev& Partners” sent a Notice of Arbitration on behalf of the fund “Fund for Protection of Investor Rights in Foreign States” who is representing the interests of the main shareholder of the “Snoras” Bank, a Russian citizen Vladimir Antonov, against the government of Lithuania for the illegal expropriation of “Snoras” Bank in 2011. Snoras Bank was recognized as “The Best Bank in Lithuania” in 2006 and 2010, but on November 16th, 2011 100% of the bank’s shares were “nationalized”, and a week later, the bank was declared bankrupt. The market value of the bank’s shares at the time was about 2.5 billion Euros, and the outstanding debts stood at about 118 million Euros, a difference of 2 billion 382 million Euros. Where did the rest of the money go? It did not simply evaporate…

Someone still owns and controls the assets of “Snoras” Bank, and these assets will have to be returned to their rightful owners, or else the government of Lithuania and the people of Lithuania will be held responsible for the debt. At the time of the expropriation, the Head of the Central Bank of Lithuania, Vitas Vasiliauskas did not provide any evidence that the bank was insolvent, and the seizure of the bank was done on the personal initiative of President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

The current claim against the government of Lithuania in this case is set at approximately 1.1 billion Euros, but the amount can, and probably will, rise to the full market value of 2.5 billion Euros during the arbitration. According to legal experts, it is unlikely that the government will be able to evade responsibility for the illegal expropriation of Snoras Bank. The annual GDP of Lithuania is about 47.5 billion Euros, so this lawsuit involves as much as 2% to 5% of the entire GDP, a huge liability for the economy of the nation as a whole.

This is a prime example of pro-Western puppets having carte blanche to loot businesses and national treasuries while the regular working people of the country are ultimately left on the hook for the crimes of their rulers.

This is a classic lesson in how the crimes of one generation of corrupt politicians, such as Dalia Grybauskaitė, IngridaShimonite, Vitas Vasilauskas and Andrius Kubilius, can return decades later to haunt subsequent generations of citizens who themselves are innocent of the criminal acts of their previous rulers, but who can and will be forced to bear the responsibility of them.

Let it be a lesson to us all – As it is written in the Bible, “The sins of the fathers shall visited upon the sons.” Tolerating corruption today will only bestow suffering and deprivation on future generations. Let us be vigilant against corruption, for the sake of our children and the future of all Humanity.

Some may object to this lawsuit on the grounds that Vlaimir Antonov, the majority shareholder of Snoras Bank, is himself a convicted criminal and currently serving a two and a half year sentence for involvement in a scheme with others that embezzled about 2 million Euros from the Russian bank “Sovetsky Bank”. However, it is very important to understand that these actions of Mr. Antonov, do not in any way relate to the Snoras Bank. And it is worth mentioning, that Vladimir Antonov does not deny all his wrongdoings.

But 2 million is very a small sum compared to the expropriation of the 2.5 BILLION Euros lost by Antonov and his partner Raimondas Baranauskas in 2011. In a case of thieves versus thieves, (which this case seems to be) the amount stolen and degree of liability are quite relevant, and the amount for which Antonov has been convicted and punished for in Russia is 1/1000th the amount stolen by the Lithuanina expropriation of Snoras Bank in 2011.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, especially in the Baltic States, but turn they do, and there will soon be a day of reckoning for Lithuania and furthermore for Latvia and the missing billions.
It is an indication of the irresponsibility and perhaps culpability of the candidates in the current Lithuanian  elections that they continue to try to ignore one of the most serious and inevitable challenges in modern Lithuanian history.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

"Texas Bentley - Anti-American Asshole?"

It's a legitimate question, asked by many, and stated as fact by some. And indeed I am. But not in the sense that they mean. I'm not an asshole who's "anti-American", I'm "anti", or against, American assholes. And there are plenty of them. I'm not against "America". Not against the geography or the good people who live there, or the principles upon which it was supposedly founded. I'm all for all of that. I am anti American assholes, and to be honest, I'd say that's 99.9% of the politicians and professional propagandists ("media") and about 97% of the population these days. That's a LOT of assholes! But  I'm still trying to get through to that other 2 or 3 percent who aren't stupid, lying, dangerous, cowardly, loud-mouthed hypocrite bullies, in other words, not "assholes". 


Am I "Anti-American"? I'll bet I know the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights better than most of the Americans reading this. Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin? Can you quote them? I can. Eugene Debs, Big Bill Haywood, Smedley Butler, my homeboy Audie Murphy, the Berrigan Brothers, Emmett Grogan, Johnny Cash, Ralph Nader, my homeboy Bill Hicks. Eisenhower, Kennedy. These are the Americans and the American history I am proud of, that I admire, that I love. My personal American heroes. Insult any of them in my presence, and we might just have to fight.

Do you know who Sid Hatfield was, or Joseph Hillstrom? Ever hear of Matewan or the textile strikes in Lawrence, Mass? How about the Battle of Blair Mountain, perhaps the proudest moment in US history, did you ever even hear of that, American? It was less than 100 years ago. You should check this out, citizen. It's your history. Mine too, as an American. I know it. How about you?
And then there are the real Americans, the Native Americans. Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Black Elk and Red Cloud of the Lakota, Cochise and Geronimo of the Apache. Truly great men, all, and how can it not stir the heart and inspire the soul to have lived on the land where they once lived? Yes, I'm from America, from Texas, and proud of it. But the America they once lived in, even the America I was born into in 1960, is long gone, and has been replaced by something else.

You remember the last time you were proud of your fellow Americans? I do, but it's been almost 20 years since I was. November 30th, 1999. WTO in Seattle, remember? I was there. Where were you, American? When I see the Yellow Jackets in France, I am reminded of what we went through back in '99. But I see nothing like it in the USA today.

So who do I mean by "American assholes"? Just look who represents you - Trump, Clinton, Pompeo, Bolton, Biden, Pelosi, Maxine Waters. Not to mention Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. That's the best you got, right there. True scum. Your masters, your rulers. And it doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on, one's as bad as the other. Same shit, different pile.

In fact, I cannot call these scum "assholes", it is insufficient. These I would call "pieces of shit", spawned, grunted forth, from the orifices of the stupid, cowardly, selfish and apathetic majority of the US population, the assholes who vote for them, who pay their salaries, who obey their dictates and ignore their crimes. And if you still vote for ANY Republican or Democrat, then yes, I am talking about you, you American asshole. 
Proud 21st Century American Asshole

The "progressive liberal" Democrats, have started and conducted illegal wars of aggression in Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria, and continued the illegal wars of Republicans in Afghanistan and Iraq. The "conservative Christian" Republicans now allow babies to be "aborted" after they're born. Both of these entrenched power blocks are busy every day screwing the American People every way they can, six ways from Sunday.
And the vast majority of American assholes are fine with it, until it affects them personally. Then, it's an emergency and a national tragedy.  This type of outlook is not only selfish and short-sighted, it is downright stupid. Which is a pretty good description of most Americans. People are responsible for their government, and I do want to talk about your government, the one you vote for and pay taxes to, the one you personally are responsible for. The one that backs genuine nazis in Ukraine, the one that created ISIS, the one that appoints other nation's Presidents, the one that destroys whole nations via economic or military means in the name of "democracy and human rights". 

The crimes the US government has committed since the end of World War 2 are legion, well documented, and beyond dispute. Wars of aggression and "regime change operations" have been waged against at least 81 nations since 1946. That's more than one per year, every year, for the last 73 years. They overthrew (and often murdered) elected officials and installed puppet regimes beholden to US military and corporate interests at the expense and to the detriment of the citizens of these countries. I dare you to try to name a single instance where US military or covert intervention has improved the lives of the citizens of any of these countries. It has cost many millions of lives, wasted trillions of dollars of both the US and the victim countries, ruined whatever reputation and goodwill the US ever once had, and have now brought us closer to nuclear annihilation than any time in human history. Congratulations, American assholes, the world sees your work, even if you fail or refuse to. In one survey, 67% of respondents named the USA as the "Most Hated Nation on Earth". (The other 33% named Israel. For them, the USA was only the second most hated nation on Earth.) Even according to the Pew Research survey of 2018, 45% of the people in 22 different countries see US power and influence as a "major threat". But the US government and its owners and masters are not just threatening and destroying foreign nations and peoples, they are doing the same to you and yours, inside the USA, today. Not that you don't deserve it, you do, because you let 'em do it.
But what about your kids, and their kids? 

The USA has a genuinely fascist government. Whether by the definition of Benito Mussolini of fascism as "corporatism... because fascism is the merger of state and corporate power", or judged by the metrics of the 14 Characteristics of Fascism, only a fool or a liar (in other words, an asshole) can say the US government is not exactly and precisely a Fascist regime, whether nominally directed at any given time by operatives of the Republican or Democratic rackets. The quality of life has declined continuously for average Americans since the 1970's. Since the election of Bush Junior in 2000 and the 9/11 false flag less than a year later, it has simply fallen off the cliff. US citizens fail to understand that the regime they live under has destroyed countries around the world, murdered and enslaved millions, and they will do, are doing, the same inside the USA as well. What goes around comes around. What you allow your masters to do to others without objection, they will do to you. And to your children.
I am reminded of a quote by Thomas Paine, perhaps you know it, "If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may know peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to his duty".  Yes, the record of abortion in the USA is horrendous, mass murder of the most innocent, literal self-genocide, but think of the future that American assholes are leaving to their living children today.  The future of Orwell's 1984, "A boot stomping on a human face, forever", or the future described by the Bible in Ecclesiastes 4:2, and by Nikita Kruchev - "The living will envy the dead".  This is the future American assholes leave their children.

I was born in America in a time when parents believed, and had at least some reason to believe, that their children would be better off than they were. Who in America today, besides the criminal oligarch scum and their sycophants and servants, can even pretend to believe this will be true for theirs? Only idiots and liars. Assholes. So, yes, I am against American assholes.  
As a US citizen, I too bear some responsibility for the decline of the USA into the feudal fascist shithole, the nihilistic cultural wasteland, it has become, but I did try to do my patriotic duty to change the trajectory. Some American assholes say I'm a traitor to the USA. Well, I did volunteer to serve 3 years in the US Army, as a Combat Engineer, earned the rank of Specialist, and was honorably discharged at the end of my enlistment. And ANY American who has not served in the US armed forces and dares to question my patriotism can go ahead and STFU. I was also involved in the political process. I ran for US Senator in 1990,  US Congress Minnesota 5th District in 1992,   and worked on a state-wide ballot initiative in Alaska in 2000. I was at the WTO protest in Seattle in 1999, I marched against the first attack on Iraq in 1990, and against the second in 2003. So any American who questions my patriotism and whose extent of political participation extends to no more than voting in rigged elections, buying an "I'm with Her" t-shirt or putting a Trump sign in their yard can also go ahead and STFU. You can question my patriotism when you have done as much as I have. Or more. I'm not "anti-American", I'm anti-fascist, and only those who have done more than I have to try to improve the USA are qualified to criticize my efforts or my patriotism. 
So, I hope this puts to rest the allegations of my "anti-Americanism".  But maybe I'm just a regular asshole?  Rude, disrespectful, short-tempered, aggressive, violent. You know, a real asshole in anybody's book. Am I? Maybe so. Let's see...  

Rude? I'll admit I always try to speak frankly. I don't mince words. I have dealt in serious business most of my life, four years as a soldier (in the US and Novorussian armies), ten years as an outlaw (cannabis smuggler) in the US and Mexico, I was a bouncer in several very tough venues, and I also spent over ten years as a crew leader, lead climber and lumberjack, the most dangerous job in the USA.   These kinds of jobs require fast, decisive, correct competent action, not diplomacy, debate or "pretty please with sugar on top". I also spent 5 years in federal prison, almost half of it in Maximum Security, surrounded by merciless psychopaths (the guards) as well as convicted felons. I learned there how to deal with threats and challenges in a direct and effective way, and it has stuck with me.

Disrespectful? I treat every person I meet with common courtesy, giving them the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to prove, by their actions, what kind of person they really are. But I have zero respect for fools, cowards, bullies and above all, hypocrites, and I have no problem or hesitation in calling it as I see it. So, if you don't want me to call you an asshole, don't act like one, and I won't. If you do, I most certainly will.
I have nothing but contempt and disgust for political correctness and identity politics of any kind, and do not  apologize for ridiculing the ridiculous. I'm a Communist, which above all means egalitarian, and I treat everyone as equals until they prove differently. I've had the privilege of meeting many people who were better than me - morally, intellectually, artistically, and I treat them with the respect they deserve, try to learn from them and emulate them as best I can. And I have met my share of inferiors - idiots, cowards, hypocrites, liars, and I do not even pretend to hide my contempt and disgust for them. Why should I? 

I don't give a fuck what people like that think, about me or anything else. I respect people who are honest and work not just for their own interests, but for the betterment or the whole, (which in the final analysis is in their own interest as well.) I respect people who do what they say they will do, and I do not respect those who don't. I respect people who are good at their jobs, who fulfill their responsibilities and obligations, who advance their careers by their effort and competence, not by back-stabbing and sabotaging their competitors. I respect people who have courage and dedication, who are in it for more than just themselves. Above all, I respect people with intellectual, logical and moral principles. And as for people who lack these principles, I respect them exactly to the degree which they endeavor to attain them. Some people make no effort and never will, and as for them I have no respect. They are just a waste.
 As for special privileges for minorities, I don't care if you're a Gay Black Left-handed Trans-gender Midget Rastafarian with ADHD. It's your "identity", not mine, so you deal with it, but don't expect any categorical privileges from me. And even if all the above applies to you, I'll treat you the same as I treat everybody else - with the respect due to your contribution to a better world for everybody. Or lack thereof. 
 You are not your job or your income or education, not your skin color or your gender, that is not what defines you as a human being. You are what you do, no more, no less. Your actions (or lack thereof) and how they affect the present and future world we all share, THAT is all and exactly what you are. Your actions. And they are exactly the basis upon which I will judge your worth as a human being. And I judge my own worth based on my own actions, how well I cross the space between what I do and what I could do, and how the results of what I do affect the world.  All the rest of it is just distraction and bullshit.
Am I short-tempered? I've been a political activist for most of the last 30 years, mostly against war - the "Drug War" and the many illegal wars of aggression the US has waged in the last 30 years. I've been telling people the truth for decades now, that Oswald didn't kill JFK, that the US election system is rigged, that the US and Western media is propaganda and pure bullshit, that 9/11 was an inside job, that Iraq had no WMD's, that Gaddafi wasn't a murderous tyrant, that the US was backing nazis in Ukraine, that Assad didn't gas anybody and that Gusano Gaido is not the President of Venezuela. So, I've been pretty patient for the last 30 years. I've been trying to enlighten and help people for 30 years, idiots, cowards, hypocrites, who are too stupid (intentionally or otherwise) to understand or even try, but who are quick and loud to condemn me for trying to help them see the truth. After 30 fucking years, it's starting to get old, and it should come as no surprise that this cultivated and intentional militant ignorance is finally starting to piss me off. 
Am I aggressive? I've been in about 300 fistfights in my life (mostly due to my job as a bouncer. Mostly.) and in less than a dozen have I hit first. I don't like to fight, I have learned that even if you win quickly and easily, you still usually sustain some injury yourself. It's an important lesson, and one I learned well, and the hard way. I also learned in prison that some people cannot be reasoned with, have no humanity or morality to appeal to, and so their aggression must be met with defensive violence or submission. I've never been the submissive type, but nor do I seek to dominate anyone else. I'm not a big fan of "The Golden Rule", though I do respect and understand the logic and morality behind it. I'm no saint, so I have my own rule, I call it "The Iron Rule". I am not yet spiritually evolved enough to follow the admonition of Jesus and treat people as I would want them to treat me. I have my own rule - I treat people as they treat me, only more so. It's pretty basic and fair, and it works for me. If you help me, I will help you more. If you hurt me or try to hurt me, or the people and causes I love, I will hurt you, without apology, hesitation or regret, and I will do it in such a way that you will think long and hard before you try it again. It's simple - with me, you reap what you sow. Plus interest.
The world today is in a very serious situation. There are those who intend to enslave and exterminate Humanity, to rule the world, to return it to a dark and feudal past. I and my Comrades do all we can to stop them. It is serious work for serious people, and we have no time for poseurs or spectators, armchair quarterbacks who demand fake civility, hollow courtesies or any other extraneous bullshit. It is a life or death struggle, the fight is on, and it will end only with the victory of one side and the destruction of the other. What we do now will determine whether the 10% of oligarchs and their minions will enslave and destroy 90% of Humanity like livestock and insects, or whether the 90% will liberate and cure itself of this deadly parasitic infestation of would-be masters. You are either on one side or the other, neutrality is not an option. If you are willing and able, then join us. If you are unwilling or unable, or offended by our efforts, it would be best for you to simply shut up the fuck up and get the fuck out of our way. And as they say in Paris these days, "Pardon my French"... 

Monday, January 14, 2019



                                           " Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. "  - John 8:32

What is happening now, especially in the last couple of years, including this one, is the transformation of not only history and language, but the transformation of information itself. A Gutenberg moment in history, but turbo-charged, on steroids. A destructive transformation, in which not only reality but the Truth itself is under severe attack. In the absence of truth, freedom becomes impossible. Justice becomes impossible. And what is the opposite of freedom, the opposite of justice?

Slavery. Those of you who are not willing to be slaves must stand up NOW and confront those who intend to be your masters. In this battle, the Truth is our most powerful weapon. That is why our enemies, those who intent to make Humanity a race of a few masters and a half a billion slaves, are trying to hide the truth and destroy our ability to find it. If we lose this, we lose everything.

So how do we know the truth in the age of fake news and "highly likely",  rampant and blatant censorship and groups of professional liars with names like "Integrity Initiative" and "Newsguard"?
(NOTE - Both of these are serious threats to honest news and debate. Click the links. )

How do we navigate through  the tsunami of lies, the avalanche of bullshit, and come to find the rare, obscure, but vital truth? There is a war against truth being waged today, a war to wipe out truth and reality and to replace it with a constantly shifting illusion devoid of context, that precludes all certainty, because without truth, without a strong and genuine grasp on reality, we can do nothing, we are nothing.  As the military war seems to be on hold in Syria and Donbass, the information war is ramping up like never before. Let's take a look at our enemies, their history of lies, what they are up to, and what we can and must do to stop them.

The war that is being waged today against Humanity and our future is not just military or economic. It is a direct assault on our ability not only to express our own opinions, but to hear the opinions of others who are actually speaking the truth, not just what they want you to believe. The lies of  Western government and media are legion, and have had real world consequences for millions of human beings all over the world. The cover-up of the murder of JFK, the "Gulf of Tonkin incident", the "Nayira testimony", the illegal NATO attack on Yugoslavia, in 1999. This litany of lies, propaganda and false flags continues to this day, with deceptions reported as facts about "Iraq WMD's",  Libya and Gaddafi, the Maidan snipers, Syrian "gas attacks" and MH-17. Followed by the patently ridiculous Skripal/Novichuck  imbroglio.

September 11th, 2001, the most horrendous false flag mass deception in modern history took place right before the eyes of billions of human beings around the world, and in spite of obvious anomalies and even explanations and excuses that defied the laws of physics (and thus physical reality) the vast majority of people in the USA and elsewhere went along with the story, choosing to pretend to believe blatant lies rather than the inconvenient and perhaps dangerous truth. And by doing so, they forfeited their rights to their humanity and a future, becoming as dumb and docile as cows on their way to an abattoir.  And this acquiescence, this submission to lies, is the foundation of the subsequent crimes against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine.  The Ruling Class, the parasite class, the 1%, your masters now hold you in utter contempt, secure that they can lie right to your face, tell you that black is white that evil is good, tell you mass murder is "humanitarian", secure in the knowledge that you will pretend to believe and do nothing as they rape and pillage the Earth and you and your children's futures.

And now, they are ramping up their war against reality, silencing dissent and legitimate questions, removing from history the very facts themselves. Many, if not most Americans know that there were three World Trade Center buildings that came down on September 11th, 2001, that the third building, 47 story tall WTC 7 was not hit by a plane, and yet fell at freefall speed into its own footprint in a manner consistent  exactly and ONLY with controlled demolition. Yet in the US government's own 9/11 Commission Report, there is not a single mention of WTC 7.  And in fact, Donald Rumsfeld claimed to have never heard of WTC 7, and US Senator Joe Lieberman actually claimed he'd seen "no evidence" that it actually ever happened.  Mark my words - 20 years from now, that will be the "truth". The propagandists will actually say it never happened, that all the videos of the building coming down are "fake" CGI, and they will "prove" it by saying "If there really was a building 7 that came down that day, don't you think it would have been in the 9/11 Commission report?" THAT is how the lies of the past, and the acceptance of those lies, will prevent the truth from being sought, much less even known in the future if we allow it. Past is prologue...

And in the infosphere, who controls the present?  In 1983, 90% of the US media, TV, movies, newspapers and radio were owned by 50 different corporations. By 2011, that same 90% of media, including internet providers, was owned by just six corporations, and the trend will continue. In fact, corporations such as Apple, Google and Facebook are also now getting into the "Information Industry", and considering their past records, can only be expected to further restrict and distort access to information that does not fit their agenda of dumbing down and confusing the gullible masses who continue to consider these outlets as legitimate sources of information. They're not. These corporations are run by lying bastards whose primary goal is to brainwash their victims into a completely false world view, in order to enslave or exterminate them. And it is working. So far.

The problem with the goddamned fools who trust these corporations to bring them anything remotely resembling the truth can be summed up by the following - If they eat shit long enough, they get used to it. If they eat it for too long, they learn to like it. Far too many have learned to like it, to the point that they are angered or offended whenever someone tries to tell them the actual truth. In fact, these cowards and fools who are willing to support censorship, who would stifle different or dissenting opinions, who through cowardice or abject stupidity do not want to know the truth, are as much our real enemies and the real enemies of Humanity as the nazis whose lies they believe. 

                   "Shut up! I saw it on CNN and BBC, and read it in the New York Times! So I KNOW it's true!
                                   Besides, I don't want to know. You should be deplatformed and defunded!"

(Etymological note - "defunded" was first used in 1948. The word "deplatformed" is currently used only in the vernacular. It is not yet part of official English language. But it will be.)

As Mark Twain observed, "It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." And many fools have been fooled. The job of real info warriors is to not only unfool them by showing them the truth and the proof of the problem, we must also show them what is to be done, and lead by example.

The proof is irrefutable that governments and corporations are combining to censor, distort and control the infosphere in all its aspects. From Facebook and Twitter bannings to Paypal closing accounts of bloggers and even of alternative social networks like "Gab",  to the concerted (and successful) effort by the BBC, the Houston Chronicle to defund the publication of my book Donbass Cowboy. Their efforts cost me thousands of dollars that had already been donated. But their efforts are also useful in that they are instructive as to exactly how concerted propaganda works, both in how it is written and disseminated. It appears this was some of the early disinfo work of the British government propaganda operation called ironically, "The Integrity Initiative."  The threat of combined corporate and government power against open and honest news, debate and information cannot be overstated. It has been done before, with devastating and world-changing results.

"The merger of state and corporate power"... Can there be a more succinct description for the system under which the US and EU live today? If it is not fascism, there never was such a thing. But anyone still aware of history knows there was such a thing, and to paraphrase Shakespeare, "A concentration camp by any other name would smell as foul."  Indeed, the 6th point in The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fasism is precisely "Controlled Mass Media". Only a fool or a liar can deny that the USA is today under a fascist regime, and has been for decades, at least since the Reagan era.

And as these fascists simultaneously expand and consolidate their power, they connive to rob you and your children not only of your futures and your birthrights as citizens and as human beings, they connive to rob you of your very ability to discern and understand reality itself.

So, what is to be done? First, we must use propagandists and censors like Facebook, Twitter, Google  mainstream media bullshit mills to our own advantage when we can. We must use their power against them in a form of journalistic judo. I would love to see Facebook go the way of Myspace, but in the mean time, I will use it to inform people of what is happening here in Donbass. I get blocked for 30 days every month or so, so it is not a reliable platform, but I will continue to use it as I can until Zuckerberg and his censors shut me down for good, as Twitter and Live Leak already have. Alternatively, if you want to find me, you can always come to my VK page, where I have never once been banned or censored. 

Second, support honest alternative media. The more they are marginalized by fascist censors, the more they deserve your support, even if you don't like or agree with everything they say, Gab and Alex Jones are two of the preeminent examples but there are many more -  Fair, open and honest debate is the foundation of truth, reality and the "marketplace of ideas". It MUST be defended. Without it, all is lost. Those who speak truth to power, and about power, take real risks, face real dangers in doing so, and they set an example that others must learn from and follow. Share and support their work however you can. Above all, do not indulge in self-censorship.

As Caitlin Johnstone observed recently in an excellent article on this same subject -"Any attempt to advance the hegemony of the US-centralized power establishment will be rewarded by its lackeys, and any skepticism of it will be punished. Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Ruling power’s desire to regulate people’s access to information is so desperate that it has become clumsy and ham-fisted... They’re barely even concealing their desire to control our minds anymore, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wake everyone up to their manipulations. We need to use every inch of our ability to communicate with each other before it gets shut down for good."

And third and finally, we must remember who we are fighting and why.  The worldwide oligarchy who own and control these propagandists have used them to start wars and destroy nations, to commit unimaginable crimes against Humanity, to the detriment of millions, perhaps billions, of human beings. Those who want to ban "hate speech" are those who are in fact worthy of being hated. As Gandhi said, "Hatred is not the enemy. Fear is." Those who advocate censorship say they want to protect you from lies. But they are lying when they say it. They want to protect themselves from the truth, the truth that they are working to enslave or exterminate Humanity in both the spiritual and physical sense. These are the enemies of Humanity and all that is good in it. These are 21st Century nazis, and they make the German nazis of the last century look like amateurs in comparison.

The truth is our most powerful weapon and our greatest treasure. Without it, there can be no solidarity or sacrifice or greater good. Without it, we cannot tell good from evil. Without it, we have no past and no future, there is nothing to differentiate us from livestock or insects. And those who do not stand up now and do their part to defend reality, the Truth, and our common Humanity are really no more than that. And they can most certainly expect to be treated as such - exploited to death or simply exterminated, and deservedly so, as they have forfeited their very Humanity. That's reality.