Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday March 19th, 2017 This Week in Life of Texac

Well, it's been a while since I posted here, so I figured it was about time. Today I went to the St. Eon Church for Confession and Communion. They do it a little different here in the Russian Orthodox Church. First, I had to fast Friday and Saturday. I could eat veggies, but no animal products. No milk, cheese, meat, butter. Simple fare only. And of course, no booze, smokin, cussin or foolin around. Sometimes 2 days can seem like 2 weeks...

This week we took the drone for a spin a couple of times. We got permission from MGB and Army and flew around Dobass Arena for a bit, and down by the Kalmius River. Still getting the camera dialed in, but if flies like a bird.

made a vid with Baikal, my old pal from XAH Bn. He was a Staff Officer when I was there, and one of my best friends. He lived 20 years in Luganskaya (not Lugansk) near Debaltsevo, until the nazis seized the town. He lost his home and 2 businesses, moved to Donetsk and joined the NAF. His story is interesting and heart-rending. It will be published next week as the next Donbass With Texac vid.

On Saturday, Father Boris and I, along with EoT film crew went to a kid's wrestling match in Kirovsky District, at a sports club we sponsor. Thanks to all who have pitched in for the kids - Donbass Human Aid, Spendaktionen fur Novorussia and all individual contributors. We will post a vid about the match and the club soon.

Had a good evening with Abdullah and Alfonzo, two of the guys I was on the Russia 1 TV program "Special Correspondent" with. It was a HUGE show, estimated 50 million viewers. Thanks to Sahsa Sladkov and the Russia 1 crew for a really cool show!

Still waiting on my DPR passport, hope to have it by the end of the month. Ukrop trolls are still trying to block our funding channels, but we are way smarter than they are. We have a way (semi-secret as of now, email for details if you want to pitch in - ). Once I get my passport, I will go to Rostov and get everything done up right. But everything takes time...

Speaking of taking time, I am still working on my book about my 6 months as a soldier at the Front in the Donbass War. I'm about halfway through, but everyday life keeps popping up and interfering. Writing a book is real work, but it's gonna be a good one - a real life adventure and a tale of redemption, with some pretty funny (and scary) moments thrown in. I am working off the journal I kept while I was at the Front. Re-reading it, I realize I had already forgotten just how hard and dangerous the time at the Front really was. Many of my friends died there, many more got wounded. It truly is a miracle I lived and made it out OK. Thanks, to all my Guardian Angels! I will try to be worthy of your care!

So, today is a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, perfect writing weather. Guess I'll get busy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

On the Death of Givi, and the Reaction to it

Here is very educational article by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard at Stalker Zone about the official ukrop propaganda response to the death of Givi today. As with the death of Motorola, I am hearing again the cries from cowards and fools who call themselves "comrades of Donbass" but parrot the official ukrop line about Givi being killed by Zaharchenko or "The Kremlin".
Fucking bullshit.

Notice that the so-called "comrades" make their critiques and insinuations (in most cases) from thousands of miles away. They talk shit, but have no real qualifications to even have an opinion, much less any actual skin in the game. Here is the opinion of someone here in Donbass, whose fate is joined with the people and soldiers here...
The loss of Givi is a sad and hard blow to all who care about Donbass and the fight against fascism, but it in no way signals our defeat. In fact, it is simply the desperate act of the of the Kiev regime in its final death throes. The people of Donbass have already won this war. We know it, and Givi knew it too. There will still be hard battles ahead, but we will win those too. As things stand today, the outcome of the war by the criminal Kiev regime and their fascist Western masters against Donbass can be seen. Donbass will stand, and the nazis in Ukraine will fall. It is now almost inevitable. Almost.

As long as Donald Trump does not meet with a "Lone Nut" or come down with a mysterious fatal "illness", and as long as the citizens and soldiers of Novorussia maintain their solidarity and commitment, the road to our goal of a free Donbass and de-nazified Ukraine is open and clear. Clinton and the war party have been defeated. The ukrop army has been too, and if the make a final desperate assault, thrown into the grinder by a mad and desperate Poroshenko, they will be annihilated. Annihilated. Leaving the road clear for the NAF to cleanse all of Ukraine from the nazi disease.
This latest crime, on the heels of the recent ukrop terror campaign, only strengthens the resolve of the mighty Donbass Resistance, the people and the soldiers, to defeat fascism once again and to bring the war criminals to justice. We know our history. We have not forgotten the last time nazis occupied Ukraine, and what it cost. When the final battle comes, it will be hard, it will be brutal, but we are ready.
We remember the the sacrifice, and the victory, of our Grandfathers. We remember Stalingrad, and the outcome of that battle. The nazis in Kiev, and in the West, and the cowards, traitors and idiots who sow discord in our ranks would be wise to do the same.
Our cause is just. Victory will be ours.