Saturday, June 24, 2017


What if I told you, with a straight face,

" I went to a party with A. Hug of the OSCE at the Park Inn in Donetsk last night. Elvis Presley was there too, along with Hitler and a few UFO aliens. Great party, you should have been there.
No, really, it's true."

So, of course, you ask me -

Photos? No.
Video? No.
Other witnesses? No.
ANY physical evidence WHATSOEVER? No.

Or, to quote A. Hug, "The evidence is in the report."

Do you believe that? I hope not.

So when a report about a "violent attack" against OSCE was published, by the OSCE, we should ask them the same questions,  and MORE questions.  Because exactly zero evidence has been been presented by OSCE to show ANY of this ever even  happened.  And yet, in 36 hours...

Over 1,000 MSM websites have the story - the one about the violent attack, with zero evidence. And right now it is getting blown up. US State Dep't made a statement about the specific incident, and a video. This story will be in the news cycle for days, and referenced as fact from now on, and it's 100% bullshit. Nothing to it.

Everybody in Yasynuvata hears shooting and shelling pretty much every day. OSCE says they got shot at, but no bullet holes in any of the vehicles. They say the bulletproof window of one vehicle got "struck" by a riflebutt, but they don't show the vehicle at the news conference or even photos of the vehicle. Or even at the second news conference OSCE held today. Nada.

There are about 700 OSCE agents in Donbass today. Their budget is 100 million Euros a year.
Think about that. One hundred and eleven MILLION dollars. Per year. For 700 agents in Donbass.
One hundred and eleven. Million. US dollars. Every year.

The OSCE  is not here to help the ukrops, they are here to help themselves. The OSCE is spying on us and on the ukrops. They report what they see to their bosses in Brussels, the bosses tell them what to say to the general public. They are a perception management operation with their own agenda, and everything they say is based on that. What actually happened or didn't happen is not even relevant to what they say and do. Same as almost all Western governments and media. What they say has absolutely nothing to do with the truth or what really happened. All they say is what their bosses tell them to say, what they want you to think. Nothing more.


Another funny thing, tonight when I saw A. Hug for the second news conference, I asked with all these stories floating around, why doesn't OSCE have dashcams and bodycams and GoPro cameras on those white helmets of theirs 24/7, or at least when they're "on patrol"? And why not just livestream it? You've got a hundred and ten million dollar budget per year.

Hug tells me that's a great idea, he's always wanted to do it, but both sides won't let him. Well, I got news for both sides, and anybody else who's interested. OSCE films everything they see, everywhere they go. You think they never thought of that before? They don't have the money? Just because you don't see the cameras, doesn't mean they're not there. Say "Cheese".

OSCE is not a tool of the Ukrainians. they are a tool of the people who own the Ukrainians. And I mean own the government and the people. The government is owned willingly and absolutely by foreign interests, the people of  Ukraine are owned equally as absolutely, but unwittingly.  Which makes me so glad to be from the DNR.

The whole Yasynuvata attack thing is bullshit, didn't happen. It was a scenario sent down from the bosses in Brussels. Hug's comments tonight cover up the fact that 90% of civilian casualties occur on the DNR side of the line, as well as the potential humanitarian crisis if the water plant gets bombed again. when I asked Hug how many of the 1.5 million people who would be impacted by further shelling of water infrastructure would be on the DNR side or the ukrop side, he declined to answer.

No need. A quick look at the map shows 1.5 million in Donetsk and Makeevka on the DNR side, and maybe 10,000 in a few villages on the ukrop side. More than 99% on one side, but it's a "tragedy" for both sides.

And now the story goes around the world, faster than truth can put its pants on.

THIS is what a disinfo campaign looks like. One that gets paid $110 million a year here in Donbass, and is backed and echoed in Washington DC, with literally billions more.

Remember, the Info War is every bit as important and difficult as the military war. I know, I fight in both. And we are even more out-gunned and out-manned in the Info War than we are in the military one. But we are winning. Because a few dollars worth of truth outweigh a billion dollars worth of bullshit.

I thank the real comrades, the Heroes of the Info War - Donbass Rose, Ollie and Angelina at Stalker Zone, Inessa, Joaquin and Kristina at Fort Russ. The Суть времени Info Center, South Front and Life News. These warriors deserve and need your support. So do I.

We all have a part to play in this epic struggle for the future of Humanity. Do yours. In the Info War, your dollars are our bullets. We are the machine gunners on the front lines in the Info War, and we count on you to keep us supplied. Don't let us down... 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Q&A With Andy Hug

THIS is what Andy Hug of the OSCE looks like when "Texac" Bentley asks him a question at a press conference today, about so-called "violent attack" in Yasynuvata yesterday against 2 OSCE armored vehicles. TWO vehicles full of "observers", hear shooting, and "assess" they are under attack. "Violent attack", to use their words...

                                                                 (GIVE THIS DUDE A WHITE HELMET!)

Photos? No.
Video? No.
Injuries? No.
Bullet holes? No.
Can we see the "damaged" vehicle that was victim of the "violent attack"? No.
Can we see PHOTOS of the damage to the vehicle that was victim of the so-called "violent attack"? Well... No.
ANY actual evidence whatsoever? NO.

                                  Samantha Power, Professional liar, Andy Hug, Jeff Pyatt, nazi puppet-master

                                          "The report IS the evidence." - Alexander Hug,  OSCE

So, TWO groups of observers heard shooting in Yasynuvata yesterday, and "assessed" they were under "violent attack". EVERYONE in Yasynuvata hears shooting and shelling EVERY SINGLE DAY. But for OSCE, it is a "violent attack" against them. In the OSCE report, they insinuate it was DPR soldiers. but today DPR cops busted 2 armed ukrop diversants in the area...

OSCE and Andy Hug - pussies and bullshit artists...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Top 10 Reasons to...

                                             Help Publish The Book "Lucky Man"

#1 - IT'S TRUE 

This is a true story. Much of what we see and hear these days is bullshit. This book is not. It's true.
Of course, nobody tells everything, and I don't either. Some things can only be known by the people who were there. I was there. And even if I don't tell everything, everything I've written really happened. I don't lie or exaggerate. I don't have to. This story is unique and stands on its own.
And there's no one else who can tell it. So, if I don't tell it, with your help, who will?


This is a book about how I gave up a safe and easy life to come halfway around the world to help people I'd never met fight against  genuine fascism in the 21st Century. We were out-manned and out-gunned, but we are winning, which was by no means a certainty in 2014 and the early days of 2015. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, and the best thing too. Courage truly is the key to happiness, and you only really own what you give away.  I learned that firsthand. THAT is the lesson of this story.


My writing has been compared to Hemingway and London. Not by me, by professional writers and editors. This is a good story, and I'm a good story-teller. No brag, just fact. I'm a poet and a songwriter, and have been writing about politics, history and justice for decades. This story is a combination and culmination of that work, of my skill. My Magnum Opus. So far...

But even a good writer needs a good editor, good translation and proper, professional formatting. That's exactly what this fundraiser is for. To make sure it's done right and a success.


For every true story coming out of Donbass, there are a hundred false stories from professional liars and pro-nazi ukrop trolls who are financed by billion dollar propaganda enterprises. Help level the playing field and get the truth out. A few dollars worth of truth are more powerful than a million dollars worth of lies. The info war is as hard and as important as the military war, and we are winning. But we all need to pitch in and do our part.  Take a stand for real truth, right now, today, and help this story get told. The world needs to know what really happened and why. Together, we can tell them.

In the Information War, my computer is my weapon, and my words are my bullets. Your support and contributions buy my bullets which can reach around the world. And they have. Let's keep going bigger and stronger, until this war is over and victory is ours.


The proceeds from this book will go toward continuing my work as a journalist as well as my human aid work. For over 2 years, people have been supporting my human aid work here in Donbass with their kindness, generosity and cold hard cash. I'd like to pitch in some more of my own (and I have.) This book has real potential - as a historical document, a work of art, and a commercial basis for continuing to finance human aid projects here in Donbass. Your donation now will produce a cash flow for many future humanitarian projects. It is a wise investment in the future, and will bring a manyfold return.  You've seen and been part of my work here over the past 2 years. Together, let's continue it, and take it to the next level. Your contribution of $25 today can produce $100 worth of human aid down the road.  But only if you make your contribution now.


This book is unique. There is not another one like it, and there won't be. I was at the Donetsk Airport, together with Vostok, Sparta and Somali Battalions when we took the New Terminal from the "undefeatable" ukrop "cyborgs". I was there, only a few hundred meters away when we cut down the control tower, the ukrop observation post known as "The Crowned Serpent".  I was at the Front in the days of the very first Minsk ceasefire, and I saw who adhered to it and how long it lasted. Those hard days in 2014 and 2015 are the foundation of where we find ourselves today. You cannot see the future if you don't understand the past. This is the real story, by someone who was there. This will be the first, and probably only, personal account of what happened from a Western perspective. Givi and Motorola never got the chance to give their accounts of what those days were like. I want to share mine while I still can.


A lot of people will buy and read this book. Literally millions of people have heard of "Texac" and know why I'm here. Millions in Russia, and in the West. They will be able to say they read it, but those who contribute now can say "Yeah, I helped publish it. I was part of that mission, and it was a success." So, Davai, cast your fate, (or at least a few bucks) to the wind, and see what happens. It will come back, bigger and better. For real. You will too. You'll see.


Everybody who pitches in at least $25 gets an electronic copy of the book. So you get a piece of history and a rollicking good tale for the price of lunch at  TGIFridays. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  For a few bucks, you get a piece of history and become a part of it.


The money raised goes towards publishing the book, nothing else. I could have sold my story to commercial publishers, and gotten money upfront, but by publishing myself, I retain the rights and artistic control. This story will be bigger than just the book, and I don't want to have some capitalist corporate publisher calling the shots, now or down the road. This book is some of the most important work I have done here, and every penny raised will go to seeing it published. Everyone who knows me knows when I get a mission, I see it through, and this book is another example. It is my main focus until it is done. But there is plenty of other work to do here, and I will continue to do it. Help me complete this mission so I can move on to the next. There will be plenty of work to do, for years to come. This war is not over yet, but everyday, we are closer to victory.


Today is my 57th birthday. I'm not over the hill just yet, but I'm not getting any younger, either. This story needs to be told soon, while it is still relevant historically (which it is) and also because I do dangerous work here, and I want to be sure this story gets told while I am still here to tell it. Don't forget, I do live in a war zone, with a price on my head. I have many thousands of "friends" on FB, VK, Instagram, G+, etc, and if each of them pitched in $1, I'd have what's needed to publish. But many "friends" never go beyond words, so I need the real friends to do their part now.  The price of a restaurant lunch, a bottle of Irish whiskey, half a carton of smokes. A respectable present from a real friend.

THANKS to all who have contributed so far. They say the first $1,000 is the hardest, but we've still got a ways to go. So, if you support me, if you support the DPR and Donbass, what we are doing here, our struggle to protect ourselves and the world against 21st Century fascism, put your money where your mouth is, and stand with us in more than just words. You'll be a part of the struggle and part of the winning team. And you'll be glad you did. Davai!

If you would like more info about the book Lucky Man, or would like to help get it published, please check out my IndieGoGo  Fundraising site.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

НАТО нападет на Россию? Я думаю так...

Российская Языковая версия моего эссе о НАТО, готовящемся к войне с Россией. Изданный сегодня в

Monday, June 5, 2017


I was recently asked the following questions by a Russian journalist -

#1)  In view of US military deployment to Latvia in Operation Sabre Strike, and joint US/Ukraine military exercises in July, and strengthening military presence of NATO at borders with Russia, is it reasonable to think NATO is preparing for war?

#2)   The Russian research center "Levada Center" recently conducted a survey among residents of Russia which results have shown that citizens of Russia consider the main enemies of their country to be the USA, Ukraine and Germany. Do you think Russians really consider the USA their enemies? And do Americans feel that way about Russians? Can Americans distinguish between Russians and Ukrainians?

Here's the English version of my answer -


Yes, I think the people who control the governments in the USA, NATO and EU are preparing for war with Russia. By their actions, it is clear they are trying to rule the world, just as Hitler, Napoleon and Genghis Khan tried to do. The Russian people stopped them all before, so the nazis of the 21st Century know they must defeat Russia if they want to rule the world. The historical mission of the great Russian People has been to prevent any one nation from subjugating the world, and we will do it again if we must.

"American Century" and "Uni-polar world" are simply code words for a wish and intent to enslave and exploit the entire world by a small ruling class who use western governments and armies as their tools for world domination. And it is Russia again that stands in their way. And they are already waging war against us - economic, political, cultural and military.

The actions of the US government since the fall of the USSR have shown absolute disregard for international law, national sovereignty, honesty, morality and common decency. The invasion and aggressive wars against nations like Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and Syria based upon questionable or provably false pretexts show this without a doubt. Beyond being unjustified wars based upon hypocritical claims of "humanitarian intervention" and "right to protect", these wars of aggression have left only carnage, suffering and chaos in their wakes. They have increased human suffering and made the world a much more dangerous place. NATO and western powers are a danger and implacable enemy to not only Russia, but to the future of Humanity.

The encroachment of NATO eastward is an obvious and genuine threat to Russia. NATO is a military organization, comprised of nations who through their actions have proven themselves to be genuine enemies of the Russian Federation, its people and its allies. And NATO is literally on the border of the RF today. To pretend otherwise is to refuse reality.

Russia is, and should be, on a defensive war footing. The people who rule NATO will strike Russia if and when they feel they have enough military advantage to prevail over Russian defenses. This can never be allowed to happen. Russia spends 1/10th what the USA alone spends on defense, but through superior technology and military doctrine, we are capable of defending our nation and our interests. We must remain strong and ready, as long as the threat exists. And right now, it does exist.

The Russian people quite correctly see the US, German and Ukrainian governments as enemies. They are. These governments do not represent the wills of their respective peoples, but the people of these countries are either too stupid or too cowardly, or both, to demand truly honest and representative governors. So they now have genuinely fascist rulers who have waged wars of aggression around the world for decades.
Most people in the USA could not find Ukraine on a map, but are willing to wage economic, political, cultural and even military war against Russia because of some misconceived notion of human rights or national sovereignty there. They are frightened and grossly misinformed about almost every issue, thanks to lies from a criminal government and absolutely corrupt media. The people of the USA do not want war, but are powerless to change or even influence their government's policies. Because they do not try  hard enough.
Germany under Merkel, and long before, has been nothing more than an obedient servant of the US masters, who use Germany and NATO as a mafia Don uses his hitmen. Through political and economic coercion, Germany forces other EU nations to support policies which are not only criminal and dangerous, by literally go against the best interests of the EU and its citizens.
Ukraine, whose legitimate government was overthrown in a violent coup, is now a Western colony, run by criminal puppets who have betrayed not only their best ally and their own citizens, but have betrayed history itself. Ukraine is a textbook example of what awaits nations who capitulate to, or are forced under, western hegemony. Declining life expectancy, birth rates, mass emigration, and a decline in every measurable quality of life. Is it not the same in every nation the West has "liberated" in the last 25 years? Is it not also true today of life in the EU and even in the USA?

Russia is rising, and the West is in decline.  Russia promotes, and indeed defends, a multi-polar world in which international law is respected, and justice and human life are protected and enhanced. Those who work for a more just, secure and equitable world are certain to come into conflict with those who have long had unfair advantage and ill-gotten privilege. Those who not only cling to their advantages at any price, but seek to expand it until they return civilization to to the Dark Ages, to feudalism, to slavery, to fascism. These are our enemies, Russia's and Humanity's. We will have to fight them, sooner or later, unless we are willing to be their slaves. They will not stop until they are stopped, and it is up to us to lead all those in the world who are going to stop them. We've done it before. It is our destiny to do it again.

Russia has expanded its influence through legal and peaceful means. Only liars and fools speak of "Russian aggression". We have used diplomacy and mutually beneficial solutions rather than economic blackmail and unilateral military ultimatums. And we are succeeding. The rise of Russia heralds the return of a multi-polar world, and this is a good thing not only for Russia, but for the vast majority of human beings on this planet. Billions of people around the world know this, and they applaud it. 

The Russian Federation is not perfect, but it is a fact that the quality of life here is improving. Russia is not only making steady gains domestically, but Russia's prestige is growing in the international arena every day - politically, economically, culturally and militarily. We have regained our status as a Superpower, and we have earned it. And we are obliged to defend it. 
Because by doing so, we defend the world.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Fundraiser to Publish my Book, "Lucky Man"

I've started a fundraiser to edit, print and publish the book I have written about my 6 months as a soldier in the Novorussian Armed Forces.  The book is written in a rough draft, needs professional editing and formatting for print and E-book formats. I will also be recording an audio version of the book.

The fundraiser goes for 2 months, till August 1st. I am trying to raise $9,000. Proceeds from the book will go to support my journalism and human aid work here in Donbass. Be a part of the story by helping me tell it! Check it out at the following link-

Indie Go Go Texas Book - "Lucky Man"

If you can afford to, pitch in, and if you can't share money, please SHARE this link with anyone who can. 

PS - If you think $9,000 is a lot to publish a book, take a look at this fundraiser by an anti-Russian propagandist and scammer who raised over $30,000 TEN MONTHS AGO, AND STILL HASN'T PUBLISHED HER BOOK.