Friday, October 18, 2019

U.S. Citizens in Ukraine - The Flies Come Home to Roost

"Hi, it's me, I'm back. Slava Ukr-anus!"

The shameful history of US depredations in Ukraine is now beyond dispute and wide open for all the world to see. And it seems that the degenerates, killers and losers who came to Ukraine to exploit the war here for their own ends are all cut from the same cloth. From the pretty boy sex pervert, swindler and crackhead Hunter Biden to the would-be "Punisher" Mark Paslawsky, to thieves, mass murderers, nazis and Pravy Sektor volunteers Craig Lang and Alex Zweifelhofer, to aspiring terrorist bomber Jarrett William Smith, to deadbeat dad and eternal loser Damian Rodriguez to the nazi-loving Jew Simon Ostrovsky, they all share common traits with the original wave of US scum that included the likes of Hillary Clinton, Victoria "Nuland" Nudelman, Joe Biden, Jeffery Pyatt and John McCain.

All are US citizens who came to Ukraine to steal, to lie or kill for money or for fun, to betray not only the Ukrainian People and the most basic principles of human morality, but the last remaining shreds of whatever dignity and honor they or the USA might have once had the audacity to lay claim to. The other trait shared by these vermin is their penchant for always getting exposed in their crimes in the most ridiculous and imbecilic manner possible. Let's go down the list and examine each, and see if calling them "vermin" is not only justified and the most appropriate appellation, but perhaps even an insult to regular run of the mill vermin  like rats, roaches, bedbugs and flies...

Hunter Biden, son of "Creepy Uncle Joe"

Hunter Biden leads the list, as well he should. Easily the most prominent and entitled, he is also the most revolting and pathetic on this whole list of nazis, thieves, perverts, murderers, pathological liars, deadbeat dads and general fuckups.  And if you think the Biden fils Burisma scam is his first or only scandal, you're missing all the good stuff. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and with a progenitor like "Creepy Uncle Joe", it is almost inevitable that Hunter Biden would be a knave of the basest sort. How base?

In 2015, he was publicly exposed for having an account on the "Ashley Madison" website for married people seeking other married people for illicit sexual affairs. (Biden was searching specifically for the "Anything goes" type.) The Ashley Madison registered trademark, "Meet bored men and lonely housewives - Life is short, have an affair" did not sit well with Mrs Kathleen Biden, his wife of 11 years and mother of  his 3 daughters. Hunter's claim that  it was "The Russians" who had gotten ahold of his email and credit card info and framed him failed to convince her or anyone else, especially after it was proven that the account had been created from Biden's office at Georgetown University where he taught as adjunct assistant professor for a single 3 month semester in 2014. (Which makes "Professor" Biden's college teaching career about as successful as his military career, but more on that later.)

Now follow this timeline closely - In 2014, Hunter, married with 3 daughters, created an account to pursue extramarital affairs, in 2015, this is exposed, and Biden and his wife separate. In 2016, Biden begins "dating" Hallie Biden, his recently deceased brother's widow, after a week long crack cocaine binge at a homeless camp in L.A. In 2017, Biden finally divorces his wife and continues "dating" his brother's widow until "early 2019" when Biden and his brother's widow  "end their relationship".  In May 2019, Hunter Biden secretly marries Melissa Cohen, a South African film maker, ten days after he met her, and while being sued by another woman for child support.

As for Hunter's "military career", he was appointed as a US Navy junior direct commissioned officer  (which means he didn't have to have any qualifications or do any actual work for it) in May 2013. The following month, he submitted a cocaine positive piss test. He was officially kicked out of the US Navy in February of the following year. All the above happened during the time from 2014 to 2019 when Hunter Biden was being paid at least $50,000 per month to sit on the board of Burisma Holdings. He did not  spend much time in Ukraine, did absolutely NO work, and did not even have to come to Ukraine to pick up his checks. Why would Ukraine pay a compulsive and perennial fuckup like Hunter Biden millions of dollars for nothing? It was not a payment, it was a payoff  by the small fry ukrop gangsters to the son of the Godfather of the Ukraine Rapine. And of course, "Uncle Joe" got his cut as well - at least $900,000.

Mark Paslawsky, aspiring nazi "Punisher". Got punished.

Next on the list, in descending order of depravity is Mark Paslawsky, spawn of Bandera ukrop nazi collaborators and apologists, West Point graduate, investment banker/vulture capitalist millionaire, Maidan rioter and volunteer "Punisher" in the neo-nazi Donbass Battalion. Victim of his own hubris.

Paslawsky was the nephew of the notorious nazi war criminal Mykola Ledbed who instead of being tried and executed for war crimes including mass murder and genocide, was given refuge in the USA under Operation Paperclip. Paslawsky was also related to Taras Hunczak, a nazi apologist and historical revisionist who proudly claims to have served as nazi collaborator under Bandera during WW2. Hunczak is also a professor at Rutgers University and the Shevchenko University in Kiev. While simply coming from a family of nazi war criminals and propagandists did not make Palawsky himself a nazi, per se, his subsequent actions and statements certainly did.

Paslawsky was born into privilege in Manhattan. His family connections enabled him to get appointed to West Point, after which he served as a US Army officer before becoming an "investment banker", moving to Ukraine soon after the fall of the Soviet Union and making millions of dollars as a US/Ukrainian "patriot"  i.e., nation raping vulture capitalist. But even this was not enough. When the Maidan riots began, Paslawsky joined the US-backed armed gangs attacking police and the elected government. ( You can see photos of him at Maidan, standing next to a swastika, with weapons including molotov cocktails here.) After the Maidan coup, millionaire Paslawsky decided to go on "safari" and engage in genocide and ethnic cleansing in the Donbass region with the outlaw terrorist Donbass Battalion. During the time Paslawsky was a member of the Donbass Bn, it was under the command of the semi-retarded sexual deviant Semen Semenchenko, and the "Battalion" was tasked as a "Punisher / Cleansing" unit, arriving in areas under Ukrainian Army control after battle, to "punish and cleanse" ethnic Russian towns and villages much the same as Bandera and German nazi "Einsatzgruppen" had in WW2.

Paslawsky was no soldier, just a war criminal and terrorist wanna-be badass whose targets were women, children and unarmed civilians. During his time in Donbass, his unit was credibly charged by the UN with the following war crimes - murder, rape, torture, armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion. They have also publicly confessed to blocking and stealing human aid meant for civilians stranded in the combat zones.  So this band of nazi gangsters is the specific unit Paslawsky chose to join. "Cleansers and Punishers"... Upon joining the unit Paslawsky chose the nom de guerre "Franko", pronounced exactly the same as the last name of the Spanish Fascist dictator Francisco Franco, who was supported by Hitler and Mussolini in his overthrow of the legitimate Spanish Republican government in the Spanish Civil War. You know, a Spanish "Maidan". Perhaps it is just a coincidence, or perhaps Paslawsky had to choose "Franko" because the names "Hitler", "Mussolini" and "Bandera" had already been chosen by other neo-nazi scumbags in his unit.

According to the VICE "News" obituary by nazi apologist and professional presstitute Simon Ostrovsky (see below) "Franko" could be "merciless", particularly to captured prisoners, and "He hated Russians.On August 20th, 2014, Paslawsky died, screaming and crying that he was "in pain and didn't want to die." Paslawsky had 3 bullet holes in his back, received while running away from his first battle against armed militia instead of against unarmed civilians. The propagandist lickspittle Ostrovsky interviewed me a few months after Paslawsky's death, and I actually delivered a short eulogy to "Franko" myself.  So, at least Paslawsky, unlike the other vermin on this list, has somewhat redeemed himself by taking a permanent dirt nap and serving as a lesson to all nazis as to what to expect if they come to Donbass to kill, steal and destroy.  And speaking of the nazi-loving Simon Ostrovsky...

Simon Ostrovsky  -  US / Israeli nazi apologist

Simon Ostrovsky was born in the USSR, but now holds two passports - from the USA and...
Yes, you guessed it, Israel.  Just like his former boss George Soros. He is a professional liar and propagandist with a huge pro-nazi bias. Just like alleged former Hitler Youth member George Soros. Actually, other VICE News correspondents have done some fairly objective coverage of Ukraine and the US-backed nazis there, but every single installment of Ostrovsky's was absolute pro-nazi propaganda. You can check out his website, "it kind of sucks". (His words, not mine.) He started out slinging bullshit for the Moscow Times, a treacherous pro-NATO liberal propaganda rag, in the early 2000's, then started making propaganda for the BBC, VICE, HBO, CNN, and sadly, even PBS.  Of course, no real journalist can be associated with the likes of the BBC or CNN without losing all legitimacy and integrity. And, likewise, no media outlet can be associated with Simon Ostrovsky without also losing all legitimacy and integrity, so sadly, PBS has sold their ass and their soul by hiring a pro-nazi presstitute propagandist like Ostrovsky.

Check out this Ostrovsky/PBS paean to total loser Damien Rodriguez, a US citizen fighting on the side of ukrop nazis. And after you watch this pro-nazi propaganda trash, don't try to comment, because on the "Public" Broadcasting Service Youtube channel, which accepts millions of dollars of "support" from government and individuals, (but is actually controlled by multi-billion dollar corporations) the "public" is not even allowed to comment on the shit PBS produces with their money, in their name. Hmm...

I used to love PBS, back in the 60's and 70's, Masterpiece Theater, McNeil Leher Report, Reginald Perrin, even the crypto-nazi and original Mockingbird William F. Buckley's Firing Line. Back then, they had at least some modicum of credibility, even if they were funded, even way back then, by the likes of Exxon and Mobil and The Chubb Group of insurance companies. But now, like Pacifica Radio  and NPR, (which I also used to love, and by "love", I mean respect and trust) PBS is worse that outright fascist propaganda, it is controlled opposition, fake progressive pablum simulacra. Professional disinfo bullshit. And pardon my French, but anyone who takes any of them seriously today is a fucking idiot. Period.

Craig Lang - robber, murderer, Pravy Sektor Nazi

And so now, to the last, most pathetic and miserable, but also most dangerous examples of the true vermin from the USA who came (or at least tried to come) to Ukraine to support the US-backed neo-nazi regime. Craig Lang, Alex Zweifelhofer and Jarrett William Smith. Lang and Zweifelhofer, who both served in the Pravy Sektor volunteer nazi battalions in Ukraine, have been charged with the murder of an unarmed elderly couple in Florida during the commission of an armed robbery for a measly $3,000, which they used to try to travel to Colombia "to fight against the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela". They ended up going to South Sudan instead, getting busted and deported back to the USA. Zweifelhofer was subsequently arrested upon his return for child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor charges. As they say in Pravy Sektor, "Slava Ukr-anus!"

Zweifelhofer, before he deserted US Army

The evidence in the murder of the elderly couple for $3,000, is absolutely overwhelming. They did it. See for yourself. Both Lang and Zweifelhofer  served in Pravy Sektor in Ukraine, where they learned how to kill unarmed civilians. They learned to do it here in Ukraine, then went home to do it in the good ol' USA. Zweifelhofer is currently in a US prison awaiting trial, and Lang is in a Ukrainian prison awaiting extradition back to the USA. For murder of US citizens. What comes around, goes around. And "VICE" versa...

Jarrett William Smith - aspiring bomber, assassin and neo-nazi. "Friend" of Craig Lang.
Jarrett William Smith was another aspiring ukrop nazi terrorist who wanted to murder civilians, in the USA and elsewhere. He was also a "friend" of Craig Lang.  He is currently in jail on charges of terrorism, bomb-making and conspiracy to murder a potential US presidential candidate. Charming.

All of these walking, talking turds have one thing in common - they are all on the side of the neo-nazis who came to power after the US-backed Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014. They all fight against the Donbass Republics, they are all willing to murder unarmed civilians, or lionize those who do. They are 21st Century nazis. They are scum. They are malignant, but no more so than the nation that spawned them.

The German nazis of the Third Reich, with the connivance of US and European "monarchs" and oligarch scum, tried to do to Europe and Russia what Europe had done to North and South America some centuries before - steal the land, ethnic cleansing, genocide and slavery.

What Banderist ukrop nazis and their western masters, the same "monarch" and oligarch scum, want to do to Donbass today is exactly the same, and they will do it if we let them. But we will not let them. They will fail here, on the exact land where the tide was turned against nazism back in 1943. So, those nazis that are not buried here will return to the lands they came from - the US, the EU, and the west of Ukraine that has been infected by Operation Gladio and Banderism for decades. Those who come here to kill and enslave, will die here, just as they did in '43, or like Lang and Zweifelhofer, return to the USA to continue to rob and murder.

If the idiots Zweifelhofer and Smith had not met Craig Lang, maybe they would today not be looking at being executed by their own country or spending the rest of their lives in prison. If the idiot Lang had not joined the US Army, maybe he would not have joined Pravy Sektor and acquired a taste for murder. If piece of shit 21st Century nazis like Clinton, Nuland, Biden and McCain had not started this war a lot of things might be different. If presstitutes like Ostrovsky were not paid by corporate scum like VICE News and PBS to spread pro-nazi propaganda, maybe a lot of things would be different. We are what we do, and we are responsible for it, and for how it ripples out to affect others.
And for how it ripples back to affect us and our own lives and families at home.

Fascist imperialism as practiced by the USA, always has its "blowback". It is a malignant and criminal philosophy that infects everything it touches. The USA will reap what it has sown, the flies always come to where the greatest rot is. The USA is its own worst enemy. You have been warned.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Is Steinmeier von Ribbentrop?

The recent big news about Zelensky signing the "Steinmeier Formula" of the Minks II Agreement has raised eyebrows and ruffled feathers on both sides of the conflict, but is it really such a big deal? And haven't we learned a lesson about Russians signing treaties with nazis before?  What are the results and advantages, if any, of this latest development?

The Steinmeier Formula is basically a simplified version of the Minsk Agreement, with a timeline for implementing the four major points - 1) elections to be held in the Donbass Republics, 2) confirmation of the results by OSCE, 3) amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine allowing independent self-government of regions, and finally, 4) return of control to Ukraine of L/DPR border crossings with Russia. In that order.

The first important thing to understand about Ukraine signing this document is that it is only a piece of paper. There is quite a difference between saying you are going to climb a mountain and the actual climbing of it. And there is also a big difference between telling someone you are going to climb a mountain and them actually believing that you will. However, it is noteworthy and precedent setting that Ukraine/Zelensky have defied the orders of their US gauleiters who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the Republic's leadership by dealing with them directly. Ukraine and Zelensky have now, in fact, dealt directly with the foreign ministers of the DPR and LPR, therefore, recognized them as such. So now, after 5 years, the "so-called", "self-declared" Republics are finally simply and de facto, The Republics.  Score one for the good guys.

Second, the Minsk Agreement and the Steinmeier Formula are the rock and the hard place between which Banderastan finds itself stuck. The goal for Ukrainian nazis and their US/Israeli masters is control of the Russian border crossings currently held by L/DPR authorities. Who controls the border crossings controls the Republics. But what is of the utmost importance in the formula is that the control of the border crossings is the final point, and can only be ceded after all the prior points are implemented. Those prior points include independent elections in the Republics, confirmation and recognition of the results by Europe and The Ukraine, and amending the Constitution of Ukraine. The main thing to understand about all this is that none of it is ever going to actually happen.

If elections are held in the Donbass Republics and the results are confirmed and recognized by Ukraine and the OSCE, the Republics are themselves recognized. If the Ukrainian Constitution is amended to allow independent self-government of the Republics, it must also allow other regions of Ukraine the same option, which would be undertaken by many regions immediately. Ukraine as a nation would be "Balkanized" and cease to exist in the same way and to the same extent as the Republic of Yugoslavia did. In order for Ukraine to try to take control of the Donbass Republics, they must relinquish control of the rest of the country. They may talk and sign documents, but they will never actually do it. First, they are not capable, and second it would be national suicide for them.
And while the scum who currently control and exploit Ukraine could not care less about the future of Ukraine or its people, they, like all parasites, wish to keep the host alive as long as possible in order to suck every last bit of wealth and worth out of the country before they abandon it.

  Furthermore, the people and defenders of the Republics will never, ever, allow the return of Ukraine government or military on our land. Laws and promises and treaties aside, it would be actual suicide for us to do so, on a Rwandan scale, as well as the absolute betrayal of the heroism, sacrifice and suffering we have undertaken and endured for the last five years. So, as I have said before, The Donbass Republics will never return to Ukraine, but there is a possibility that someday Ukraine will return to us, and to Mother Russia. It is literally the Ukraine's only hope.

The once great nation of Ukraine has been raped and robbed and ruined by the most venal scum on this planet. Nuland, Pyatt, the goddamned Bidens, Hillary Clinton, the fucking EU, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Kolomoisky, Monsanto, Burisma, the IMF... These parasites, these vermin, and their Zionist oligarch allies and their nazi henchmen are a fatal disease to the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian People.
Ukraine is now a satrapy that is controlled by foreign masters for their own benefit, and at the overwhelming expense of the citizens. The people of Donbass saw this trap and recognized it for what it was back in 2014, and we faced all-out war to break free from it. We will never, ever, willingly submit to the exploitation and outrages that Ukraine now suffers. If the ukrop nazis and their western masters could not force us to submit with war and terrorism, do you really think it is possible they will trick us with a treaty, "pencil-whip" us with pen and paper? Do you really think that clowns like Volker, Steinmeier or Zelensky could ever fool Russia or our Republics, could ever beat us at negotiation or diplomacy? These idiots have plenty of weapons and a willingness to use them, but inevitably, over and over again, they shoot themselves in their own two feet.

We have seen firsthand the worth of the words of ukrop nazis and their treacherous western masters. They are utterly unworthy of trust or respect, or of being taken seriously. We fully understand that they have exactly zero intention of adhering to any treaty or law, that they will break any promise or guarantee they make at the first instance they see an advantage in doing so. We may bandy about with them, but we are only marking time until Ukraine is finally sucked dry by its parasites and implodes under its own dead weight, or until the people of Ukraine finally stand up and take back their country, their history and their honor, and return to the Russian World of which they have been a part for over 1,000 years.

The Republics still stand, so we are winning. Time is on our side. Every year that passes we become stronger and Ukraine becomes weaker. Of course, the war continues, of course they kill more of us than we kill of them, and Donbass remains a potential regional and international flashpoint that can re-ignite at anytime. The rulers of Ukraine remain dangerous criminals, but they are also incompetent buffoons. Nobody here is falling for their lies. If they think they can fool us with tricks and treaties, they are only fooling themselves. 

In the end, the Steinmeier Formula is an unwitting formula for the further deterioration of Ukraine's political stability and future cohesion as a political entity, and above all a wedge between the competing gangster factions that are robbing and misruling the state. It further separates the US and EU, it pits Zelensky directly against the US masters who ordered him not to deal directly with L/DPR reps, and it wreaks havoc on Kolomoisky's political zoo, facing off his neo-nazi attack dogs against his presidential pet monkey. These are dangerous times for Zelensky and Ukraine. There are psychopath gangsters with heavy weapons howling for his blood, and they might just get it sooner than later. Perhaps Zelensky will be compelled to request Russian military assistance to safeguard his existence, quell rebellion and stabilize the situation, as Yanukovich should have done 5 years ago.

The signing of this treaty is a victory for Russia and the People's Republics and another defeat for Ukraine and her exploiters. The criminal clown show of ukrop politics is in no way equal to the diplomats arrayed against them on our side. The signing of the treaty by Zelensky is a move in the right direction, but ultimately, the situation in Ukraine is too far out of hand to have any real chance of a peaceful solution. More blood will be spilled before it is done, the only question is how many innocent lives must be lost in the process. The nazis and war criminals will have to pay for their crimes, there is no chance of peaceful coexistence with murderers and torturers. They know the punishment that awaits them, so will fight to the death rather than face justice. This is reality, and the sooner it is faced and dealt with, the better. There can only be peace after the total de-nazification of Ukraine and the punishment of the criminals, by military force if need be. So, let's get to it!

Saturday, September 21, 2019


My friend and comrade Alexey Sergeevich Trotsai, callsign "Lev" or "Lion",  died on the evening of September 9th after being wounded in battle on Friday September 6th . He was 43 years old, a company commander of MVD / VOSTOK troops, defending his hometown of Yasynuvata on the Avdeevka Front. In the spring and summer of 2017, I worked under his command, and came to love and respect him greatly. He was a great man, he was a good man and he was a magnificent Warrior and Commander.

Alexey Sergeevich Trotsai, code name "Lev"

I worked at Lev's frontline position for four months in 2017, and have been back to that position many times in 2018 and 2019. Every single day that I was at that position, I saw Lev there, on the very front line, at a position that is well-known for being one of the hottest, one of the most dangerous, on the entire DPR Front. And Lev was there every day, without exception. Every day, at least once, and often two or three times in a day. Or night. Lev led from the Front. 

There are some "commanders" who never go to the Front, to the positions where their men are, where the bombs and bullets fly. They do their "work" far behind the lines, in the barracks or even from the fancy restaurants on Pushkin Boulevard. But not Lev. He led his men from the Front, and he was there with them when it mattered, when things got hot. He was a local from the Yasynuvata area, defending his own hometown for all 5 years of the war. He was a real soldier's soldier, but what he was really fighting for was  peace.  In his own hometown. He gave his life for it.
Lev, in one of the frontline bunkers that I helped build with him and his men.
Lev got hit during a ukrop attack on a position near where his guys were. The ukrops had already killed one of our guys, wounded another, and a soldier from another unit was trying to recover them under heavy fire. The soldier radioed for help, and Lev himself responded. It was an ambush. It was later said that the ukrop nazis worked very effectively and professionally. They used RPG's, SPG's and heavy machine guns, working along with the ever present snipers with .50 cal Barret rifles, which are supplied by US tax-payers free of charge to the nazi murderers in Ukraine. Three of our guys, including Lev, died as a result of this ambush. Not a shot was fired by us in return. We have been ordered not to return fire, and soldiers follow orders...
Lev and Commander Alexander Khodokovsky on the Avdeevka Front

Alexander Khodakovsky, the founder and Commander of VOSTOK said that the loss of Lev was the greatest loss VOSTOK has suffered in this war, and we have suffered many great losses.  Among them,  "Greek" and  "Ural", Commanders who died under fire at the Front with their men. Too many great men, Warriors, Heroes. But Lev was special. A "богатырь" (pronounced "bogateer") which means more than "Hero", it means a legendary Hero sent from God. And that's what Lev was.

I know. He was not just my Commander, he was a real friend. He respected and appreciated my work, and treated me accordingly. When I made a video under heavy fire at Lev's position back in May, Lev's comment to my wife upon seeing the video was "Texac красавчик".  It was a genuine compliment from a  богатырь, one of the great honors of my life.

 I last spoke with Lev by phone on Thursday, September 5th. I was arranging a trip to his position for a visiting tourist/journalist for Saturday afternoon. Lev was hit on Friday evening, so we did not make the trip. The last time I saw Lev was August 30th, about a week before, when I went to the position with some Belgian film makers. Lev was as friendly and helpful as ever, and we had a chance to sit and talk for a few minutes outside under the trees behind the barracks before I left for the frontline position. Just the two of us. If only I had known it would be the last time I would ever see him in this world... I'd have offered to trade places with him. But he, even had he known what was to come, would have refused. Man, I miss him.

Lev was not just a good guy, he was a badass soldier and Commander, and he was tough as nails. If you broke  regulations or made a mistake that endangered his people or the mission, his justice was swift and harsh, but fair. During my stay in 2017, I saw two instances of Lev's form of justice.

Walking to breakfast one morning, I saw a soldier standing outside, with his hands stretched out above his head, handcuffed to a radio tower. He was still standing there at lunchtime, and still there at dinner. When I walked out later in the evening, around 9 PM, he was no longer there. Instead, he was lying in the grass with his hands cuffed around the base of a small tree. Next morning, he was back on the radio tower, all day, and next night, back around the tree. Next morning, back on the tower, but by lunch, the wayward miscreant was freed. I saw the same handed down to another soldier, a friend of mine, a sergeant called "Bear". Hard justice and harsh punishment, but meted out with fairness and even a sense of humor. In the end, it made both men better soldiers and better men, and brought more strength and honor to Lev's unit. A unit that already had and has plenty. And will earn more.
Lev's men accompany him to his final resting place
 Lev's unit also served another very useful and interesting disciplinary function. VOSTOK is officially listed as MVD troops, policemen who serve as combat soldiers, like COBR here in the DPR, or like OMON in Russia. MVD are cops who serve in frontline combat positions, but also enforce criminal law among citizens. As is well known, not all policemen are angels. Sometimes an MVD cop might drive drunk, steal something or take a bribe, beat his wife or perhaps a prisoner who didn't have it coming, serious infractions that require a serious reprimand. And that reprimand often entailed being sent to Lev's unit as a "robot", basically an unarmed laborer working under fire digging trenches and building fortifications on the front lines.

My last trip to Lev's position, a few weeks ago, I saw maybe a dozen such men, working hard under fire, but with good humor and the understanding that it was fair punishment and they had it coming. Hard, hard, dangerous work, through which they redeemed themselves. These cops too, were made better men because of Lev's sense of justice. And now, Lev is gone, and we will have to make ourselves better men (and women) on our own accord, through our own sense of justice. But we do still have, and always will have, Lev's example, for as long as real Heroes are remembered. And as long as there is life, real Heroes will always be remembered.

There is another subject that Lev's death brings up, of strategic importance to the Republic and our conduct of the war. This subject was covered by Alexander Bogdanov in a recent article on entitled "The Main Problems of the Donbass Army".  (The article is in Russian, but well worth the time to translate and read.)

It is a fact that the Russian Army is not "occupying" or actively fighting in Donbass. It is also true, well known and not denied, that there are Russian military officers in command, I mean "advisory", positions in the DPR Army at the battalion level and above. (Just as US Army commands/"advises" the Ukraine Army here and ISIS in Syria.) Many of these Russian officers are real soldiers and real comrades, but there are also some here who are criminally incompetent, if not outright traitors. This is also a fact, and it is not a secret from our soldiers, from the people who live in front line areas, nor from our enemies in Ukraine. The most glaring shortcoming of these incompetents is manifest in the idiotic order that our soldiers cannot defend themselves when fired upon unless they are given permission from higher commanders. This has been general policy for well over a year, but in June of this year was reinforced with a contract which frontline solders were required to sign, that threatened jail time for returning fire without prior permission from their "superiors".  Of course, the fools and cowards who came up with this idiocy do not spend time on positions that are getting bombed every day, where good men die every day.
When Ukrainian war criminals shoot and kill people who cannot shoot back, it is not war, it is murder, even if those who cannot shoot back have weapons they cannot use even to defend themselves, because of the order of some clown who threatens them with prison if a single round is fired without permission. Those who give such orders are also murderers, responsible for the death of Lev, the men who died with him that day, and over 30 DPR soldiers killed so far in the month of September alone.

When ukrop nazis fire on our soldiers and civilians, secure in the knowledge that there will be no return fire, no retribution, they laugh. This is a shame and disgrace to every patriotic citizen of the Donbass Republics, and to every Defender, both living and dead. Our soldiers cannot be ordered to sit like sheep, to be shot, and to do nothing. They are lions. We tried a patient and peaceful approach, sticking to a futile ceasefire that the Nazis were and are laughing at. This plan has failed. The Nazis are only becoming bolder and bombing us even more. The time has come once again to hit back. Hard.  I was here in 2014 and 2015 when we did hit back hard, and a lot of ukrop nazis learned their lessons the hard way, and never fired another shot at us, or anyone else, ever again.  

The commanders here, competent or otherwise, must take a lesson from Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk, from Syria and Hezbollah. The time has come to once again punish "the Punishers", There is only one way to deal with them, and sacrificing our citizens and soldiers to some fake ceasefire or Minsk Agreement that has only ever been observed and upheld by one side is not the way.

It has long been known among the well informed that Ukraine has been sending soldiers and mercenaries to fight along ISIS in Syria for years now. And it is a fact that during this time ISIS terrorists have been fighting alongside the Ukrainian Army, and are doing so to this day in places like Avdeevka, Gorlovka and on the southern Front near Mariupol. Let us deal with these terrorists and cannibals and their fellow murderers in Ukrainian uniforms the same way the Russian Army deals with them in Syria. Who defends Donbass defends Russia, from a common enemy. At least let us defend ourselves while we are defending you. 

And as for those who try to tie our hands, who stupidly or treacherously order us to sit and die and not fight back, if they wear a Russian Army uniform, let them go back to Russia and let real soldiers take their places here. Or better yet, send them to Lev's position to learn to be soldiers, with a shovel to dig trenches under fire until the war is over. Let them count the bombs and bullets that are fired at them instead of the bullets our heroes are not allowed to fire back. We cannot win if we cannot fight. So let us defend ourselves when we are attacked. Let this be the legacy that Lev leaves to his men, to his comrades, and to his Republic.   

Закон Льва

Мой друг и товарищ Алексей Сергеевич Троцай, позывной "Лев", скончался вечером 9 сентября после ранения в бою в пятницу 6 сентября. Он был командиром роты войск МВД / ВОСТОК, защищавших город Ясиноватую на Авдеевском фронте. Весной и летом 2017 года я работал под его командованием, и полюбил и очень уважаю его. Он был великим человеком, он был хорошим человеком, и он был великолепным Воином и Командующим.

                                                            Алексей Сергеевич Троцай, "Лев"

Я работал на передовой позиции Льва в течение четырех месяцев в 2017 году и много раз возвращался на эту должность в 2018 и 2019 годах. Каждый день, когда я был на этой позиции, я видел Льва там, на самой линии фронта, в позиции, известной тем, что она была одной из самых горячих, одной из самых опасных на всем фронте ДНР. И Лев был там каждый день без исключения. Каждый день, по крайней мере, один раз, и много раз два или три раза в день. Или ночь. Лев был на фронте. Есть некоторые «командиры», которые никогда не идут на фронт, туда, где находятся их люди, которые выполняют свою «работу» далеко за чертой, в казармах или даже в модных ресторанах на бульваре Пушкина. Но не Лев. Он вел своих людей с фронта, и он был там с ними, когда это имело значение, когда все стало жарко. Он. был местным жителем из района Ясинувата, защищавшим свой родной город на протяжении всех 5 лет войны. Он был настоящим солдатом, но за что он действительно боролся, так это за мир. Он отдал свою жизнь за это.

 Лев получил удар во время атаки укропа на позицию рядом с его парнями. Укропы уже убили одного из наших парней, а солдат из другого подразделения пытался найти тело под сильным огнем. Солдат по рации за помощью, и сам Лев ответил. Это была засада. Позже было сказано, что нацисты-укропы работали очень эффективно и профессионально. Они использовали RPG, SPG и тяжелые пулеметы, работая вместе с вездесущими снайперами с винтовками Баррета калибра .50, которые американские налогоплательщики бесплатно поставляют нацистским убийцам в Украине. Трое наших парней, включая Льва, погибли в результате этой засады.
В ответ мы не сделали ни одного выстрела. Нам приказано не отвечать на огонь, и солдаты выполняют приказы ..

Лев и Александр Ходоковские на Авдеевском фронте

 Александр Ходаковский, основатель и командующий VOSTOK, позже сказал, что потеря Льва была самой большой потерей, которую VOSTOK понес в этой войне, и мы понесли много больших потерь. Среди них «грек» и «урал», командиры, погибшие под огнем на фронте со своими людьми. Слишком много великих людей, Воинов, Героев. Но Лев был особенным. «Богатырь» (произносится «богатырь»), что означает больше, чем «герой», это означает, что легендарный герой послан от Бога. И вот кем был Лев. Я знаю. Он был не просто моим командиром, он был настоящим другом. Он уважал и ценил мою работу и относился ко мне соответственно. Когда в начале этого года в мае этого года, когда я был под сильным огнем, я снял видеофильм о положении Льва, и Лев, увидев это видео, прокомментировал мою жену как «Texac красавчик». Это был комплимент от богатырь, одна из величайших почестей в моей жизни.

Последний раз я разговаривал с Львом в четверг, 5 сентября. Я организовывал поездку на его место для приезжего туриста / журналиста в субботу днем. Лев был сбит в пятницу вечером, поэтому мы не совершали поездку. Последний раз, когда я видел Льва, был 30 августа, когда я совершил поездку на место с некоторыми бельгийскими режиссерами. Лев был таким же дружелюбным и услужливым, как и прежде, и у нас была возможность посидеть и поговорить несколько минут на улице под деревьями за казармами, прежде чем я ушел на позицию. братан, я скучаю по нему ...

Лев был не просто хорошим парнем, он был крутым солдатом и командиром, и он был крепким как гвозди. Если вы нарушили правила или допустили ошибку, которая поставила под угрозу его людей или миссию, его правосудие было быстрым и суровым, но справедливым. Во время моего пребывания в 2017 году я видел два примера формы правосудия Льва. Однажды утром, идя на завтрак, я увидел солдата с вытянутыми над головой руками, прикованного наручниками к радиомачте. Он все еще стоял там в обеденное время и все еще там за обедом. Когда я вышел поздно вечером, около 9 вечера, его там уже не было. Вместо этого он лежал на траве, приковывая руки к основанию небольшого дерева. На следующее утро он вернулся на радиовышку весь день, а на следующую ночь вернулся вокруг дерева. На следующее утро снова на башне, но к обеду своенравный злодей был освобожден. Я видел то же самое у другого солдата, моего друга, сержанта по имени «Медведь». Жесткая справедливость и суровое наказание, но со справедливостью и даже чувством юмора. В конце концов, это сделало обоих людей лучшими людьми и лучшими солдатами, и принесло больше силы и чести в отряд Льва. Единица, которая уже имела много.

Люди Льва сопровождают его до его последнего пристанища
Подразделение Льва также выполняло еще одну очень полезную и интересную дисциплинарную функцию. VOSTOK официально занесен в список войск МВД, полицейских, которые служат боевыми солдатами, например, COBR здесь, в ДНР, или как OMON в России. МВД - это полицейские, которые служат на передовых боевых позициях, но также обеспечивают соблюдение уголовного законодательства среди граждан. Как известно, не все полицейские являются ангелами. Иногда полицейский МВД может вести себя пьяным, красть что-то или брать взятку, избивать свою жену или, возможно, заключенного, который этого не сделал, серьезные нарушения, которые требуют серьезного выговора. И этот выговор часто приводил к тому, что его отправляли в отряд Льва в качестве «робота», в основном безоружного рабочего, работавшего под огнем, рытье окопов и возводить укрепления на передовой. В мою последнюю поездку на должность Льва, несколько недель назад, я видел, наверное, дюжину таких людей, усердно работающих под огнем, но с хорошим настроением и пониманием, что это было справедливое наказание, и они его добились. Тяжелая, тяжелая, опасная работа, благодаря которой они выкупили себя. Эти полицейские тоже стали лучшими людьми благодаря чувству справедливости Льва. А теперь, Лев ушел, и мы должны стать лучше, мужчины (и женщины), по нашему собственному желанию, через наше собственное чувство справедливости. Но у нас все еще есть и всегда будет пример Льва, пока помнят настоящих Героев. И пока есть жизнь, настоящие герои всегда будут помнить.
 Есть еще одна тема, которую поднимает смерть Льва, имеющая стратегическое значение для Республики и нашего ведения войны. Эту тему освещал Александр Богданов в недавней статье на, озаглавленной «Основные проблемы Донбасской армии».

Факт, что российская армия не "оккупирует" и не ведет активных боевых действий на Донбассе. Также верно, хорошо известно и не отрицается, что командуют российские военные офицеры, я имею в виду «консультативные», позиции в армии ДНР на уровне батальонов и выше. Многие из этих людей - настоящие солдаты и настоящие товарищи, но здесь есть и русские офицеры, которые являются преступно некомпетентными, если не откровенными предателями. Это тоже факт, и это не секрет ни от наших солдат, ни от людей, которые живут на передовой, ни от наших врагов на Украине. Самый явный недостаток этих некомпетентных людей проявляется в идиотском порядке, в котором наши солдаты не могут защищаться, когда их обстреливают, если им не дают разрешения от высших командиров. Это было общей политикой в ​​течение более года, но в июне этого года был подкреплен контрактом, который должны были подписать фронтовые солдаты, который угрожал тюремному заключению за открытие огня без предварительного разрешения их «начальства». Конечно, дураки и трусы, которые придумали этот идиотизм, не тратят время на позиции, которые бомбят каждый день, где хорошие люди умирают каждый день.

 Когда украинские военные преступники стреляют и убивают людей, которые не могут отстреливаться, это не война, это убийство, даже если у тех, кто не может отстреливаться, есть оружие, которое они не могут использовать даже для самообороны из-за приказа какого-то клоуна, который считает каждую пулю в журналы нашего солдата и грозит им тюрьмой, если один выстрел ведется без разрешения. Те, кто дают такие приказы, также являются убийцами, ответственными за смерть Льва, людей, которые погибли вместе с ним в тот день, и более 30 солдат ДНР, убитых до сих пор только в сентябре.

Когда укроп нацисты обстреливают наших солдат и мирных жителей, уверенные в том, что ответного огня не будет, возмездия нет, они смеются. Это позор и позор для каждого патриотического гражданина республик Донбасса и для каждого Защитника, как живого, так и мертвого. Нашим солдатам нельзя приказывать сидеть как овцы, быть застреленными и ничего не делать. Они львы. Мы попробовали терпеливый и мирный подход, придерживаясь бесполезного прекращения огня, над которым нацисты смеялись и над которым смеются. Этот план провалился. Нацисты только становятся смелее и бомбят нас еще больше. Пришло время еще раз нанести ответный удар. Жесткий.

Командиры здесь, компетентные или нет, должны извлечь урок из Дебальцево и Иловайска, из Сирии и Хизбаллы. Пришло время еще раз наказать "Карателей", пока они не будут кричать, плакать и просить пощады, пока они не будут стрелять в своих офицеров, а не стрелять в солдат и мирных жителей ДНР, потому что они знают, что каждый выстрел в нас будет вернулся в ураган огня и стали. Вы не можете больше рассуждать, доверять или договариваться с нацистами, чем с бешеной собакой или ядовитой змеей. Есть только один способ справиться с ними, и жертвовать нашими гражданами и солдатами ради какого-то фальшивого прекращения огня или Минского соглашения, которое когда-либо соблюдается и поддерживается только одной стороной, - не путь.

Среди хорошо информированных людей давно известно, что Украина уже много лет посылает солдат и наемников для борьбы за ИГИЛ в Сирии. И фактом является то, что в течение этого времени террористы ИГИЛ воевали вместе с украинской армией и ведут это по сей день в таких местах, как Авдеевка, Горловка и на южном фронте под Мариуполем. Давайте разберемся с этими террористами и каннибалами и их товарищами-убийцами в украинской форме точно так же, как русская армия поступает с ними в Сирии. Кто защищает Донбасс, тот защищает Россию от общего врага. По крайней мере, давайте защищаться, пока мы защищаем вас.

А что касается тех, кто пытается связать нам руки, кто тупо или коварно приказывает нам сидеть и умирать, а не сопротивляться, если они носят форму русской армии, пусть они возвращаются в Россию и позволяют настоящим солдатам занять свои места здесь. Или, что еще лучше, отправьте их на позицию Льва, чтобы научиться быть солдатами с лопатой, чтобы рыть траншеи под огнем, пока война не закончится. Пусть они подсчитывают бомбы и пули, выпущенные по ним, а не пули, которым наши герои не могут отстреливаться. Мы не можем победить, если мы не можем бороться. Поэтому давайте защищаться, когда на нас нападают. Пусть это будет наследием, которое Лев оставит своим людям, своим товарищам и своей Республике.


Thursday, August 15, 2019



Edward Snowden is starting to chap my hide. His recent support of the "protests" in Moscow and Hong Kong and his criticism of the legitimate reaction by government forces are inaccurate, naive, counter-productive and simply bad manners. The facts are clear - the protests in Moscow and Hong Kong are illegal, backed by foreign secret services and enemies of the respective states, and they have exactly nothing to do with freedom of speech or human rights. They.are intentional provocations that have caused major disruptions, and they have, in fact, been dealt with far more leniently than they would have been in the USA, France or England. So where does Snowden get off dissing his hosts and backing Navalny's phony liberal hipster protests?

I was in Moscow on Russia Day (June 12th) and saw a Navalnik "protest march" of a couple hundred losers schlepping through the city center. The regular people going about their business ignored it, the same way as when you meet a friend out walking their dog, stop to chat, and the dog starts taking a dump. You know it's happening, but good manners require you to ignore it. Like Navalny's phony protests; somewhat disgusting, not really interesting, and not a worthy subject for polite conversation. As Dmitry Orlov noted, " These protests are strictly for Western mass media consumption. In Russia they are a stale joke."

Of course, Snowden seems to have done the world a favor when he exposed the depth of the illegal surveillance and lies the US government was complicit in, but I personally have never considered him a "hero". He comes from a family of cops, spies and government lawyers, and got paid a quarter of a million dollars a year to spy on his fellow citizens from Hawaii, living the good life as a tool of the Empire and the parasite class it serves. It should be noted that as of today, he has still spent more time working for the CIA and NSA than he has as a "whistle-blower". (And in light of his recent comments, he may still be working for them.)

His escape to Hong Kong and later to Moscow was far more Walter Mitty than James Bond, and his entrusting of the info he stole to the likes of Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras can only be described as an epic and self-defeating failure which has ensured that the majority (and all of the most important information) will never be seen or known by the public. It is hard to say exactly what Edward Snowden is today, who he is, what function he serves, but it is easy to say what he is not.

He is neither an American patriot nor an outlaw journalist, though he has posed as both and convinced many gullible naifs. He did not keep the secrets the CIA and NSA paid him to keep, nor did he fully expose their lies and crimes when he had the chance. Both as a spy and as a whistle-blower, his work can be described as half-assed at best, and perhaps more accurately as failures. Or simply as a fake drama, much ado about nothing, by a pretend patriot who morphed into a fake whistle-blower. This is a dude who volunteered for the US Army special forces in 2004 to fight in the Iraq War  "to help oppressed people".  Seriously. That's what he told Glenn Greenwald, and Greenwald reported it. With a straight face.

You know who's a badass whistle-blower in my book? Bradley Manning or Seth Rich. Christopher Boyce comes to mind as well.

Snowden has tried to play both sides, has failed, and continues to do so. His recent tweets and comments about the Moscow and Hong Kong "protests" are just the latest example. No serious journalist or even well-informed person can help but see that both of these "protests" are US-backed attempts at destabilization and "color revolution" based on phony complaints about "freedom and human rights".  When the USA, this century's worst war criminal, violator of human rights, enemy of freedom and threat to the future of Humanity itself, starts talking about "human rights", only idiots listen, and only professional liars ape the propaganda. Snowden, Greenwald and Poitras, are professional liars, living embodiments of the "limited hang-out", telling just enough of the truth to perpetuate the Big Lie. They're in it for the money, and will say what they are paid to say.  And conceal what they are told to conceal.

Russia has provided Snowden with asylum for over six years now. And if not for this, Snowden would certainly be looking at life in prison or death in the USA, rather that the upcoming world-wide publication of his book by Macmillan, available for pre-purchase on Amazon. I don't know what Snowden says in his book, but if Jeff Bezos didn't like it, it wouldn't be on Amazon.  (Try searching "Donetsk People's Republic" on Amazon, see what comes up.) And whatever Snowden does say in his book, I bet he's going to be very well-paid for it. And outlaw journalists who speak truth to power are never well-paid for it. Take it from one who knows. But Snowden better consider his criticism of his host more carefully, or he may end up spending his money at the commissary in USP Terre Haute. 
I applaud and support legitimate criticism of any government in defense of freedom of speech and human rights. But Snowden's criticism distorts the real situation about both the government "repression" and the "protesters". He in fact mirrors exactly the propaganda of Russia's, his, and our own real enemies, and since that's the case, Snowden should re-consider his words or STFU.


As the old saying goes, "If I had any sense, I'd listen to my own advice."  Maybe I do, and maybe I will. I was recently involved in a minor imbroglio of my own here in Donetsk for criticizing the petition to Zelensky. The petition's alleged "million signatures" were clearly fake, and a lot of good patriots here were extremely concerned by the implication that the petition was a request by the Donbass Republics to return to Ukraine. I wrote an article and made a short video about it, basically saying there was nothing to worry about, that I trusted our leaders, and that the ukrops would never control our cities or borders again as long as a single Donbass patriot was still alive. I also said that the petition was an ill-advised gambit, an attempt to pressure Zelensky into agreeing to the Minsk protocols, which if he did, would put him in conflict with ukrop nazis and if he didn't, would make him look intransigent and warlike to the EU. But the authors of the petition failed to take into account the stress and confusion the petition did cause among real patriots, and the advantage that would be taken of the situation by some rather questionable characters.

Roman Manekin is a dude who has been here for several years as an "advisor" from Russia. Who he advises and where he gets his advice are not clear. I have known of him, but have never met him. But this I do know - Manekin is the one who applied for the anti-petition protest on July 27th. When I asked my wife if she was going to come with me to the protest, she answered that she was going whether I did or not. So, we both went. There were about 50 people in total, only one other veteran besides me, and he was in a wheelchair with one eye, one hand and one leg. The rest were mostly babushkas and what I might call "unsophisticated" types. But one person conspicuous in his absence was Roman Manekin. He wasn't under house arrest or in a basement cell, he just decided not to come. Strange, that...

As far as I was concerned, the matter was settled, the point was made, everyone understood that there was nothing to worry about. But the counter-petition protest organizers couldn't leave well enough alone. There was talk of legal action and changing the Constitution, and all of a sudden what had been a minor protest to express a legitimate concern based on a simple misunderstanding started to take on a distinctly "Navalny-esque" hue. And I want nothing to do with that type of shit. What, you think I'm Snowden or something?

So, to be finally and absolutely crystal clear -  I trust the guys who are calling the shots here. They are not perfect, but they are doing good work, and 5 years later, we and our Republics still survive. Not only survive, but life continues to improve for pretty much everyone here, so kudos to the guys in charge. Keep up the good work. There is exactly zero need for any major political changes or upheavals, no need for protests or contention in a time when we are still at war and solidarity is one of our strategic assets. Our leaders must trust the People, and the People should trust our leaders, as long as they keep doing as good a job as they have been. So far, so good, so "Davai!"


These are the only facts we know for sure - Epstein isn't in prison any more, and he won't be going to trial.  And the "suicide" story is bullshit. As Paul Craig Roberts recently noted, " It is not possible to commit suicide when a person is on suicide watch.  Former inmates and prison guards and correctional personnel have stated with certainty that Epstein did not commit suicide by hanging himself." Jeffrey Epstein may or may not be dead. If he is, he was murdered, but he didn't commit suicide. Narcissists and psychopaths don't commit suicide. The scum who rule the planet and availed themselves of Epstein's "services" generally do not kill their own, as long as the secrets are kept. Billionaires don't do hard time and they don't die in prison. The "investigations" being clamored for and promised will only be cover-ups. Who has the power to murder someone in prison has the power to help them escape. And escape is most likely what Epstein did. Escape from prison, and like all his chimo friends, escape from justice. Consider the facts...

Epstein has many millions of dollars. About $550 million of them, according to recent court documents. The kind of money that can buy prison guards and coroners by the dozens. He not only has friends and fellow perverts in the highest positions of power, he also has them by the balls with the kind of blackmail dirt that could start a revolution if it were revealed. You think he isn't smart enough to have a "deadman switch" that would publicize all of it if he were imprisoned or killed for doing exactly what all his buddies have been doing for decades? His cohorts can't kill him without risking their own necks, and besides, why would they want to? The only way to guarantee Epstein stays quiet and on their side is to keep him alive and happy. They can do it, they have done it, and they'll do it again anytime they want. They are the "Masters of the Universe". The laws that apply to us do not apply to them.

Did you ever see that photo of Hitler in Colombia in 1955, and the FBI reports about it?  (And, yes, I know The Sun is on par with The National Enquirer, but the photo and declassified FBI reports are real.)  Or perhaps the "death" of Kenneth Lay is a little closer to Epstein's. How about the most hideous example of human evil in modern history, Dr. Jozef Mengele. do you remember what happened to him? No? Well, guess what - he got away. He personally murdered thousands in Auschwitz concentration camp, was in fact captured by the US OSS at the end of the war, but somehow "slipped away". It's not a rumor or conspiracy theory. Click the link, read the article for yourself. Mengele was a pervert connected to money, power, secret services and secret societies, who escaped justice for his unimaginably heinous crimes. Sound familiar?

In the end, whether Epstein was killed by his clients or whisked away to some other private island, he escaped. He escaped justice, and the secrets and the truth escaped with him. And those who did it can leave the smoking gun lying in plain sight on the table, need not even bother with a plausible story, because they know most people will be too stupid and/or too fucking cowardly to even question it. And by failing to question the obvious bullshit story, again, they ensure further crimes will be committed by those who get away with murder and can openly laugh about it. Again. As Harold Lasky once noted, "Their impudence is the measure of your impotence." Think about that...


The real "useful idiots" in this world are those who believe everything their masters tell them without question, who prefer the comforting lie to the hard truth. Who deride as "conspiracy theorists" those who look at the facts and come to conclusions based on them and not on what they wish were true. Useful idiots say "The CIA wouldn't kill Kennedy", "Bush, Cheney, PNAC and Silverstein would never do 9/11 themselves", "Powell wasn't lying about Iraq WMD's", "The USA would never invade Libya to steal oil", "The White Helmets would never gas innocent children", "NATO and the IMF would never order ukrop nazis to shoot down a civilian airliner to blame on Russia", "The Brits would never make a phony chemical attack on their own land", "They can't just walk into a federal prison and replace Epstein with a dead look-alike", etc, etc, etc. Fucking idiots.

Mengle did thousands of horrifying and grotesque "experiments" on his victims, both physical and psychological, and at the end of the war, the US secret services and military went to great lengths to obtain the results of his evil work. Most of it was useless trash, torture and murder simply for the sake of sadistic pleasure and curiosity, but one of the most profound revelations in modern history came from these files. One simple fact, one simple observation, a single sentence that is the keystone to mass deception and thought control, the reason the nazis of the 21st Century get away with it, and keep getting away with it, and will keep getting away with it and laughing in our faces while they do. It is one of the nazi's most powerful tools, but if we can understand it correctly, in it also lies the key to our real liberation. The ability to discern and face reality, and to deal with it as such, is the most important, the most vital ability a human being can have today. To eschew this responsibility is to ensure your victimhood in perpetuity. Learn what Mengele and modern nazis learned from their victims, and do not be a victim yourself.
                     They are doing it. Believe it! The less you believe they are doing it, the more they will.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Об этой петиции Зеленскому...

Возможно, вы недавно слышали что-то о «петиции» в адрес Зеленского с «миллионом подписей». Не обращайте внимания. Она ничего не значит. Никто не подписывал её, это просто шутка. Народ Республик Донбасса и наши армии ничего не просят у «президента украины». Президент украины не имеет здесь ни власти, ни права голоса, поэтому с какой стати мы будем обращаться к нему с просьбой о чем-либо? И более того, Зеленский – не президент украины. Он – лицемер и марионетка иностранных хозяев, которые ограбили и ввергли когда-то великий народ украины в безвыходную и очень опасную дыру, из которой он, возможно, никогда не выберется. Никто здесь не хочет «особого статуса» в украинской дыре.
Люди Республик Донбасса русские, и всегда ими были. А русские не сдаются.
Этот советский плакат 1920 года, почти 100 лет тому назад, - доказательство этому.
                       Сердце России. Не СССР, не Украины. Сердце России.
Наши Республики никогда не воссоединятся с украиной ни при каких условиях, ни при каком «статусе». Однажды мы примем капитуляцию украины. И после того, как военные преступники будут наказаны, а богатство олигархов-преступников будет конфисковано на ремонт и возмещение причиненного ущерба, возможно, мы позволим украине присоединиться к нам. Под особым статусом, конечно же, их особым статусом, не нашим. Потому что это должна быть другая Украина, такая же другая, как современная Германия отличается от Третьего рейха Гитлера. Или даже больше… Новое руководство, новые политические партии, расплата предателям, преступникам и нацистам по заслугам. Денацификация, как в Германии. Ликвидация названий улиц, памятников и символов нацистов и нацистских приспешников. Помещение самих реальных нацистов туда, где они больше никогда никому не смогут причинить вред. И, как и Германии после их нацистов, Украине будет нужен новый флаг.
Жёлто-синяя тряпка сейчас, как та свастика, замаранная бесчестием на веки вечные и за гранью искупления. Она никогда не будет развеваться над Донецком и Луганском снова, уж будьте уверены. Сейчас она сойдет только, чтобы почистить сапоги, или, как однажды показал «Гиви», чтобы накормить ею нацистских военных преступников.
Сначала я сам обдумывал написать послание Зеленскому и посмотреть, сколько подписей я бы собрал под ним. Миллион? Может быть. Как «миллион» подписей под петицией об «особом статусе». Но осознал, что такое письмо, которое я бы написал (письмо, которое следовало бы написать Зеленскому), уже написано – «Ответ Запорожцев Магомету IV» в 1676 г.
Первый, самый основной закон политики это: то, что они говорят, не имеет значения; то, что они делают, говорит обо всём. Они говорят, что у послания к Зеленскому миллион подписей – мы говорим спасибо, что насмешили. Никто не верит, что там была даже одна десятая от того количества. Ни один из тех, кто писал, и ни один из тех, кто читал об этом. Но это не то, что имеет значение. Что они делают, вот что важно. Это много значит.
Организаторы сказали, что на их флэшмобе было 3 тысячи людей. Снова спасибо, что насмешили. Я тоже там присутствовал. И, может быть, там было 300 человек. 200 из них были там, чтобы протестовать против петиции к Зеленскому, а не в её поддержку. По этой же причине и я присутствовал. Многие были обеспокоены и обижены этой петицией, и не без основания. Но они не правильно поняли. Они подумали, что петиция означает то, что в ней было сказано, что, конечно же, не означало этого. Но, если бы петиция действительно это означала, тогда это была бы на самом деле серьёзная проблема.
Все эти разговоры о петиции к Зеленскому об «особом статусе» и требовании его разрешения обратиться к России, чтобы провести референдум о присоединении к России, и о том, что всё, что нам нужно сделать – это сдаться, воссоединиться с украиной, позволить армии укропов взять под контроль границу и позволить нацистам из «Азова» и пид@сам «Правого сектора» получить контроль над нашей полицией и армией, патрулировать наши улицы и «охранять наши права человека» и бла-бла-бла… Просто разговоры. И, так же как с получением миллиона подписей под посланием к Зеленскому, этого не произошло. И никогда не произойдёт.
Это политический театр, пиар, управление восприятием. Символичное. Симулякры. Конечно же, удар по уязвимой и завышенной самооценке Зеленского. Эта петиция, очевидно, является частью какой-то политической стратегии, которая может или не может быть реализована ещё в несколько ходов в дальнейшем. Но она, ни в коем случае, не требует мира ценой капитуляции. Потому что этого никогда не может быть. Если народ публично призывает к миру, а укропы продолжают обстреливать, это дает нам, Республикам Донбасса и нашим союзникам моральное превосходство и преимущество на арене международного мнения. Укропы все равно будут продолжать обстрел. Сейчас мы заявили во всеуслышание, что вежливо попросили их остановиться. После того, как пять лет вежливо просили, и ничего не улучшалось, теперь, возможно, пришло время для R2P – ответственности по защите, некоторой гуманитарного вмешательства. Со стороны России, ООН или мира. Или, возможно, их всех вместе.
И действительно, это может просто произойти.
Если бы нынешнему режиму в Киеве, контролируемому иностранными корпорациями и секретными службами, предателями, военными преступниками и подлинными неонацистами, было позволено нашей администрацией и /или нашими друзьями на Востоке взять под контроль Донбасс, это был бы один из самых эпических примеров предательства и глупости в современной истории. И, возможно, некоторые из наших лидеров способны задумать такую ошибку. Может быть. Некоторые. Но подавляющее большинство никогда бы этого не сделали или не смогли бы. Народ здесь никогда бы не поддержал это. И именно ЛЮДИ этих Народных Республик являются здесь конечными верховными судьями, принимающими решения, «авторитетами». Мы заслужили и доказали это своей кровью.
И когда я смотрю на великих лидеров России, наших Братьев, друзей и Товарищей - Путина, Лаврова, Шойгу, ну, предательство, глупость и капитуляция - не те черты, которые эти титаны вызывают в памяти. Это никогда не случится. Я доверяю Путину, и я верю, что Россия не предаёт своих друзей, а люди Донбасса - лучшие друзья, которые когда-либо были у России. Кто защищает Донбасс, тот защищает Россию. А именно это мы делаем уже более пяти лет, даже дольше, чем Великая Отечественная война.

Россия не предает своих друзей, Россия не оставляет русских людей. Этого не происходит.

Этого не произойдет.
Самое главное - сохранять спокойствие и смотреть на реальность. Это была / является плохо спланированной и исполненной попыткой информационной войны, дилетантской дипломатии, направленной на то, чтобы вбить клин между эгоистом-лицемером Зеленским и ярыми нацистами, которые его контролируют. И, возможно, между умеренными правительствами ЕС и нацистской украиной. Хотя в этом фарсе есть много, много хороших людей, серьезно обеспокоенных и даже разгневанных, и не без веской причины. Подводя черту, что нужно помнить – этого не произойдет.
Республики Донбасса никогда, никогда не сдадутся режиму укропов. До тех пор, пока в укропской армии или укропской раде есть хоть один нацист; до тех пор, пока где-то в Украине есть хоть один памятник или название улицы в честь нацистских коллаборационистов; до тех пор, пока хоть один нацистский военный преступник или человеконенавистник из ИГИЛа, торговец органами Грузии или агент/сотрудник ЦРУ США свободно гуляет по Украине, народ и защитники этих Народных Республик никогда не допустят этого. Мы боролись слишком тяжело, слишком много страдали, чтобы когда-либо сдаться. И каждый истинный патриот этих Республик будет сражаться до конца на Фронте, на улицах наших городов и в самих наших домах, если мы должны, прежде чем мы когда-либо позволили бы этому случиться. И лучше бы всем политикам в Украине, в Республиках и в России это хорошо запомнить.
Придёт день, когда славянские люди России и Украины будут в мире и снова вместе, как и должно быть, как они были на протяжении более 1000 лет. Но никогда не будет мира с нацистами.

И до тех пор, пока в украине есть нацисты, мира не будет. Путь к миру и процветающему сосуществованию между Украиной, Республиками Донбасса и Российской Федерацией начинается с денацификации Украины, и только с этого. Нет «особого статуса», нет Минских соглашений, нет договоров или соглашений с нацистами. И пока в украине правят нацисты и иностранные враги, его не может быть. Его там не будет. Этого не произойдет.
Поэтому я призываю к спокойствию, солидарности, доверию лидерам, которые вели нас до сих пор успешно по этой длинной, трудной дороге. Наши лидеры здесь и наши друзья в России не предадут нас. Они не настолько глупы и знают, что наши Республики являются защитной стеной между фашизмом 21-го века и Матерью-Россией. Мы будем продолжать защищать наши Республики и Россию от всех врагов, и наши товарищи будут продолжать поддерживать нас и стоять вместе с нами. Потому что они знают…
Как будет на Донбассе, так будет и во всём мире! Не сдаваться! Никаких договоров с нацистами! Победа или смерть!