Saturday, December 10, 2016

Harmony Kindergarten Window Project

Harmony Kindergarten has been closed for 2 years after ukrop artillery targeted the school in Summer 2014. The school was again hit, this time with Grad rockets, in the early Spring of 2015. 150 windows were shattered by the bombs, and the school cannot be re-opened until all windows are replaced. The school lies just a few meters inside the zone still considered vulnerable to artillery attack, and because of this, the DPR administration has not funded repairs. So Суть Времени and Donbass Human Aid, Delacour Pianos and several other friends from the West, together pitched in over $1,300, and delivered and installed the first 47 windows.

Everyone who gave enough for at least 1 window (about $40) got their name and flag on the window(s) they donated. So, when the kids finally return to school, they will be able to see the names and countries of the good people all over the world who care about them and pitched in to help. So far, most windows have US flags, but there are also flags from England, Ireland, Sweden and Israel. THANKS to all who donated!

This is an ongoing project. We have completed about 30%, but still need about $3,000 for the other 100 windows that need to be replaced. Get your name on a window of a kindergarten in Donetsk! $40 buys a window. You can remain anonymous, and you can donate more than one window. 100% of donations to this project go to buying more windows for the school. If you'd like to be a part of this project and help 200 kids go back to school, you can find information on how to donate here.


Thursday, December 8, 2016


I got blocked on Facebook again today, again for 30 days. The war on information, the war on YOUR ACCESS TO INFORMATION, the war on Truth, is heating up. Truth, the real "final frontier"... when it is defeated, so dies all hope for the future of Mankind. When the automatic bullshit machines known as the "Mainstream Media" finally drown out or silence the last guy willing to die in order to know and speak the Truth, that is the moment that all is lost, forever.

Think that's a little over-dramatic reaction for being banned on Facebook again? How come Azov Battalion nazis don't get banned on FB?

I don't give a shit about FB, but those still on it sure should. That is where they get their news, just like I did, a few years back. But things have changed, and are changing fast these days, and not for the better. Zuckerberg has made a conscious decision to suppress news that does not serve his agenda, even if that news is true. Those who use disinformation as a weapon can no longer dispute the Truth without proving themselves liars, so they silence it, every way they can.

The media bias in the recent US election PROVES beyond any reasonable doubt that the US media and their Western sycophants are beyond contempt, beyond redemption, that everything they say is a lie. Same for their coverage of Syria, and of Ukraine.

And now comes the new "war" on "Fake News". Now your government masters and their media flunkies want to tell you what's real and what's not, and everything that doesn't agree with them is "not". Evidence is easily created, distorted, and suppressed these days, as never before. There is a well-funded professional campaign against the Truth, against people's ability to discern the truth, and it is growing in scope and in intensity.

As my friend and comrade, "Kot" from the Суть Времени Info Center said, people are intentionally misinformed "So that they will not understand what is being done to them, and will not be able to resist what is going to be done to them." And remember what they call the Devil - The Father of Lies. And his minions are hard at work, right now, suppressing the truth, and confusing and misleading millions of people. So, how do we spread and support the truth, and keep from getting confused?

First, consider the source. Mainstream Western media has proven beyond any doubt that they will distort information and outright lie to further their agenda. It is not unreasonable to simply take for granted that everything they print is not just a lie, but the polar opposite of the truth. Second, consider information with your heart as well as your mind. If the MSM tells you that mass-murdering cannibals are "moderates" and "allies", take a minute to consider the moral implications of that statement. If they are our friends, who can be our enemies? Personally, I prefer to be on the side that fights against cannibals. The situation in Ukrine is a good example as well. One side has genuine nazis who glorify Bandera, one of the most brutal nazi war criminals of WW2. The other side is anti-nazi. One side goes to the land and towns and homes of the other, and attacks them with every weapon in the arsenal of a modern army. The other side only defends their own homes and families. So, who do you think are the good guys and bad guys in this situation?

Finally, consider the context of information. One of the primary techniques of disinformation is to present "facts" devoid of context. Syrian and Russian military attacks Aleppo, a city with civilians, and some of those civilians get killed. Bad, right? But if you understand the context, you understand the truth behind this tragedy, and you understand that the liars who condemn the tragedy are also in reality the ones who caused it, and are trying to blame it on those who are really trying to stop it.

Our enemies count on the fact that many people who consume their disinformation are actually too stupid to think critically, too stupid to even consider the information presented may be distorted or even an absolute lie. Do not be a "useful idiot". Consider the motivations of those who want to tell you what's real and what's not. What do they have to gain by telling you what they are telling you? There is always more to the story than meets the eye at first glance. Dig deeper, look closer, keep things in context and know your history. The war against Truth and objective reality is a war against the future of Humanity. The Information War is going hot, right now, and we are all involved whether we want to be or not, whether we even realize it or not. So, choose your side and do your part.


Though I am blocked on FB, I can still read it, just not post. Going there to check my page for troll posts, I saw this in my "Newsfeed" ("Newsfeed" BTW, is now manipulated by FB to promote the "news" Zuckerberg likes, and suppress what he doesn't.)

How stupid do you have to be not to know this is disinfo, the poster itself, as well as the idiot who posted it? Antifa has its share of politically correct useful idiots, but this is OBVIOUS disinfo/propaganda. Racism against ANY race is antithetical to everything Antifa stands for. "Identity politics" is exactly the kind of shit disinfo warriors use to divide and rule the 99%.

There is only ONE Race - The Human Race. Anyone whose agenda promotes justice for THEIR group at the expense or exclusion of another, is full of, and a piece of, shit.

Do you think a butcher at a Cargill slaughterhouse, or his bosses, care about the color or gender, religion or sexual orientation, of the cow when it comes onto the killing floor? The 1% that intends to own us all and to rule the world don't either, anymore than that butcher does, and their plans for us are much the same. Those who are profitable or serve the purposes of the owners will be allowed to eat, to live, to reproduce. The rest will be slaughtered in the most expedient and profitable manner possible.

Our job is to stop them, as Malcolm X said, "By any means necessary." SOLIDARITY is the KEY. If we are fighting against each other, we are confirming the estimate of Jay Gould, a 19th Century oligarch who said "I can hire half the working class to kill the other half." Identity politics is promoted by reprehensible idiots who are willing to do that job for free.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cynical Murders at Russian Hospital

The attack by US-backed terrorists against a Russian humanitarian field hospital in Aleppo is “not just a violation of international law... It is a pre-planned, cold-blooded murder of doctors by militants.”

Two busses full of women and kids were scheduled to be at the hospital at the time of the attack. An unexpected delay saved many lives. This is outright terrorism, and the terrorists who did it are armed, trained, directed and paid by the US government. Just as the nazi terrorists in Ukraine are.

The miserable response by the Red Cross and the failure of Doctors Without Borders to even comment on the attacks are a clear indication of the bias and political agenda of these so-called "Humanitarian" organizations. The response of the US government is as contemptible as it is expected. In a very real and direct way, it is the US government that committed these murders. This is the work of the US government, not "all of us".

This is an example of the cold, hard, obvious truth that is dubbed "Russian propaganda" and now under attack by the US government and "mainstream media". This is the kind of information that gets people blocked on Facebook or blacklisted as a "fake news" site by the professional liars whose job is to hide the truth.

Your right and access to information is under attack just as certainly as that Russian hospital was in Aleppo. The Information War is just as important and difficult as the military war, and sometimes, just as dangerous. And the Good Guys in the Info War are, as usual, outnumbered by the enemy on every front. So do something yourself, or support those who do bring the truth to light.

‘Cynical & indifferent’: Russian MoD slams Red Cross statement on shelling of hospital in Aleppo »

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jesse Ventura is on the Right Track! (Almost...)

Today I saw a vid on FB about a "Maximum Wage" by Jesse Ventura. I really like Jesse. There were lots of stupid comments by various "free market" idiots, and Ventura's idea didn't quite get halfway, but it's a good start, and high time we started thinking about exactly that. Check out Jesse's vid...

video on YouTube

It's really a pretty simple idea, and a good one. Make a limit on how poor someone can be, and finance it by making a limit on how rich anyone else can be. How rich? Ten million dollars? No problem. Twenty? No problem. Fifty million? Well, that's gettin' on up there now, isn't it? $100 million, more than a million a year for more than the average lifetime? Well, I think that's just about enough. Don't you? Because anyone who complains that $100 million isn't enough is either an idiot or an asshole. Or both. So for those of you who are neither, let's consider the following...

First, every billionaire on this planet is a thief. Period. Nobody can earn a billion dollars, much less twenty or fifty or sixty BILLION dollars. Nobody in history ever did anything so smart or so good, or worked so hard that they deserved a thousand million dollars. And the ones that have that much today aren't that smart or good, and they didn't work that hard either. And they sure as hell don't do much good with their money for the rest of us, do they? No, in fact, it's pretty obvious they use their money to find ways to make more for themselves by screwing the rest of us as hard as they can and every way they can 24/7, 365. And they spend their fortunes finding new ways to do it, and they do it every day. And you know it. All of them are thieves and assholes, but I think if they try, if they're as smart and tough (hard working, which is the true measure of toughness) and as virtuous as they say they are, they can figure out how to scrape by on a measley hundred mil.

And we're talking about a LOT of money here. The richest 400 people in the USA "own" (i.e., control) 2.4 Trillion dollars. A Trillion is a million million dollars. That works out to an average of $6 thousand million each, for each of those 400 people. Not for you or me, not for us, but for them, six Billion dollars. Each. If those 400 people were taxed 100% on everything they "owned" over $100 million, that would leave an instant surplus of two trillion. That ".4" in the "2.4" above is $40 billion, which is also what 400 X $100 million happens to be. In other words, those 400 people have two Trillion (remember, that's two million million) dollars more than they really should. It's not just sitting there, either. It's growing. And more for them is less for the rest of us. And I sure can't see any good they're doing with it. Can you?

Here they are, by the way, the 400 richest people in the USA, who own more than the 165 million poorest Americans. The Forbes 400. Take a look at them. Notice how they're all smiling? Except, of course, for the ones who are so rich that there aren't any public pictures of them. Anywhere. So rich that they literally can't be seen, at least by regular folks like you and me...

Check out 400 smiling assholes and thieves on Forbes 400 »

So, what could we do with two trillion dollars? Well, it would actually be a lot more than $2 Trillion. Because there are a lot more than 400 people in the USA who control over $100 million, and a 100% tax on that surplus would be another astronomical number. But whatever it is, here's what we should do with it - how about free guaranteed housing, medical care and education for every citizen. Hell, how about a guaranteed minimum income of say $40,000 for every adult in the USA. The GDP split among the US adult population works out to about that, BTW. So it's doable.

The "murderous dictator" Fidel Castro provided free medical, housing and education to all Cuban citizens, and that under an economic blockade by the world's most powerful nation. The "madman" and "terrorist" Moamar Gadaffi used the wealth from Libya's natural resources to provide free housing, medical care and education to every Libyan citizen. Food and fuel prices were subsidized (gasoline was 14 cents a gallon) and electricity was free for domestic use. He also gave every newlywed couple a wedding present of $50,000 dollars, and a $5,000 birthday present to the parents of every newborn child. Think about that for a minute. And don't try to tell me it can't be done, because it already has been. Some might say it only worked on a small scale, for 11 million in Cuba and 6 million in Libya, but they conveniently forget about the Soviet Union, which with all its imperfections did basically the same for hundreds of millions of people for generations. So, yeah, it has been done, and what has been done once can be done again. And this time, even better.

There is much that can be done, and much to be done, but the starting point is to understand the real conflict and who the real enemy is. The richest 1% consider us as their livestock, their inferiors. They intend to exploit those of us who are profitable, and to dispose of the rest. They are the true enemy of Humanity, and it is up to us, the vast majority of Humanity, to understand this and to do something about it.

The idea of $100 million maximum wealth (not "wage") is a good one, at least for all of us who never have to worry about owning more than $100 million. That includes me, and most likely you.

My vision of Communism...

video on YouTube

Friday, December 2, 2016

CB Human Aid to Ilovaisk Hospital

So, I'm finally back on FB, for how long, I don't know. Either they will kick me off again, or I will finally get fed up with it. Either way, this is where I will be posting from now on.

So, today, I went with CB to Ilovaisk to deliver a ventilator to the regional hospital there. It was donated by CB Leningrad. We asked our friends in Ministry of Health where it would do the most good, and they said "Ilovaisk". The machine is a life-saver, keeps people breathing after operations or when trauma stops breathing. I am sure it will save many lives. The cost of the machine was 703,000 Rubles, over $10,000. That's some REAL human aid right there!