Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It has been over 30 days since Julian Assange has been seen or verifiably heard from. There are reports that he was snatched from the Ecuadorian embassy several weeks ago. His internet access was cut, and Wikileaks official Twitter account seems to have been hacked. In reply to many questions about his status and requests for verification that he is still in the embassy and alive, Wikileaks tweeted the following - "Stop asking for proof of life. We do not control his physical environment or whereabouts. Ask Rafael Correa (Pres of Ecuador)". This is NOT what one would expect from comrades and friends of a man who risked his life and gave his freedom for the Truth.

The audio "interview" of Assange posted and promoted on Wikileaks tweets seems fake to me, and even if real, is very, very poor "proof" of anything, especially that he is alive and still safe in the Ecuador embassy. People have been asking about his well-being and whereabouts for several weeks now, and Wikileak's only response has been to tell them to stop, and to promote very dubious "proof" that he is OK.

There is a simple solution; low-tech, cost-free, and can be done in a matter of seconds, and is 100% reliable - all Assange has to do is come to the window where he has appeared scores of times over the years, show his face, and maybe make a statement or ask a question. There is no plausible reason for him not to do so, and in fact, if he is still in the embassy, no plausible reason for him not to have done it already. Audio and even video can be easily faked these days. Until I see confirmation he is still in the embassy, I think he has been snatched and Wikileaks compromised.

There are already many vids on YT about this subject. I have watched quite a few, as well as checked the official Wikileaks Twitter feed. It is my opinion that Wikileaks HAS been compromised, and all the vids I have seen saying Assange is OK are bullshit. Alex Jones and Anonymous have posted vids saying they think he has been grabbed and Wikileaks has been compromised, and I agree with them. At least until I see credible evidence of Assange still in the Ecuador embassy.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Memory Of Ruslan "Filin" Shchedrov

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What to expect from Trump?

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Construction in Nikishino

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