Friday, March 6, 2020

Donbass and Syria - A Perfect Storm Approaching?


When Recep Erdogan recently met with Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, aping the words of Ukraine's nazi collaborators, with a shout of "Slava Ukraine!", it may well have seemed just another dog and clown show, put on by two US/NATO lackeys who are among the least trusted or respected national leaders on Earth. But this political theater may well have some serious and unpleasant portents for the near future.

Erdogan's recent criminal foray into Syria marks a major escalation as well as a further betrayal of treaty agreements he made with Russia. After 36 Turkish soldiers were "inadvertently" killed by  airstrikes (while the Turks were traveling with terrorists inside Syria) Russia called a unilateral ceasefire in order to de-escalate the situation and attempt to calm Turkish anger. Unfortunately, this was a serious tactical mistake, and the Turks used the ceasefire to launch a major attack against Syrian and Iranian/Hezbollah targets, killing up to 200 soldiers. Russia had grossly underestimated Erdogan's recklessness and willingness to escalate the situation. The war in Syria currently stands at one of the highest crisis points in its almost 10 year history. And this escalation should be viewed in relation to other contemporaneous escalations, provocations, and developments around the world.

Escalations by the US-backed regime in Kiev against the Donbass Republics have recently been described as "the worst in years", and are ongoing. Just as Erdogan has moved major convoys of military equipment and personnel into the combat zone in Syria, Ukraine is continuing to move more and more military assets into the Donbass area of operations. And this is happening at the exact same time, and in conjunction with, the movement of 20,000 US military personnel from the USA into Europe for the Defender Europe 2020 "exercise", which will see war games, including the "rehearsal" of combined arms and airborne assaults, offensive operations, involving up to 60,000 NATO troops in total. This does not include the 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers that are already on the front lines in Donbass.

So while the Turks (NATO) are moving forward in Syria, the ukrops are moving forward in Donbass, and the US/NATO is on the move eastward in Europe with the biggest mobilization in over 25 years. And while Russia is besieged on all sides; in Syria, Ukraine and even on its own European borders, its main ally in the world, China, just so happens to be under economic and biological pressure (and perhaps under actual attack) on a scale it has never experienced before. And Iran, Syria and Russia's most important regional ally, is behind only South Korea as the nation outside China hardest hit by this new and novel virus. So let's talk about the coronavirus a bit more...

As noted in my previous article on the subject, while the virus has had a major medical, social and economic impact on China itself, in the West, and especially in the USA, the fear of the virus, and the population's reactions, are in fact much more significant than the actual physical or medical consequences themselves. There have been 321 reported cases of coronavirus in the USA since the "pandemic" (or, rather, "panic-epidemic") began in December, 2019, and so far there have been a total of fifteen deaths. And yet the fear-mongering, panic inducing sensationalism of the MSM has gotten people "panic buying" basic staples and stockpiling goods at a rate never seen on such a nationwide scale before. There are talks of quarantine and closing borders, martial law "if needed", and other "emergency measures" to be enacted by Presidential decree. Now, wait a minute. Think about that.

Suppose you were planning to start, or at least risk, a full scale multi-front war between superpowers, and you wanted to prepare your domestic situation as much as possible beforehand, without exposing or admitting your plan ahead of time. You'd need to prepare the population, not particularly for their own good, of course, but just so there would be less civil unrest for the regime to deal with. You'd want your peasants to have as much food and supplies at home as possible, to reduce the panic buying that would inevitably occur at the outbreak of major hostilities, and to prevent them from the need to break curfew or move about in search of food. As long as they have food, they'll stay home, you can make them stay at home. Once they run out of food and start getting hungry, nothing can make them stay at home and just sit there and starve. They will start to move and need to be dealt with. And as Bob Marley sagely noted, "A hungry mob is an angry mob."

Under a phony "pandemic", you could start opening up and preparing those famous FEMA camps for "quarantine", you could practice shutting down borders, "filtering" people, controlling information on the internet and in the media, and you'd have a populace already conditioned to being whipped into a frenzy or terrified into submission at a moment's notice, without the need for any actual evidence or logical reasons. You could even shut down the stock markets and banks, maybe even suspend the elections. Or the Constitution. And you know what? You could do all that, prepare the population and domestic situation for a major war without saying it, or making it obvious, under the excuse of a phony pandemic.

Do you remember the fact that on September 10th, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 Trillion was "missing" from the Pentagon budget? The next day was 9/11, and the wars that were started by that have never stopped. The bullshit national debt number put out by the US government today is $23.4 Trillion, but only an idiot could believe that. The truth is that the real number is about ten times higher than they're telling you. Not twice as high, or four or five or six times as high, but ten times as high,  between $210 Trillion and $230 Trillion.  These are the real, no bullshit numbers. And that puts every American man woman and child, every elderly, every invalid, every baby, on the hook for well over a half million dollars each, money that's already been spent, that they already owe. And what do they have to show for it? Nothing. Like the Pentagon auditor said of the measly $2.3 Trillion, "We know they spent it, we just don't know where it went".  A Trillion is a million million, and a Trillion dollars is about what the US owes China, and if it defaults, there will be a war. Or the US can start a war and then use the war as an excuse to default. One Trillion out of 230 Trillion might not seem significant, but a Trillion here, a Trillion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.

Of course, the biggest holder of worthless paper and unpayable US debt are the US citizens themselves. Unfunded Social Security and Medicaid debt is estimated at $82 Trillion over the next 30 years. (Which is obviously not counted in the bullshit $23 Trillion official number.) That's the money they've been taking out of your paycheck your whole working life, and again, "we know it's gone, we just don't know where it went." But you can bet your life that you won't be seeing it again. And when that debt does comes due, as it must, and probably sooner than later, there will be hell to pay, and hell is all there will be to pay it with. But if all the people who are owed money, who were robbed, if they happen to die from, or at least be distracted, confused, terrorized and repressed by an apocalyptic social breakdown brought on by the Third World War, while the thieves themselves sit out the war in the luxury bunkers they built with their looted Trillions, well, that wouldn't be so bad, for the looters.

The Capitalist Class, the Ruling Class, the Parasite Class has just about sucked the Earth dry. Humanity, the environment, the social web of the human community, the world economy, evolution itself, all are on their last legs, disintegrating before our eyes. And this criminal class would like nothing more than to overturn the table, cry "Havoc", and go into hiding in their billion dollar super bunkers for a few generations while the Earth depopulates, and regenerates if it can. Then, in 100 years or so, they can emerge as if from a chrysalis, reborn as Gods, with all the Earth as their domain and whatever is left of Humanity as slaves to serve them. They've been planning this for quite a while. And I think they're getting ready to pull the trigger. In the next couple of months.

Here's what else I think - I think the current Turkish and Ukrainian provocations in Syria and Donbass are preparations for real major offensives in both places, and are engineered to gauge Russian reactions, to call Russia's bluff, to see whether Russia is willing to risk open warfare, Russian treasure and Russian blood, to defend land and people that are not Russian. I think Ukraine will withdraw from the Minsk II agreement at or before the next scheduled meeting in April, blaming Russia for not allowing Ukraine to totally misinterpret and/or re-negotiate the entire document. I think Ukraine will then request US assistance for military "anti-terror" operations in Donbass, and the 20,000 US troops in Europe for the Euro Defender 2020 operation will be moved into Ukraine to assist and "motivate" the Ukrainian Army in a major offensive against the Donbass Republics. At the same time, Turkey, with NATO backing, will begin an all-out war against Syria and its Lebanese and Iranian allies. This would be an opportune time for Israel to attack Southern Lebanon as well, which would divert Hezbollah assets from reinforcing the Syrian Army, and might allow for Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon for the 30 miles or so from the current border to the long-coveted Litani River. Remember, along with Syria, Iraq and Iran, Lebanon was/is also on General Westley Clark's famous List of Seven Countries.  It's been more than five years, but while the timetable has changed, the targets have not.

If my hypothesis is correct, the US will be able to use proxy troops (Turkish and Ukrainian) to do the hard fighting while maintaining some political distance, but still dealing multiple major political and military blows to Russia. In both Donbass and Syria, Russia would be faced with the dilemma of either abandoning her allies, principles and political standing, or engaging in full scale war on two fronts with two major US/NATO backed military powers, while her main allies, China and Iran are both seriously distracted by biological concerns. 

If Turkey were to use its full military power against the Syrian Army, one on one, it would be a rout. Turkey's combined military strength is about four times that of Syria. The odds are equally stacked in Ukraine's favor against the armed forces of the Donbass Republics. Without Russian support and actual military intervention, the Republics would have little if any chance against the US-backed Ukrainian Army. If Russia uses full force against Turkey in Syria, if a Russian/Turkish military conflict spilled out into the Mediterranian, for example, NATO's Article 5 could be invoked. If Russia uses full force against Ukraine in Donbass while US troops are there, it would be a direct attack on US troops invited into Ukraine by the "legitimate" government, and again Article 5 applies.

So either Russia must face a multi-front war with her allies hobbled if not crippled, against multiple interlocking adversaries, or submissively retreat within its own borders and abandon Donbass and Syria to the depredations of 21st Century fascists, and isolated, sanctioned and alone, await its own day of reckoning. Even with the technological excellence of Russia's new weapons, which are an effective defense against direct attacks on the Russian homeland itself, if Russia retreats from Syria and/or Donbass, she will be effectively neutralized in the arena of world politics. No matter how amazing her weapons are, they are not much use without the will to use them when needed. And if Russia were to fail to use them to enforce their explicit and oft-stated red lines in Syria and Donbass, her enemies would know they had carte blanche to do as they please around the world, save a direct assault on the Russian homeland itself. Crimea and Kaliningrad would soon be in the crosshairs.

As I write, Erdogan has just met with Putin. The infinitely patient Russian President will do well to remember that nothing that Erdogan says or signs has the least bit of veracity. The same can be said for Zelensky, if and when the next Minsk Agreement meetings are held in April. I understand that Putin plays the long game, and his primary goal is to protect Russia, and his strategy is to do so by avoiding war. I believe he strives to follow Sun Tzu's maxim that the most excellent warrior is he who wins without fighting. That is true, and indeed it is possible to win without fighting. But it must never be forgotten that it is also quite possible to lose without fighting. Appeasement did not work with the German nazis, and it will not work with the nazis of the 21st century. As for me and my family, friends and comrades here in Donetsk, we expect the attack to come in April or May, and we are preparing to fight. Putin and Russia should do the same.

Sunday, March 1, 2020


The first thing I want to say is that as I write this, I have a pretty bad cough. But don't worry, you cannot catch it by reading this article. It's not coronavirus, of course, but I am taking the cure anyway. No, wait, not that cure,  this one!

Here are the facts about the coronavirus - According to this live update site, as of 8:00 AM, Feb 29th, 2020, coronavirus has infected 85,234 people, worldwide, of whom 2,924 have died, and 39,550 have already completely recovered. And while no statistics on the virus can be 100% accurate, this site, based on national health ministries and MSM reports, seems as honest and reliable as any. I believe it is a good place from which we can draw some important overall statistical conclusions. One of the most important facts is that of the 85,000+ confirmed cases in the entire world (currently reported in 60 countries) 79,000+ are in China. That's 93%. The other 59 countries account for 7%, between them all.

South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan have reported over 100 cases each, with Hong Kong and Singapore close to 100 each, and most other countries less than 50 cases (cases, NOT fatalities), the majority of which are still in the single digits. The highest concentration of fatal infections have occurred in Asian males in their 70's and 80's who smoked. Of the 2,924 deaths reported worldwide, 2,835 have been in China. That's 97%. According to preliminary studies there is a real connection between ethnicity and gender and susceptibility - over 90% of Asians who are exposed to the virus will catch the disease, (though not necessarily die or even develop symptoms) and around 50% of Europeans and North Americans will.

The infection rate at the Wuhan epicenter is well below 1% of the city's population, and the fatality rate for those infected is running at about 2.7%, with almost 50% of those infected already recovered. If you extrapolate the total infection number even just to the population of China, the infection rate drops to below 1/100th of 1%. That doesn't seem so scary, now, does it?

The 1918 - 1920 Spanish Flu epidemic can be compared to the Coronavirus, at least as far as fatalities per infection rates go. The Spanish Flu killed about 3% of those infected, Coronavirus has a fatality rate of about 2.7%. (NOTE - That's two point seven, NOT twenty seven.)  And while many in the MSM are comparing the potential lethality of the corona virus to the Spanish flu epidemic that killed 50 million people world wide, a 2013 statistical study done by the AIR Worldwide Research and Modeling Group "characterized the historic 1918 pandemic and estimated the effects of a similar pandemic occurring today using the AIR Pandemic Flu Model". In the model, "a modern day 'Spanish flu' event would result in 188,000–337,000 deaths in the United States, approximately 1/10th of 1% of the US population of 330 million. In the USA, cigarette smoking is directly linked to 340,000 deaths annually. Medical mistakes in the USA kill between 220,000 and 400,000 Americans every year. Cigarettes and hospitals are far more dangerous than the coronavirus. In fact, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a bio-engineer with four degrees from M.I.T., makes the point that if the coronavirus statistics from China are applied to the whole world (worst case scenario), air pollution, high blood pressure, vitamin A deficiency and "not eating enough vegetables" will still all have higher annual mortality rates than the coronavirus worst case scenario. (Check out this 5 min vid segment from RT that aired on Feb 28th. It's a good one.)

It should also be noted that the Spanish Flu variant of 1918 - 1920 was in fact an H1N1 virus, like the one that started in the USA in 2009, spread to 214 countries, infected 1.6 million and killed 286,000 people world wide, with a fatality to infection rate of 17%, more than 5 times as deadly as this year's coronavirus. That was barely ten years ago and most people don't even remember it. Do you remember the H5N1 bird flu from 1997? It only infected 81 people but it killed more than half of them. I'm not saying coronavirus isn't bad, but then, I don't have it. But this guy has it, and that's what he's saying... So between him and the Brit who cured it with whiskey, along with what experts are saying and above all, the statistics, I do say don't be like Robert Smith and get "so scared you shiver like a child." Panic is more contagious than any virus, and fear is the enemy. The mortal enemy.

So, if the health impact of the virus itself is not that big of a deal, what is, and why is everybody freaking out?  With panic buying from the UK to New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, to armed gangs stealing toilet paper in Hong Kong, the main points of interest and importance seem to me to be how it's being presented, how people all over the world are reacting, and the economic impact.

To me, this seems a lot like an experiment by the global ruling class and their media disinfo apparatus, an experiment in global social engineering to see just how badly they can confuse and scare people into a Pavlovian panic response with nothing more than bullshit, fearmongering and distortion of facts. The people doing this panic buying are idiots. Not because they are just naturally stupid, (though they may well be) but because they are scared. Fear is THE most debilitating force in the human psyche, and there are a couple of ironclad rules about fear that always apply. One, you cannot be happy if you are afraid. It is impossible. And Two, you cannot be smart (or honorable) if you are panicking. It is impossible. The definition of "panic" is "a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction."

Just look how fucking stupid these people are! Buying (and stealing!) toilet paper in response to a potential but unlikely influenza pandemic. These are just panic reactions, of exactly zero help, which waste energy and resources that might just be needed for something else. How the hell is a stockpile of toilet paper going to help anybody if the new Spanish Flu comes to town? Well, actually, if the global elite can scare the shit out of millions of people around the world just by saying "BOO! It's the boogie man!", maybe toilet paper is exactly what they need. If your rulers can say "Boo!" and you panic, it's exactly the same as them saying "Jump!", and you jump. So don't do it.

Is the coronavirus a biological weapon created and released by the USA and its masters against China's population and economy? I don't know, but I wouldn't doubt it. They probably have the technical ability, and they are certainly evil enough to do so. It could not only be a devastating attack on the Chinese economy, but could also serve as a good fake excuse for the next global depression. It's also a tailor made excuse for more surveillance and control of people, movement and information and even the imposition of martial law. One thing that can be said of the anglo-zionist nazis - if they can create a weapon, they will use it. And they probably do have the technology. The US military has at least 25 bioweapon labs all over the world, including in Ukraine.

One of the best articles I've read on the subject of the coronavirus, by James Corbett of the Corbett Report, is entitled, "Coronavirus: The "Cures" will be Worse Than the Disease". He makes a good point -  "The hype and fear and panic and pandemonium surrounding this (supposed) outbreak is going to be far worse than the disease... And the more the population panics, the more they play into the globalists' hands." Panic is what this is really all about.

So don't panic. Wash your hands, get plenty of sleep, if you get the sniffles, try some whiskey and honey. Eat your vegetables. Like they say over at Zero Hedge, "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." So don't waste your time shivering in fear on top of a stockpile of looted toilet paper. Enjoy life while you're still kicking. Don't be afraid of death, or anything else. I've led a very risky life, most people (including myself) never expected me to make it to eighteen, but I'll be sixty if I make it to my next birthday. And if I don't, that's OK too. I ain't scared. I've had not one, but several, near death experiences, and I've done my share of LSD and DMT, I've seen the other side. It does exist, and it's nice. You'll see. It's what the Lakota Warriors meant with their battle cry, "Hoka Hey!", which means "Today is a good day to die." Live your life, and have a good day!

“So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.  When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”   - Tecumseh

Update - The statistics from the coronavirus live update site mentioned above have changed in the last 24 hours since I started writing this article. As of 9 AM on Sunday, March 1st, 2020, there are now 87,001 total confirmed cases worldwide, that's up 1,767 since yesterday. There are now 2,979 total world wide deaths, up 55 since yesterday, and 42,166 official recoveries, up 2,616 since yesterday.  So, in the last 24 hours, total cases have risen 2.3%, deaths have risen 1.8%, and recoveries have risen 6.2%. Yesterday, 849 more people got better than got sick. It appears the "pandemic" is already in decline. Looks like we'll live. So, let's get busy dealing with the real problems. Davai!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

PS-752 and MH-17 - UPDATE and NEW INFO

Although it already seems like "old news", it was only three weeks ago that Ukrainian Airlines PS-725 was shot down, killing all 176 onboard. The explanation of the events has changed several times, but has generally maintained the story line that Iran was responsible for "the tragic and unintentional accident". But whether it really was an accident remains an open question. With an obvious answer. The usual one... No.

Beyond any doubt, the Iranians had zero motive for shooting down the plane on purpose themselves, but new information has come to light that may well indicate that the Iranians were "spoofed" or duped by technical means into firing on and destroying an innocent civilian plane. But if you know the specifications and capabilities of the TOR M-1 system, the "spoofing" story remains extremely unconvincing.  As noted in my previous article on this subject, the Tor M-1 has a radar for detecting objects, and TV and infrared cameras for targeting and fire control. The radar has a 25 Km range, the cameras have a 20 Km range, and the missiles, 15 Km. If a target cannot be visually seen by the operator, it cannot be hit. Of course, I do understand that IFF transponders and radar return info can be "spoofed", but I have yet to see a credible explanation of how optical and thermal imaging cameras can be manipulated into making an ascending civilian 737 with all lights illuminated appear to be a cruise missile.

Two of the early "explanations" for "accidentally" firing on the airliner (first that the transponder was either not on or malfunctioned, and second that the plane had veered off course towards Tehran or military bases) have now been dispelled. As in proven to be absolutely false. In fact neither of these events occurred until after the airliner had already been fired on, and hit at least once. This video, published by the New York Times, contains extremely important information. This information, if true, shows the radar transponder on and working up until the first missile impact, and that the plane did not veer off course until after the first missile hit. "If true"... Do I trust the New York Times?  Of course not. But the professional liars that write for and edit it, from time to time hoist themselves on their own petard. Their video asserts -

It was the first missile impact that causes the transponder to stop working. So, the transponder was on and working at the time the first missile was aimed and fired, and the plane was on course, along its usual flight path, until the first missile hit.

And it appears from the video that the "sensitive military installations" that the missiles were fired to ostensibly defend, were directly under the regular flight paths of the many international flights leaving Imam Khomeni Airport every day. So, this 737, with its transponder and all lights still on, ascending along its usual flight path, well within the visual range of the TOR's targeting and fire control cameras, is "mistaken for a cruise missile"? This is simply not credible by any stretch of the imagination. Have you ever mistaken a bus for a bicycle? No. Me neither.

Furthermore, the following info and graphic casts serious doubts on the claim that the Tor's communication system was jammed.
(Copyright Babak Taghvaee 2020, reposted under Fair Use Doctrine for news, research, education and commentary.)
The Tor ADA site is clearly a permanent position (based on visible roads, berms and other infrastructure) defending the IRCG's Martyr Tehrani-Moghaddam Ballistic Missile Research Facility.  So, this was no hastily emplaced temporary position, it was a long-term position protecting a very high value static target. It would have had only highly trained and experienced operators, experts, intimately familiar with not only the equipment but the location and the environment. Furthermore, it is standard ADA protocol for each launch site to have at least two means of communication, a primary wire based land line and a secondary radio link. Any long term position would probably have had multiple, redundant landlines, as well as the radio link. Yes, wire landlines can be cut, and yes, they can be hacked into by physical means, but no one has yet explained how to remotely "jam" a wire landline, and  what are the chances of physical compromise happening in a highly secured military base, anyway? Possible, but extremely doubtful.

So, in summary, the mistaken identification story and the communication failure story are still unconvincing and dubious at best. The vast preponderance of the evidence is against them both.

There is also the question of the 9M330 missile nose cone photos. Yes, the world has seen the two photos of what appears to be a nose cone of an 9M330 rocket that was alleged to have been found "near the crash site". It was first published on 9 January, less than 24 hours after the crash. Ashkan Monfared tweeted the image, which he said was taken “by an amateur who had no knowledge of the significance of the story and did not know what he had found”. (Let that sink in for a moment.) Ashkan then wrote: “This is a fragment found at the crash site of a Ukrainian passenger plane that fell in front of a resident's home. Does the airplane look anything like this? Isn't it a rocket?” Ashkan demurely asks. Just a bit too cutely.

Ashkan Monfared is an "Iranian blogger and political activist" and student at De Anza Community College who lives in San Jose, California. That Ashkan would be the one to receive and then publish the photo within 24 hours, from a Tehran resident, " an amateur who had no knowledge of the significance of the story and did not know what he had found", is utter bullshit on multiple levels. Even Elliot Higgins was publicly skeptical. Indeed. This is probably the most important and politically significant photo of 2020 so far, and some community college blogger in California is the first one to obtain it, recognize its significance and share it with the world?  WTF? Is he kidding?!

Not the Iranian police or first responders, not the IRGC, not an Iranian citizen with a verifiable name and address who might have sent it to... I don't know, Press TV maybe (for money) or the local authorities (for patriotism). No, our unnamed, unknown and unlocated "resident" photographer, sent it to a dissident small-time blogger in California. Do you believe that bullshit for even one second? I understand if you do, because there are tens or even hundreds of millions of idiots all over the world who do so unquestioningly. But I am not one of them. And I hope you're not either.

Of course, I must admit, as every wise man must, that I could be wrong. This is, in fact, within the realm of possibility. But if you think so, please allow me to ask one question - IF the photo is legit, if it was found by an anonymous idiot who could not comprehend the significance of what he was seeing, but photographed it anyway and sent the photo halfway around the world to a 3rd rate blogger in California, why haven't we seen any more photos of the nose cone, sitting on a table in the hands of the Iranian military or police or the international investigation committee? Or anywhere else, for that matter? If the anonymous photographer took the photo of it, why the hell didn't he go ahead and pick it up and give it to someone more intelligent than himself? Even the local trash collector would qualify...

And this is the really, really important part - If the Iranians don't have the nose cone in their hands by now, that means whoever took the photos more that two weeks ago, still hasn't given it to them. It means the photos were, and are, fake.  Unique, original, never before published photos of a nose cone of a 9M330 rocket with no geo-location data, that could have been taken anywhere in the world (Ukraine, for example) that were ready and waiting for the tragic "accident" to happen... AHEAD OF TIME. You understand? These photos, just like the Ukrainian SBU's faked "phone intercepts" connected to the downing of MH-17 in 2014, had to be produced ahead of time, with foreknowledge that the planes would be brought down. And the only ones with foreknowledge were the ones who were actually going to do it. THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY DID IT. Do you understand?

Yes, you might say, "But the Iranians have admitted that they did it."  Indeed they have. But as I noted in my previous article on this subject, there may be other reasons why they might say they did it, other than that they actually did. Political expedience can be a strange and confusing thing. Again, the example of MH-17 can be instructive. The people who can understand that the ukrop nazis shot down MH-17 are on the right track, but they aren't digging deep enough. The BUK missile fragment supposedly found on DPR territory in 2018 and linked to MH-17 has been traced to a Ukrainian Army inventory. This seems to confirm the accidental shoot down of MH-17 by a Ukrainian SAM battery.  But that's not what happened. The accidental BUK launch is a provably impossible theory. The physical evidence clearly seen in photographs taken of MH-17 cockpit and wing shows 30 mm bullet holes in the cockpit and bullet graze marks along the top of the wing that are compatible with the projectiles from the 30 mm cannon of a fighter jet and nothing else.

So why would Russia provide a BUK fragment and say it was the missile that shot down MH-17 and traced to Ukrainian inventory when the physical evidence proves it was a ukrop jet that brought it down? Are the Russians lying? Yes, they are. Why? As you may recall, in the days shortly after the downing of MH-17, Russia provided its primary radar data, showing a Ukrainian combat aircraft within 5 Km of MH-17 at the time it was shot down.  They know exactly what happened, as do all the eyewitnesses I interviewed in 2015. But in September 2018, more than 4 years later, Russia provided a BUK fragment that was supposedly found in rebel-controlled territory near the crash site. The BUK fragment had a serial number that was recorded as having been in Ukraine's possession since 1986.  This story contradicts the Ukrainian fighter jet theory (that was and is backed up by radar and physical evidence) that the Russians had previously published. Why would the Russians lie? They still hold Ukraine responsible, but provide clearly fake evidence. Why? If Ukraine did it, (and they did) what's the difference whether it was a fighter jet or a BUK?  If it was a fighter jet (or jets), then it was no accident, but a BUK can be used to float the "accidental launch" excuse, which changes the cold-blooded and intentional premeditated mass murder into the much more palatable "tragic accident". Are you beginning to see?

When Trump claimed the Iranian missile response to the murder of Quassim Soleimani resulted in "No Americans" being injured or killed, he was lying through his teeth while telling the technical truth, and fooling millions of American idiots in the process. Because most Americans, unless they are veterans of the US military (like me) don't know about Green Card Soldiers. The dirty secret of the true cannon fodder, even more expendable than the regular US soldiers. These disposable soldiers are foreign immigrants who are paid bonuses and promised citizenship for serving in the US military, much as the French Foreign Legion does. But these non-US citizens, serving in the US military, are always sent to the most dangerous positions and situations, the suicide missions, where scumbag politicians like Bush, Obama and Trump can use weasel words to say "No American soldiers were killed", while still lying to the US public about the Iranian missiles not causing any casualties. The Green Card Soldiers have been an open secret for decades.

On the geopolitical chessboard, ordinary human beings can be, and are, slaughtered in the hundreds, sacrificed like so many pawns. Both, or rather, all sides know this and accept it, and they deal with it in whatever manner they deem will help them best achieve their own objectives. The truth and morality have little or nothing to do with it. So, yes, Russia is in fact lying about the BUK and MH-17, and lying to protect their enemy, the mass murdering war criminals in Ukraine, and their US masters. And yes, the Iranians are lying too, about the destruction of PS-752 being an accident. Why exactly they are doing so remains unclear, but the "accidental launch" theory is false, beyond any reasonable doubt. People need to understand this, and keep seeking the truth. Because while there may sometimes be a good reason for telling a lie, there is never a good reason for believing one.

The bottom line in both these cases is that the Russians and Iranians have almost certainly been complicit in the cover ups of the murders of hundreds of innocent civilians in just these two aviation disasters alone. The true score is incalculable. But what can be known and what is known, is who the criminal perpetrators are, who the real terrorists and mass murderers are. The usual. And if it seems distasteful for Russia or Iran to be complicit in the cover ups, remember this - they are doing the best they can against a truly satanic foe, who has no morals or mercy, who is literally willing to destroy the world if they are unable to enslave it. So the diplomatic concessions that are made may have allowed the murders of hundreds to go unrevealed and unpunished, but by doing so, may have literally saved millions of lives, including some of the readers of this article.

Once you understand the historic trajectory, the true battle lines and the true adversaries in this global and existential battle for the future of Humanity, the actual details are no longer necessary to know. You know who are the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. How they act and what they are capable of. This is a war between Humanity and those who want to rule the world and exterminate whatever portion of Humanity they do not find useful as slaves or biological resources. There can not be and never will be any kind of peace or truce, with these voracious and implacable cannibals, only victory or death, absolutely, total victory for one side, and annihilation for the other. The actions of each and every one of us will determine which side wins and which side will be permanently erased from the Earth. It will be one side or the other. Choose your side and do your part. Davai!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Truth about PS-752

There remain a lot of unanswered questions and implausible explanations in the story of the Ukrainian airliner shot down near Tehran on January 8th, 2020. And while the Iranians have publicly and officially taken responsibility, there may be other reasons for them taking responsibility besides their actually having done it. I can think of several, and I will propose a few. But one thing I am certain of, with good reason - the "accident" story is bullshit, no matter who is telling it, and no matter why. They may have a good reason for telling it, but it's a lie. There may be a good reason for telling it, but there's no good reason for believing it, at all.

The first thing to understand about the SA-15 system is that it DOES have an IFF interrogator built into its radar system. The interrogator sends out a pulse that detects and interprets the IFF civilian airliner transponder signal automatically, every few seconds. Boeing 737 aircraft are equipped with two IFF transponders, which are set and activated prior to take off. Planes can be allowed to take off with only one operational transponder, and it is possible that the single transponder can fail or a pilot (and co-pilot, and even ATC) can forget to make sure it's on before take off. My friend, a professional airline pilot, explains that if the plane is preparing for take off and the ATC does not see the transponder on his radar screen, he will remind the pilot, who will turn it on before take off. My friend has also told me that it does happen that the pilot, co-pilot and ATC can and sometimes do all forget and/or fail to notice the transponder is not on before take off. So, it could be possible for a plane to take off without an IFF transponder operating. On a flight across several international borders, into combat skies, where the IFF would be THE most important single safety system on the plane on this flight. Even flight PS-752.

Yes, it would be possible that they all overlooked it, except for one thing - we KNOW that they did not. That the flight was recorded on FLIGHTRADAR24.COM, proves that the transponder was on and working. The transponder was on and working, and the SA-15 radar, would have seen the unique flight info code for the regularly scheduled civilian flight on the radar screen, as would  all ADA radars and all other civilian and military radars within range. 

Even without an IFF transponder response, the SA-15/TOR M-1 radar provides the following data - location, bearing, speed and size (amplitude). That means, even if there was no IFF signal, (though, again, we KNOW there was) just from the radar blip on the screen, the operator gets location, bearing, speed and size, stating the object is going 180 degrees away from Aria military airbase, 90 degrees away from Tehran, (PS-752 did not turn right until after the first missile hit) going about half the speed of a Tomahawk cruise missile (275 knots vs 480 knots) and the amplitude of its return radar signal is exactly that of the profile of a Boeing 737, many times bigger and different from that of a cruise missile or enemy military aircraft of any kind.

Besides the integrated IFF interrogator, and the K-band Doppler radar, the SA-15 has another detection/ID/targeting system -  an automatic all weather day/night NV/IR Electro Optical Targeting System (EOTS) used for target engagement and fire control, with a range of 20 Km. The 9M330 series of rockets have a max range of 15 Km, so if they could hit it, they could see it. And what they see on an EOTS screen is something EXACTLY like this. Seriously, just watch this. This is all you need to see, in order to know that the "accidental launch" story is a lie. Even if the IFF interrogator didn't work, the radar return profile would have told 100% it was a 737 and nothing else. If the radar didn't work, the EOTS cameras, with a single glance, would have shown a 737, and not a cruise missile or F-35. And if all the above did not work, it would not have been possible to launch not one but two missiles, from the SA-15/TOR M-1 system and hit the plane.

Even with the naked eye, from 12 Km, any competent person could tell PS-752 was a civilian flight, or at least, showing civilian running lights... There are 7 lights illuminated at all times on the 737 when it is in flight, including 2 red and green navigation lights, 2 white strobe lights on the wingtips, and 2 orange anti-collision lights on the top and bottom of the fuselage. In addition, two white runway turn off lights, facing forward at 45 degrees from the nose of the plane, a white taxi light under the nose, and four forward facing wing mounted extremely bright and high powered landing lights. There are also 2 logo lights that illuminate the airline's logo on both sides of the vertical tail. NOTE - It is standard operating procedure for 737 pilots to use the runway turn off, taxi, logo and landing lights during take off, and to leave them on until they are above 10,000 feet. So, PS-752 had 15 different lights, steady and strobe, some very high power, and all illuminated when it was hit at 8,000 feet. It could have been identified by the naked eye as a civilian plane, even from a dozen Km away.
So, what am I saying here? I am saying this exactly - whatever happened, and whoever is responsible, and for whatever reason, the "accident" story is a lie. And whoever tells it, whoever they may be, is lying. For whatever reason. And you know, I know, from long years of experience, that the most common reason you lie, or I lie, or anybody else lies, is because either we have done something wrong, or we are trying to trick somebody. Not always, but almost always. What other reason could there be? What could the righteous reasons be for telling a lie to your nation, and to the world? There may well be some. Or not.

On the other hand, it may be that US/NATO/MOSSAD/ISIS/UKROPS shot down the plane in a false flag op to further inflame world opinion against Iran. Expecting Iran to deny their involvement, a powerful, emotional and ongoing good guy/bad guy drama could be created and exploited. By Iran's acceptance of responsibility, it shuts off the propaganda narrative before it gets started. Whether they actually did it or not, by taking responsibility, it becomes moot and the subject is closed. A smart move.  How could US/NATO/MOSSAD/ISIS/UKROPS shoot down PS-752 in Iran? 


The first questions are always, as they always must be, who had the motive, the weapon and the opportunity? Motive? Whoever wants war, who wants to throw more obstacles to peace into the mix, who has promoted war in the Middle East AND in Ukraine, and manipulated, blackmailed and bribed the US into doing it's dirty work for more than half a century. The ones to benefit from continued conflict between the US and Iran, AND Ukraine and Russia. (As I write Ukraine government is blaming Russia for the shoot down.) Can you imagine who that might be? Perhaps those whose motto is "By deception, you shall do war." Well, Shazam! Just imagine! They ever do anything like that before? Maybe ask the sailors on the USS Liberty, or those dudes who were dancing on 9/11, or "Lucky" Larry Silverstein, or Ukrainian/Israeli billionaire Igor Kolomoisky,  or Waltzman and Nudelman, and the Maidan snipers or their victims, or perhaps the passengers of MH-17. Or JFK or RFK or MLK. Who has the motive for war? Who values profit, filthy lucre, above human life, truth and justice? Can you guess?


Israel and the CIA both have powerful subversive terrorist organizations operating inside Iran. These encompass military, propaganda, economic, espionage and sabotage activities, which have been ongoing for years. Foremost among them is MEK, but there are others, including ISIS and Al Qaida sleeper cells.


The airliner had just taken off, it was flying low and slow, just a few Km's from the airport, near the town of Parand, but mostly over empty desert. The speed was 316 MPH at an altitude of just under 8,000 feet. This is well within the engagement range of most modern MANPADS, (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) such as the Russian Igla-S, the Polish Grom and the British Starstreak, as well as not so modern, but still available and effective, Russian Strela-3 and US Stinger. Flight PS-752 was well within the range of any of these man portable weapons, and Ukraine, ISIS and Al Qaida have all had access to, and used US Stingers and Russian Igla and Strela systems.

BUT... While getting MANPADS into Iran might not be easy, it is certainly within the ability of Mossad, the CIA or SBU. All of them have experience in false flag mass murder and are fully capable of murdering hundreds of innocent people for political goals. And so are the killers among their ISIS and MEK stooges. So when you cut out all the bullshit of all the impossible theories, when you go by past experience and add your grain of salt to info provided by known liars and criminals, when you examine who had plan, motive, opportunity, weapon and experience, who had done it before and had no compunction about doing it again, when you ask yourself "Cui bono", who would possibly benefit from preventing or at least complicating and diminishing chances for peace in the Middle East, and between Ukraine and Russia, you start to see a pattern, and a theory starts to come to mind that's not bullshit, that makes sense, is believable and explains all the evidence and loose ends that can't be explained any other way. And there you have the answer. And, you know, you knew it all along, didn't you?

I recently read a theory from a wise Суть времени (Essence of Time) comrade of mine. It was not what I wanted to hear or even contemplate, but it is possible, so must be considered before it can be dismissed. Consider this - Iranian elites may have made a deal to submit to U.S. pressure and hegemony, and betray Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and above all, their own country. However Shaheed Soleimani and the IRGC would have never agreed to this. Thus the murder of Qasim, and the attack on the reputation and the honor of the IRGC,  by framing them for incompetence. Is this the deal? I don't know. Man, I hope not. But we will see. 

If so, it's a classic example of gaslighting. How can you tell the truth if everybody's lying? That almost 200 people were mass murdered is a huge crime and a tragedy, but the attack on reality, and people's ability to discern it, is far worse. In other words, complete bullshit. We know it happened. Will we ever really know who did it and why? I doubt it. But we know it was no accident. And we know both sides are lying about it.

But it is possible for us to know what will happen next. Pay no attention to what they say. It is clear that everyone is lying. Just watch and see what they do. We have seen the death of Shaheed Quaseem Soleimani, we know that's real, and I felt it, and feel it, as much as I do the death of Alexander Zakharchenko. The Iraqi PMU's who lost Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis, the SAA and all Shia, and all good people around the world have yet to have their say about the murders of Brothers Mahdi and Quaseem and their companions. But I'm sure they will, and when they do, I believe they will speak the truth. By their actions. As we all do, every day.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


That Donald Trump has started another Middle Eastern war is almost a certainty. If he hasn't, he's tried his best, and he's not done trying yet. That it will be bigger than all the other wars combined, when it happens, is obvious. That this could easily lead to a world war is indisputable.  That the Third World War will lead to the end of most life on Earth is a foregone conclusion. That it will be Donald Trump, the pompous and semi-illiterate buffoon who ends it, is the most bitter irony.

Sayeed Hassan Nasrallah, probably the most Holy man alive on Earth today, spoke truth when he said a few days ago, "The shoe of Shaheed Quassem Soleimani is worth more than the heads of Trump, all his cabinet and chiefs of staff." If anything, this was an understatement. As Sayeed Hassan is to Holiness, as Shaheed Quassem is to courage and dedication, so Trump and his minions are to stupidity, hubris, avarice, incompetence, vanity, abject hypocrisy and cowardice - that is to say, without equal on all the Earth. This "monkey with a hand grenade" has now finally pulled the pin and let it drop. It only remains to be seen whether the ensuing conflagration will only destroy the nation that he swore to protect and preserve, or whether this criminal idiot and his masters and lackeys will take the whole world with them. But what is beyond any doubt is that Trump will go down in history as the President who destroyed the United States of America. And perhaps the world.

Some informed reactions to Trump's illegal and imbecilic murder of Shaheed Soleimani and his companions - 

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov -  "These illegal methods of force flagrantly violate the principles of international law and deserve condemnation."

UK PM Boris Johnson - "Fuck!"

Scott Ritter - (One of the USA's greatest diplomats and geopolitical experts, who told everybody there were no WMD's in Iraq in 2003) - "An absolute, unmitigated disaster, the scale of which they are unable to comprehend...This is going to be a long, drawn out strategic defeat of the US in the Middle East. A defeat of enormous proportions, the least thought-out military action undertaken by an American President in modern history."

George Galloway - the UK's greatest statesman, (who also told everybody there were no Iraq WMD's, and that the invasion was a war crime) - "This was worse than a crime, it was a blunder of incalculable proportions. American citizens everywhere are in much greater danger today than they were yesterday." Galloway went on to predict Bahrain would be the first (of many) places of retaliation by Iran.

On Friday morning, only a few hours after the strike the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards reported that Washington had asked Tehran to respond "in proportion" after the US murder of General Qassem Suleimani and his companions. The Americans “resorted to diplomatic measures", Rear-Admiral Ali Fadavi said on Iranian state television Friday night. "They even said that if you want to get revenge, get revenge in proportion to what we did”, as quoted on the broadcaster’s website. In other words, after their monumental blunder, Trump and his minions offered up the lives of  US troops as sacrifice for their own incredibly stupid and evil mistake. 

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in separate television interview on Friday night that “Switzerland’s envoy transmitted a foolish message from the Americans this morning”. Fadavi, meanwhile, said the United States "was not in a position to determine Iran’s response."  Indeed.

Although, if Trump, Pence, Pelosi, Pompeo, Bolton and Lindsey Graham all fly into Baghdad International Airport openly, aboard a regular commercial flight, as Quassem Soleimani fearlessly did, the Iranians (and Iraqis) might just be willing to "respond proportionally". And if the above mentioned scum do not do so, then their offer of "proportional response" was just an offer for the Iranians (and the Iraqis, and all Shia Muslims around the world) to kill as many US cannon fodder pawns (military personnel) as they decide will equal Hadji Soleimani. Which, of course, would be all of them still in the Middle East as of today..

Speaking of "proportions", Sayeed Hassan Nasrallah said, "The shoe of Shaheed Quassem Soleimani is worth more than the head of Donald Trump." (And I wholeheartedly agree.) Stressing that there is no US political or military figure equivalent to General Qassem Suleimani in terms of stature; Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said the price of his blood must be the expulsion of  all US forces from the region.  Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed, meanwhile, that fair punishment of General Suleimani killers means that US forces, warships and bases must pay the price. And Sayeed Hassan specifically decreed that American civilians should NOT be targeted in any way.

Here are his exact words -

"We must all work to enact the right price for this blood that was shed. What is the right price? I will be very clear... We read that the fair price must consist in the assassination of a personality of the same importance and value as Qassem Soleimani. Who could it be? The Chief of Staff of the American Army? The US Defense Secretary? Intermediate commanders? In reality, there is no personality whose value is comparable to that of Qassem Soleimani or Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. No one comes close to them. Qassem Soleimani’s shoe is worth more than the head of Trump and his entire administration and Chiefs of Staff! 

There is no equivalent to Qassem Soleimani or Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis so that one could decide to do justice by killing them, thus obtaining revenge. Never. The fair retribution, the fair price of his blood is this, frankly and clearly: the American military presence in the region. The American military presence in our region must end. I’m talking about all the American military bases…I am talking about targeting all American military bases, American military ships, and all American officers and soldiers who are in our region, in our countries and on our lands. It’s the US military that killed these martyrs, and they will pay the price. This is the equation.…

Of course, we are not talking about the American people. And I want to be very clear about this. We are not going to target the American people, the American citizens. All over our region, we find American citizens: traders, media employees and journalists, companies, engineers, doctors, etc. I’m not talking about fighting them, fighting them is forbidden to us. More than that, I tell you that attacking American civilians and citizens, anywhere, serves Trump’s purpose. This would serve Trump’s purpose, as he could then more rightly speak about terrorism. The battle, the confrontation and the equal retaliation concern those who carried out these assassinations, namely the American army, which is entirely in the arena of the battle, the natural and legitimate response, the just reaction against criminals, murderers and occupiers: they are fair game everywhere in the Middle East.

This is what I think is the equal retaliation, and I take personal responsibility for my words. Some may say that I am exaggerating, but that is not at all the case: I consider the situation in its right proportions. These are its true proportions. If we allow the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi and their companions to go unpunished , then I assure you that this will only be the beginning, the dangerous beginning, against all the Resistance movements and all their leaders, all the States and entities of the Resistance, the Axis of Resistance, the Palestinian cause and the cause of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). After that, the region would be subjected to a huge American and Israeli aggression.
If we let it go unanswered, whatever we do next, all that is dearest to us in this world will be lost. Can I be clearer than that? Can we accept that our blood, our dignity, our countries, our choices and our people be spilled and squandered (with impunity) and that our holy places be (definitively) given away to the Zionists… We will never accept it. If some are willing to accept it, that’s their problem. We are neither angered nor afraid, but we consider that this is a chance to get rid of the US occupation and hegemony.”  These are the words of Hassan Nasrallah. He stakes his life on them. He NEVER lies.

As I write this article, Trump has doubled down on his idiocy. In fact, it is becoming clear that "idiocy" is no longer the appropriate word for Trump's words and actions. He is clearly so divorced from reality that the only word that applies to him now is "insanity".  On Sunday, in response to the Iraqi parliament's decision to expel all foreign troops, Trump stated, "We have an expensive air base there... It cost billions of dollars to build. We're not leaving until they pay us for it."  Trump must truly be insane if he even pretends to think that Iraq will pay the the country that has raped, pillaged and destroyed it a single penny more, for an airbase used by US military, that was built with money looted from Iraq itself to begin with.

Six months ago, when Trump was threatening Iran with war, a reporter asked him if there was a war, what his exit strategy  would be - Trump the jabbering lunatic stated, (much to the amusement and outright laughter of his assembled lickspittles)  "I don't need exit strategies." Apparently, this delusional psychopath doesn't need any strategies at all. Or perhaps he simply doesn't comprehend the concept of thinking beyond the arrival of his next Happy Meal.

If this idiot were jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, that would be one thing, but you must understand, he's jumping out and taking the whole USA and perhaps the whole world with him. And he's too stupid or insane to even understand what he's doing. And how about you? Is this is the best "leader" the USA could come up with? You follow him now, not at your peril, but to your assured destruction.

Trump The Revelator makes even the fool and war criminal scumbag George W. Bush seem moderate and pragmatic now. This monkey with a hand grenade is literally toying with the future of life on Earth. There has never been a more dangerous time for the future of all Humanity in all of recorded history.  This is how world wars are started. This is what Armageddon looks like. And sadly, tragically, Trump and most "Americans" are too stupid and cowardly to see it. You have sown the wind. Prepare to reap the whirlwind.

The red flag that was raised above the Jamkaran mosque in the Iranian holy city of Qum, symbolizes the moral and religious duty of revenge, or more aptly, of JUSTICE. The obligation, an oath before God, to see justice done, though the heavens may fall.  This blood red flag will not be lowered until justice for the killing of Sulejmani has been served. There will be a counter-strike, as certain as the sunrise. As certain, but certainly more just and measured, than the response would have been if Iran has attacked the US the way the US themselves have attacked Iran, Iraq, and all of Islam. It will not be against civilians, innocent or otherwise, it will be against soldiers and their masters. And when it comes, the crazed idiot Trump and all US citizens will have a choice, whether to accept the just retribution and live with it, or open the gates of Hell and and see the Four Horsemen ride out. 

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get everything we deserve.