Thursday, September 28, 2017

UPDATE - 9/29/17

September has been a long month - My old friend and comrade, "Alfonzo" got wounded by a mine. Broken leg, lost some meat, but will be OK and back to normal in 6 or 8 months.
Another old friend, "Abdullah" was not so lucky. He lost both legs above the knee. His road to recovery will be much longer and tougher, but he will make it, and we will be with him every step of the way, which does include getting him a couple of state of the art bionic legs, like the ones we got for Grom and Sheeba.

      Abdullah and Alfonzo, international volunteers, real life Heroes, and two of my best friends here.

Lyudmila and I had our church wedding on September 22nd. A small affair, but some important people attended. It made the news in Russia and in Ukraine. Thanks to all who sent well wishes, it is an honor that we have so many friends, and it is good to know who they are.

                                     Ruslan and Lyudmila get married... Pushkin would be proud!
    Our friend Alexander Sladkov made a vid about Abdullah, Alfonzo and our wedding.

Human Aid continues - Lucy is here from Donbass Human Aid, we have a few projects lined up while she is here. Yesterday, we took shoes and new winter clothes to 50 kids at the Kievsky District orphanage, and we have some more projects lined up for the next week or two.

We will continue to work with DHA to help kids and pensioners in Donbass, but my main focus will be to help Alfonzo and Abdullah. Both are real soldiers and real heroes, and two of my best and oldest friends here.

Our friend and comrade Donbass Rose is headed back to Europe after several months here - She has made some of the best videos to ever come out of Donbass, she's a REAL Info Warrior, and I am really proud to have worked with her, and look forward to doing more with her in the future. Be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel.

My book, "Lucky Man" is still on schedule for publication around the end of October. At least in English and E-book form. In spite of the fact that pro-ukrop nazi trolls (along with the help of  BBC and Houston Chronicle yellow journalism hacks) succeeded in pressuring Indie Go Go to shut down my book fund-raiser and return the almost $7,000 that had been contributed, I am working with a couple of expert editors and the book WILL be published, more or less on schedule. Paperback, audio book, and translations into Russian and Spanish are planned in the near future. If you donated to the original campaign, got a refund, and would like to re-donate to support free speech, the truth and to stick it to the 21st Century nazi book-burners, please send me an email at:
and I will tell you about alternate methods to support this project.

The war continues - info, economic and military.  The ukrops continue to try to shut me up. Money remains tight, but there will be enough to help my Brothers in Arms. I'll be back at the Front soon, with real soldiers, and when we get fired on, we'll be shooting back. And more videos coming soon!