Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Green Party Betrayal - "Peaceful Revolution" Is Now Impossible

Not just peaceful revolution, but even the hope of peaceful progress in any meaningful way is now impossible...

Here is yet another example that proves the truth that only fools vote in the USA in the 21st century. 

Even the Green Party primary is rigged. Just like the goddamned Republicans and the goddamned Democrats, the goddamned Green Party, the so-called "alternative, progressive party" has been manipulated by party hacks and their masters to fit their own personal agendas, not for the greater good or even what would be best for their parties' chances of victory. And none of these parties has put forth a candidate worth a shit. Nor will they ever.

Trump is Trump, and only a total chump would trust him or vote for him. Even if he's not a totally corrupt stalking horse and puppet of the same oligarchs (like himself) that his boot-licking minions credulously believe he opposes, these same sycophants can not point to one single actual accomplishment in 4 years of Trump presidency. All they can do is mouth platitudes about how Trump "tried" to do this or "tried" to do that. And failed in epic fashion, every single time. Whether Trump is intentionally or through incompetence and cowardice a total failure, a total failure is all his Presidency has been, and only a total idiot cannot see that by now.

As for Biden, my stomach churns and my mind reels at the thought of his presidency, and much, much more so at the thought that there can be human beings anywhere deluded enough to wish to make it so. A senile degenerate, corrupt to the very nucleus of his every atom, it would be hard to imagine a worse candidate alive in the world today. Hillary Clinton, Juan Guaido, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Obama or George W, these might qualify, but barely. Actually, come to think of it, Dick Cheney would probably be worse. (But how is he even still alive? Actually, I can guess.) As stupid as anyone would have to be to vote for Trump , anyone who would vote for Biden can only be described as criminally insane. Biden is a greasy, evil pervert, who openly brags of his crimes and corruption. Come to think of it, even goddamned Cheney has more decorum. Or at least, discretion...

The shame that every decent American must feel at being represented to the world by a pompous buffoon like Trump could only be magnified a thousandfold were Biden The Pimp to become the symbol and master of the failing empire known as the USA. So, clearly, among the major parties, US citizens have a choice between two seeping bags of shit that no decent person would want in their homes or anywhere near themselves or their children, much less running their country. Which brings us to the goddamned Green Party...

I have been an independent party candidate myself on two occasions, and in fact, in my entire voting career (from 1984 through 2000) voted only for independent candidates, and I learned some hard, useful and illuminating lessons by doing so. And what I sadly learned in the end, after two decades of active and serious involvement in independent party politics, is that there is truly not a single independent political party in the USA that is worth a fuck, that the people who work and vote for independent political parties in the USA just like I used to, are every bit as naive and misguided as any goddamned Democrat or Republican, and exploited by the same scum. Not the same "kind of" scum, the exact same scum. 

The goddamned Green Party is obviously no exception. The same parasite vermin who own and control the Republican and Democratic Parties own and control the Green Party too. Along with the lickspittle venal little lackeys who direct it. And who have proven it today.

The rigging of the GP presidential primary, is not just a tragic farce, abject failure and total betrayal, it is literally a crime against Humanity. As Cynthia McKinney recently noted, "What a shame that the Green Party would not choose the USA First by not allowing Jesse Ventura to win its nomination in a late entry to the race. The future of the Party and the USA hangs in the balance." And indeed it does. And this cynical betrayal and manipulation by the GP directors sounds the death knell for the future of both. 

The accomplishments and principles of Jesse Ventura are popular, obvious and well known. More importantly, they are honest, intelligent and genuinely progressive. That he would be the best candidate for the GP or any independent party is clearly beyond question. He is the only potential candidate who has ever actually won anything, and his victory in Minnesota was arguably the last real victory for progressive politics in America. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are too old. Progressive America's chance to elect them has come and gone. Jesse Ventura was literally their last hope, and because of their stupidity, cowardice, laziness and apathy, along with the groveling, self-serving and corrupt machinations of the GP directors, that too has now passed un-availed. 

The poseurs, hacks and weasels that control the Green Party have manipulated the primary and appointed their own execrable choice, a perennial loser and total non-entity who calls himself "Howie" Hawkins, a man George Galloway (who himself knows a bit about independent politics) recently described as "unworthy", "incompetent" and "as dull as dishwater". And from what I have seen of "Howie" so far, I can only say that Galloway's description was quite diplomatic, if not overly generous indeed. Furthermore, Howie's mealy-mouthed equivocation on such serious and vital issues as Syria, Russia, and the persecution of Julian Assange are worthy only of contempt. His other platforms for economic and political reform are laughably impotent and improbable, simply feel-good rhetoric for the gullible and easily manipulated pseudo-Left, as consequential as a fart in a hurricane. And finally, what kind of grown man calls himself, or allows others to call him, "Howie"? It is impossible to take someone like that seriously. 

His official website is eminently unimpressive, and his Youtube channel is so pathetic that he dare not even show how many subscribers it has, or rather, doesn't have.  Of the 46 videos on the channel of this Presidential candidate, the highest view count is less than 7,000, and the vast majority of his videos have less than 1,000. Like I said, pathetic. See for yourself...

From his failed Ivy League education, to his 100% failure rate in electoral politics, (including his stunning defeat by another independent candidate in his run for mayor of Syracuse, NY in 2017) to his obviously phony Southern accent, Howie is a caricature so overwhelmingly vapid and ersatz that one has to wonder if he has not been secretly groomed as fake opposition by the Parasite Class for just such a moment as we see now.  At any rate, that the "leadership" of the GP could endorse such an uninspiring loser, much less manipulate the primary in order to ensure his selection, is all you need to know. The Green Party is dead. It is pseudo-populist artificial opposition, just more simulacra for suckers, like Trump or Bernie, like Greenpeace or BLM or goddamned Bono's "ONE Foundation". And only a fool would fall for it, and only a fuckin' fool would vote for it. Or vote for any candidate in the USA. 

If Jesse Ventura had been the GP candidate, he would have certainly been worth voting for, and he might just have won, but Howie Hawkins, the now official Green Party candidate for President of the United Sataes of America, this nutless wonder, this Casper Milquetoast punkass wimpy bitch, has zero chance and is an insult and disgrace to all who held hope for a peaceful transition through electoral politics. And the scum who control the Green Party, who engineered this debacle, (including my old friend and comrade Kevin Zeese) should be held accountable for this malignant treachery, and made to pay the price for it. If there is time and opportunity, they should be excised from the body politic like the cancer that they are. By any means necessary.

Voting in the USA is a tragic exercise in self-deception, a sordid, pathetic circle jerk of political masturbation, which may feel good for a moment, but is a total and shameful waste of time and resources, which accomplishes nothing except to perpetuate not the fantasy, but the goddamned evil lie that there is any actual use in voting or any actual democracy in the USA in the 21st century. 

The elections are rigged in every way in which they can be rigged, any anyone that participates in them is a fool or a liar, or both, and betrays not only themselves and their country, but their children, their Humanity and their future. Period. The time to change things by voting is over, has been for at least 20 years. You "Americans" pissed away your chance for peaceful change long ago, and now if you want to save yourself, your country and your future, you must face and accomplish the inevitable consequence that John Kennedy warned of. You will have to fight for them as if your life depended upon it, which it does. Get to work, this is your last chance. You decide how you will deal with this reality. ON YOUR FEET OR ON YOUR KNEES. NOW!