Saturday, December 10, 2016

Harmony Kindergarten Window Project

Harmony Kindergarten has been closed for 2 years after ukrop artillery targeted the school in Summer 2014. The school was again hit, this time with Grad rockets, in the early Spring of 2015. 150 windows were shattered by the bombs, and the school cannot be re-opened until all windows are replaced. The school lies just a few meters inside the zone still considered vulnerable to artillery attack, and because of this, the DPR administration has not funded repairs. So Суть Времени and Donbass Human Aid, Delacour Pianos and several other friends from the West, together pitched in over $1,300, and delivered and installed the first 47 windows.

Everyone who gave enough for at least 1 window (about $40) got their name and flag on the window(s) they donated. So, when the kids finally return to school, they will be able to see the names and countries of the good people all over the world who care about them and pitched in to help. So far, most windows have US flags, but there are also flags from England, Ireland, Sweden and Israel. THANKS to all who donated!

This is an ongoing project. We have completed about 30%, but still need about $3,000 for the other 100 windows that need to be replaced. Get your name on a window of a kindergarten in Donetsk! $40 buys a window. You can remain anonymous, and you can donate more than one window. 100% of donations to this project go to buying more windows for the school. If you'd like to be a part of this project and help 200 kids go back to school, you can find information on how to donate here.