Monday, June 5, 2017


I was recently asked the following questions by a Russian journalist -

#1)  In view of US military deployment to Latvia in Operation Sabre Strike, and joint US/Ukraine military exercises in July, and strengthening military presence of NATO at borders with Russia, is it reasonable to think NATO is preparing for war?

#2)   The Russian research center "Levada Center" recently conducted a survey among residents of Russia which results have shown that citizens of Russia consider the main enemies of their country to be the USA, Ukraine and Germany. Do you think Russians really consider the USA their enemies? And do Americans feel that way about Russians? Can Americans distinguish between Russians and Ukrainians?

Here's the English version of my answer -


Yes, I think the people who control the governments in the USA, NATO and EU are preparing for war with Russia. By their actions, it is clear they are trying to rule the world, just as Hitler, Napoleon and Genghis Khan tried to do. The Russian people stopped them all before, so the nazis of the 21st Century know they must defeat Russia if they want to rule the world. The historical mission of the great Russian People has been to prevent any one nation from subjugating the world, and we will do it again if we must.

"American Century" and "Uni-polar world" are simply code words for a wish and intent to enslave and exploit the entire world by a small ruling class who use western governments and armies as their tools for world domination. And it is Russia again that stands in their way. And they are already waging war against us - economic, political, cultural and military.

The actions of the US government since the fall of the USSR have shown absolute disregard for international law, national sovereignty, honesty, morality and common decency. The invasion and aggressive wars against nations like Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and Syria based upon questionable or provably false pretexts show this without a doubt. Beyond being unjustified wars based upon hypocritical claims of "humanitarian intervention" and "right to protect", these wars of aggression have left only carnage, suffering and chaos in their wakes. They have increased human suffering and made the world a much more dangerous place. NATO and western powers are a danger and implacable enemy to not only Russia, but to the future of Humanity.

The encroachment of NATO eastward is an obvious and genuine threat to Russia. NATO is a military organization, comprised of nations who through their actions have proven themselves to be genuine enemies of the Russian Federation, its people and its allies. And NATO is literally on the border of the RF today. To pretend otherwise is to refuse reality.

Russia is, and should be, on a defensive war footing. The people who rule NATO will strike Russia if and when they feel they have enough military advantage to prevail over Russian defenses. This can never be allowed to happen. Russia spends 1/10th what the USA alone spends on defense, but through superior technology and military doctrine, we are capable of defending our nation and our interests. We must remain strong and ready, as long as the threat exists. And right now, it does exist.

The Russian people quite correctly see the US, German and Ukrainian governments as enemies. They are. These governments do not represent the wills of their respective peoples, but the people of these countries are either too stupid or too cowardly, or both, to demand truly honest and representative governors. So they now have genuinely fascist rulers who have waged wars of aggression around the world for decades.
Most people in the USA could not find Ukraine on a map, but are willing to wage economic, political, cultural and even military war against Russia because of some misconceived notion of human rights or national sovereignty there. They are frightened and grossly misinformed about almost every issue, thanks to lies from a criminal government and absolutely corrupt media. The people of the USA do not want war, but are powerless to change or even influence their government's policies. Because they do not try  hard enough.
Germany under Merkel, and long before, has been nothing more than an obedient servant of the US masters, who use Germany and NATO as a mafia Don uses his hitmen. Through political and economic coercion, Germany forces other EU nations to support policies which are not only criminal and dangerous, by literally go against the best interests of the EU and its citizens.
Ukraine, whose legitimate government was overthrown in a violent coup, is now a Western colony, run by criminal puppets who have betrayed not only their best ally and their own citizens, but have betrayed history itself. Ukraine is a textbook example of what awaits nations who capitulate to, or are forced under, western hegemony. Declining life expectancy, birth rates, mass emigration, and a decline in every measurable quality of life. Is it not the same in every nation the West has "liberated" in the last 25 years? Is it not also true today of life in the EU and even in the USA?

Russia is rising, and the West is in decline.  Russia promotes, and indeed defends, a multi-polar world in which international law is respected, and justice and human life are protected and enhanced. Those who work for a more just, secure and equitable world are certain to come into conflict with those who have long had unfair advantage and ill-gotten privilege. Those who not only cling to their advantages at any price, but seek to expand it until they return civilization to to the Dark Ages, to feudalism, to slavery, to fascism. These are our enemies, Russia's and Humanity's. We will have to fight them, sooner or later, unless we are willing to be their slaves. They will not stop until they are stopped, and it is up to us to lead all those in the world who are going to stop them. We've done it before. It is our destiny to do it again.

Russia has expanded its influence through legal and peaceful means. Only liars and fools speak of "Russian aggression". We have used diplomacy and mutually beneficial solutions rather than economic blackmail and unilateral military ultimatums. And we are succeeding. The rise of Russia heralds the return of a multi-polar world, and this is a good thing not only for Russia, but for the vast majority of human beings on this planet. Billions of people around the world know this, and they applaud it. 

The Russian Federation is not perfect, but it is a fact that the quality of life here is improving. Russia is not only making steady gains domestically, but Russia's prestige is growing in the international arena every day - politically, economically, culturally and militarily. We have regained our status as a Superpower, and we have earned it. And we are obliged to defend it. 
Because by doing so, we defend the world.