Saturday, December 1, 2018


This may be the most important fund-raiser we have ever done. It has the potential to generate ongoing and major funding for our human aid and journalism projects here in Donbass.

We have two projects for December. The first, of vital importance is to raise funds to print my book, The Donbass Cowboy, on paper (printed here in Donetsk) both in English and in Russian. The English e-book edition has sold multi-hundreds of copies, and raised over $5,000 for Donbass Human Aid projects. That's not bad, especially for a first-time author who is not using Amazon or other conventional sales outlets. The book has had very positive reviews for being well-written, honest, informative, unique and exciting. It's a good book! (If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can.
Check this out. And this.)

The potential market for this book in Russia is HUGE. Russians love books and reading, and they really like a good war story. I have had offers of support for the publication of the book from major players in the Russian media, publishing and otherwise. The translation of the book into Russian is near completion, and should be done by the end of the year. Then, we need editing, formatting, artwork and printing. That's where you come in. That's what this super important fund-raiser is for. The Russian edition of the book has tremendous sales potential in Russia, and can generate funds for our human aid projects far above what the English e-book already has, in a continuous stream of funding that will not depend on contributions which can dry up or be blocked at any time.


The de-funding and de-platforming of alternate news sources continues and is escalating. My fund raisers have been targeted before by major anti-Russian propagandists such as the BBC, with serious economic impact. Their efforts to undermine our freedom of speech and the funding of our human aid and journalism will continue and intensify. Now is the time to contribute. Tomorrow may be too late.

There are several ways you can contribute -

If you can't afford a monetary contribution, you can still help a lot by sharing a link to this page as far as possible. Not everyone can contribute financially, but everybody can do something.
Even if you can't afford to send a donation, you can still contribute by sharing this info. 
Do your part!

You can make a monetary donation via-

Donbass Human Aid through our Patreon or Paypal accounts. you can use a credit or debit card, don't need a Paypal account yourself, and the contribution is tax deductible. DHA is a registered tax-exempt 501(c)3 charity. In the Paypal form there is a box for comments/instructions. You MUST write "Publishing Project" in this box for the funds to be allocated for this specific project, otherwise the contribution will go towards our human aid general fund for other humanitarian projects.

Western Union to me, Russell Bentley in Rostov on Don, Russia. Once you have sent the money, you will need to email me the following info to my email account,  ( ) -

1) NAME of sender
2) CITY sent from
3) AMOUNT sent
4) MTCN #  (You will get the number from W.U. at the time of your transaction.)
Without ALL the info above, I cannot pick up the money. I take a 12 hour round trip bus ride to Rostov to pick up Western Union funds, and if there is a problem I either have to go again or rent a hotel, so please make sure all info is sent and correct!

In Russia, if you have a Sberbank account, you can transfer funds to the following card number -
4276 5219 3378 6422   (please be sure to double check you send to the correct card number!)

Thanks to all who have contributed in the past. I ask you now to donate again for this vital project.
If you have considered donating before but haven't yet, now is the time. Please don't put it off.
Do it now, today. Time is of the essence. Tomorrow may be too late.

Our second project is for Christmas presents for orphans and other kids here in Donbass. Our plan is to raise 1,000 rubles (about $15) per child, for as many kids as possible, (our goal is 100 kids) for whatever they want or need the most.  . We will of course document and photo or video every kid we give to.

In the instruction/comment box of the Paypal form simply write "Publish/Christmas", and $15 of your contribution will go for the Christmas Project. If you wish to donate 50% to each, write "Publish/Christmas 50/50", or whatever percentage you choose. If you just want to donate to the Christmas Project, just write "Christmas", and 100% of your donation will go to that. This year, Russian Orthodox Christmas is Monday January 7th, 2019.  But presents are often given on New Year's Eve, so the Christmas Project is also time sensitive.  It takes time to process the donations, get the funds and send them to Russia, and from there to Donetsk. So, now is the time to act. You can donate right now. You are online now, as you read this, and your credit card is right there in your purse or wallet. Go on, pull it out, make a donation for a good cause (or two!) part of your Christmas gift giving I promise, it's way better than going to the mall!

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent and may the rest of us get everything we deserve...