Friday, October 18, 2019

U.S. Citizens in Ukraine - The Flies Come Home to Roost

"Hi, it's me, I'm back. Slava Ukr-anus!"

The shameful history of US depredations in Ukraine is now beyond dispute and wide open for all the world to see. And it seems that the degenerates, killers and losers who came to Ukraine to exploit the war here for their own ends are all cut from the same cloth. From the pretty boy sex pervert, swindler and crackhead Hunter Biden to the would-be "Punisher" Mark Paslawsky, to thieves, mass murderers, nazis and Pravy Sektor volunteers Craig Lang and Alex Zweifelhofer, to aspiring terrorist bomber Jarrett William Smith, to deadbeat dad and eternal loser Damian Rodriguez to the nazi-loving Jew Simon Ostrovsky, they all share common traits with the original wave of US scum that included the likes of Hillary Clinton, Victoria "Nuland" Nudelman, Joe Biden, Jeffery Pyatt and John McCain.

All are US citizens who came to Ukraine to steal, to lie or kill for money or for fun, to betray not only the Ukrainian People and the most basic principles of human morality, but the last remaining shreds of whatever dignity and honor they or the USA might have once had the audacity to lay claim to. The other trait shared by these vermin is their penchant for always getting exposed in their crimes in the most ridiculous and imbecilic manner possible. Let's go down the list and examine each, and see if calling them "vermin" is not only justified and the most appropriate appellation, but perhaps even an insult to regular run of the mill vermin  like rats, roaches, bedbugs and flies...

Hunter Biden, son of "Creepy Uncle Joe"

Hunter Biden leads the list, as well he should. Easily the most prominent and entitled, he is also the most revolting and pathetic on this whole list of nazis, thieves, perverts, murderers, pathological liars, deadbeat dads and general fuckups.  And if you think the Biden fils Burisma scam is his first or only scandal, you're missing all the good stuff. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and with a progenitor like "Creepy Uncle Joe", it is almost inevitable that Hunter Biden would be a knave of the basest sort. How base?

In 2015, he was publicly exposed for having an account on the "Ashley Madison" website for married people seeking other married people for illicit sexual affairs. (Biden was searching specifically for the "Anything goes" type.) The Ashley Madison registered trademark, "Meet bored men and lonely housewives - Life is short, have an affair" did not sit well with Mrs Kathleen Biden, his wife of 11 years and mother of  his 3 daughters. Hunter's claim that  it was "The Russians" who had gotten ahold of his email and credit card info and framed him failed to convince her or anyone else, especially after it was proven that the account had been created from Biden's office at Georgetown University where he taught as adjunct assistant professor for a single 3 month semester in 2014. (Which makes "Professor" Biden's college teaching career about as successful as his military career, but more on that later.)

Now follow this timeline closely - In 2014, Hunter, married with 3 daughters, created an account to pursue extramarital affairs, in 2015, this is exposed, and Biden and his wife separate. In 2016, Biden begins "dating" Hallie Biden, his recently deceased brother's widow, after a week long crack cocaine binge at a homeless camp in L.A. In 2017, Biden finally divorces his wife and continues "dating" his brother's widow until "early 2019" when Biden and his brother's widow  "end their relationship".  In May 2019, Hunter Biden secretly marries Melissa Cohen, a South African film maker, ten days after he met her, and while being sued by another woman for child support.

As for Hunter's "military career", he was appointed as a US Navy junior direct commissioned officer  (which means he didn't have to have any qualifications or do any actual work for it) in May 2013. The following month, he submitted a cocaine positive piss test. He was officially kicked out of the US Navy in February of the following year. All the above happened during the time from 2014 to 2019 when Hunter Biden was being paid at least $50,000 per month to sit on the board of Burisma Holdings. He did not  spend much time in Ukraine, did absolutely NO work, and did not even have to come to Ukraine to pick up his checks. Why would Ukraine pay a compulsive and perennial fuckup like Hunter Biden millions of dollars for nothing? It was not a payment, it was a payoff  by the small fry ukrop gangsters to the son of the Godfather of the Ukraine Rapine. And of course, "Uncle Joe" got his cut as well - at least $900,000.

Mark Paslawsky, aspiring nazi "Punisher". Got punished.

Next on the list, in descending order of depravity is Mark Paslawsky, spawn of Bandera ukrop nazi collaborators and apologists, West Point graduate, investment banker/vulture capitalist millionaire, Maidan rioter and volunteer "Punisher" in the neo-nazi Donbass Battalion. Victim of his own hubris.

Paslawsky was the nephew of the notorious nazi war criminal Mykola Ledbed who instead of being tried and executed for war crimes including mass murder and genocide, was given refuge in the USA under Operation Paperclip. Paslawsky was also related to Taras Hunczak, a nazi apologist and historical revisionist who proudly claims to have served as nazi collaborator under Bandera during WW2. Hunczak is also a professor at Rutgers University and the Shevchenko University in Kiev. While simply coming from a family of nazi war criminals and propagandists did not make Palawsky himself a nazi, per se, his subsequent actions and statements certainly did.

Paslawsky was born into privilege in Manhattan. His family connections enabled him to get appointed to West Point, after which he served as a US Army officer before becoming an "investment banker", moving to Ukraine soon after the fall of the Soviet Union and making millions of dollars as a US/Ukrainian "patriot"  i.e., nation raping vulture capitalist. But even this was not enough. When the Maidan riots began, Paslawsky joined the US-backed armed gangs attacking police and the elected government. ( You can see photos of him at Maidan, standing next to a swastika, with weapons including molotov cocktails here.) After the Maidan coup, millionaire Paslawsky decided to go on "safari" and engage in genocide and ethnic cleansing in the Donbass region with the outlaw terrorist Donbass Battalion. During the time Paslawsky was a member of the Donbass Bn, it was under the command of the semi-retarded sexual deviant Semen Semenchenko, and the "Battalion" was tasked as a "Punisher / Cleansing" unit, arriving in areas under Ukrainian Army control after battle, to "punish and cleanse" ethnic Russian towns and villages much the same as Bandera and German nazi "Einsatzgruppen" had in WW2.

Paslawsky was no soldier, just a war criminal and terrorist wanna-be badass whose targets were women, children and unarmed civilians. During his time in Donbass, his unit was credibly charged by the UN with the following war crimes - murder, rape, torture, armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion. They have also publicly confessed to blocking and stealing human aid meant for civilians stranded in the combat zones.  So this band of nazi gangsters is the specific unit Paslawsky chose to join. "Cleansers and Punishers"... Upon joining the unit Paslawsky chose the nom de guerre "Franko", pronounced exactly the same as the last name of the Spanish Fascist dictator Francisco Franco, who was supported by Hitler and Mussolini in his overthrow of the legitimate Spanish Republican government in the Spanish Civil War. You know, a Spanish "Maidan". Perhaps it is just a coincidence, or perhaps Paslawsky had to choose "Franko" because the names "Hitler", "Mussolini" and "Bandera" had already been chosen by other neo-nazi scumbags in his unit.

According to the VICE "News" obituary by nazi apologist and professional presstitute Simon Ostrovsky (see below) "Franko" could be "merciless", particularly to captured prisoners, and "He hated Russians.On August 20th, 2014, Paslawsky died, screaming and crying that he was "in pain and didn't want to die." Paslawsky had 3 bullet holes in his back, received while running away from his first battle against armed militia instead of against unarmed civilians. The propagandist lickspittle Ostrovsky interviewed me a few months after Paslawsky's death, and I actually delivered a short eulogy to "Franko" myself.  So, at least Paslawsky, unlike the other vermin on this list, has somewhat redeemed himself by taking a permanent dirt nap and serving as a lesson to all nazis as to what to expect if they come to Donbass to kill, steal and destroy.  And speaking of the nazi-loving Simon Ostrovsky...

Simon Ostrovsky  -  US / Israeli nazi apologist

Simon Ostrovsky was born in the USSR, but now holds two passports - from the USA and...
Yes, you guessed it, Israel.  Just like his former boss George Soros. He is a professional liar and propagandist with a huge pro-nazi bias. Just like alleged former Hitler Youth member George Soros. Actually, other VICE News correspondents have done some fairly objective coverage of Ukraine and the US-backed nazis there, but every single installment of Ostrovsky's was absolute pro-nazi propaganda. You can check out his website, "it kind of sucks". (His words, not mine.) He started out slinging bullshit for the Moscow Times, a treacherous pro-NATO liberal propaganda rag, in the early 2000's, then started making propaganda for the BBC, VICE, HBO, CNN, and sadly, even PBS.  Of course, no real journalist can be associated with the likes of the BBC or CNN without losing all legitimacy and integrity. And, likewise, no media outlet can be associated with Simon Ostrovsky without also losing all legitimacy and integrity, so sadly, PBS has sold their ass and their soul by hiring a pro-nazi presstitute propagandist like Ostrovsky.

Check out this Ostrovsky/PBS paean to total loser Damien Rodriguez, a US citizen fighting on the side of ukrop nazis. And after you watch this pro-nazi propaganda trash, don't try to comment, because on the "Public" Broadcasting Service Youtube channel, which accepts millions of dollars of "support" from government and individuals, (but is actually controlled by multi-billion dollar corporations) the "public" is not even allowed to comment on the shit PBS produces with their money, in their name. Hmm...

I used to love PBS, back in the 60's and 70's, Masterpiece Theater, McNeil Leher Report, Reginald Perrin, even the crypto-nazi and original Mockingbird William F. Buckley's Firing Line. Back then, they had at least some modicum of credibility, even if they were funded, even way back then, by the likes of Exxon and Mobil and The Chubb Group of insurance companies. But now, like Pacifica Radio  and NPR, (which I also used to love, and by "love", I mean respect and trust) PBS is worse that outright fascist propaganda, it is controlled opposition, fake progressive pablum simulacra. Professional disinfo bullshit. And pardon my French, but anyone who takes any of them seriously today is a fucking idiot. Period.

Craig Lang - robber, murderer, Pravy Sektor Nazi

And so now, to the last, most pathetic and miserable, but also most dangerous examples of the true vermin from the USA who came (or at least tried to come) to Ukraine to support the US-backed neo-nazi regime. Craig Lang, Alex Zweifelhofer and Jarrett William Smith. Lang and Zweifelhofer, who both served in the Pravy Sektor volunteer nazi battalions in Ukraine, have been charged with the murder of an unarmed elderly couple in Florida during the commission of an armed robbery for a measly $3,000, which they used to try to travel to Colombia "to fight against the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela". They ended up going to South Sudan instead, getting busted and deported back to the USA. Zweifelhofer was subsequently arrested upon his return for child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor charges. As they say in Pravy Sektor, "Slava Ukr-anus!"

Zweifelhofer, before he deserted US Army

The evidence in the murder of the elderly couple for $3,000, is absolutely overwhelming. They did it. See for yourself. Both Lang and Zweifelhofer  served in Pravy Sektor in Ukraine, where they learned how to kill unarmed civilians. They learned to do it here in Ukraine, then went home to do it in the good ol' USA. Zweifelhofer is currently in a US prison awaiting trial, and Lang is in a Ukrainian prison awaiting extradition back to the USA. For murder of US citizens. What comes around, goes around. And "VICE" versa...

Jarrett William Smith - aspiring bomber, assassin and neo-nazi. "Friend" of Craig Lang.
Jarrett William Smith was another aspiring ukrop nazi terrorist who wanted to murder civilians, in the USA and elsewhere. He was also a "friend" of Craig Lang.  He is currently in jail on charges of terrorism, bomb-making and conspiracy to murder a potential US presidential candidate. Charming.

All of these walking, talking turds have one thing in common - they are all on the side of the neo-nazis who came to power after the US-backed Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014. They all fight against the Donbass Republics, they are all willing to murder unarmed civilians, or lionize those who do. They are 21st Century nazis. They are scum. They are malignant, but no more so than the nation that spawned them.

The German nazis of the Third Reich, with the connivance of US and European "monarchs" and oligarch scum, tried to do to Europe and Russia what Europe had done to North and South America some centuries before - steal the land, ethnic cleansing, genocide and slavery.

What Banderist ukrop nazis and their western masters, the same "monarch" and oligarch scum, want to do to Donbass today is exactly the same, and they will do it if we let them. But we will not let them. They will fail here, on the exact land where the tide was turned against nazism back in 1943. So, those nazis that are not buried here will return to the lands they came from - the US, the EU, and the west of Ukraine that has been infected by Operation Gladio and Banderism for decades. Those who come here to kill and enslave, will die here, just as they did in '43, or like Lang and Zweifelhofer, return to the USA to continue to rob and murder.

If the idiots Zweifelhofer and Smith had not met Craig Lang, maybe they would today not be looking at being executed by their own country or spending the rest of their lives in prison. If the idiot Lang had not joined the US Army, maybe he would not have joined Pravy Sektor and acquired a taste for murder. If piece of shit 21st Century nazis like Clinton, Nuland, Biden and McCain had not started this war a lot of things might be different. If presstitutes like Ostrovsky were not paid by corporate scum like VICE News and PBS to spread pro-nazi propaganda, maybe a lot of things would be different. We are what we do, and we are responsible for it, and for how it ripples out to affect others.
And for how it ripples back to affect us and our own lives and families at home.

Fascist imperialism as practiced by the USA, always has its "blowback". It is a malignant and criminal philosophy that infects everything it touches. The USA will reap what it has sown, the flies always come to where the greatest rot is. The USA is its own worst enemy. You have been warned.