Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Cure For Corona - A Dose of Reality


After about 4 months of the Coronavirus "panic epidemic", some real statistics are finally beginning to emerge. The annual global flu season infects about 15 million people, with up to 5 million severe cases and an average of 650,000 deaths. These statistics are generally reliable, based in science, with a common methodology and a globally accepted definition of terms. The same cannot be said of the C-19, statistics which have been skewed and obscured by multiple different tests and criterion for classifying the deaths attributed to the virus. And while these statistics are flawed, the publicly posted and generally global numbers are as follows - (As of May 5th, 2020)

Total infections  - 3,664,000
Total deaths - 253,000
currently active cases  - 2,205,000
currently active severe cases - 50,000

The ratio of current severe cases to current active cases may be at least somewhat reliable, and yields a result of about 98% mild or no symptoms, and 2% of cases serious or severe enough to require medical intervention. So even if half of all current severe cases die, this would result in a 1% fatality rate. However the far less reliable statistical ratio of  total deaths to total infections yields a fatality rate of over 7%. The total infections to total deaths statistic is 700% higher. Not twice as high or three times as high or even four or five times as high. Seven times as high. You do not need to be a mathematician to know something doesn't add up here, nor do you need to be a "conspiracy theorist" to ask why. And of course, as always, to ask who benefits?

It is certain that there is no benefit, zero benefit, to the literally billions of regular people around the world who have been traumatized and terrorized, whose livelihoods and very lives have been put in jeopardy by the developments of the last few months. The economic crisis is already beyond anything in modern history, on a global scale, and only just now getting started. But without a doubt, it will make the world-wide "Great Depression" of the 1930's seem mild in comparison. The recent destruction and waste of literally millions of tons of perfectly good food in the USA is beyond criminally insane. It cannot be explained by stupidity or error. It can only be intentional. There is a reason for it, and a purpose behind it. As war criminal Henry Kissinger once noted, "Who controls the food, controls the people."

Do you ever wonder why the current statistics have the USA and countries of the EU leading the world in number of cases and number of deaths by orders of magnitude? Why does the USA have one million one hundred thousand cases with 63,000 deaths, when China has had only 83,000 total cases and less than 5,000 deaths? Some idiots, with exactly zero evidence, say China has hidden its real numbers and the actual rates of infection and death are much higher. OK, geniuses, exactly how much higher? Twice as high? Four, five, six times as high? EVEN IF THEY WERE TEN TIMES AS HIGH, THEY WOULD STILL BE LESS THAN WHAT THE USA IS REPORTING. Ten times as high would still be less. One thing is for sure, somebody is lying. I don't think it's the Chinese, but that's not because I particularly like or trust them. But one opinion I have long held regarding the US government, institutions and media is that pretty much every single thing they say is a lie. And that of course includes the EU, the BBC, DW, France24, etc, etc as well. But why would the USA and EU inflate the severity of the crisis in their own countries by orders of magnitude?

Well, the first part of that answer is to acknowledge that they are in fact doing exactly that. In a perfect example of the old saying about "lies, damned lies and statistics", the US gov, and CDC, in connivance with the WHO and US and EU MSM, have created statistics that are well beyond a damned lie. By excluding the many millions of people who have already been exposed and showed mild or no symptoms at all, and by counting the vast majority of deaths due to co-morbidity of pre-existing conditions and the natural frailty of of advanced age as due to C-19, they hugely and falsely, and intentionally, inflate the danger and mortality of the virus. And panicking idiots lap this bullshit up. And the same thing, albeit to a slightly lesser degree, is happening in Europe, and especially in the UK. Bullshit statistics to strike fear and compel submission to draconian and arbitrary measures in populations that pompously and erroneously claim to be among the best educated and enlightened and most "free" in the world.

What reason would anybody have to terrorize populations, destroy economies and further shatter the social web? First and foremost, it must be remembered that the economic crisis was not caused by the lockdown. The lockdown was caused by the economic crisis. The US and EU economies (and especially the US) have been on artificial life support for years. The current US debt is publicly acknowledged to be $25 Trillion, though some very credible estimates declare it to be three, five or even ten times as high. But even at the officially acknowledged number of $25 Trillion, that's still a debt of over $75,000 for every man woman and child in the USA, or over $183,000 per US taxpayer. And adding in the $125 Trillion in US government "unfunded liabilities" which are also real debts, mostly owed to the American people as obligations to fund Social Security and Medicaid, for which we have already paid real money in the form of payroll deductions taken from every paycheck. These unfunded liabilities are debts that can and will never be paid, brings the total debt per US taxpayer to over $1 million each. It was once said that the USA was the "Land of Opportunity", where anyone could become a millionaire. The truth today is that every US worker has in fact become a millionaire, or rather a debt millionaire. They stole a million dollars from every US worker, and gave in return a worthless promise that only an idiot would believe in. And they are laughing at you suckers, all the way to the bank...

The Parasite Class, that is the billionaires, corporate CEO's, the oligarchs, have already stolen the money, it is already gone, and there is literally zero chance you will ever get it back. When every worker understands he or she has been swindled out of a million dollars, there would be hell to pay, unless there was some distraction, some excuse, some inanimate scapegoat to blame the loss on. Enter Covid-19. Enter the lockdown that has paralyzed the economy, shoved tens of millions of productive workers into poverty and unemployment, destroyed millions of small independent businesses completely and permanently, wasted billions of dollars worth of agricultural and livestock products that could have made the difference between life and death for starving people in the USA this year. Think that's an exaggeration? Major grocery outlets such as Costco and Kroger are already limiting meat purchases. Just wait till October... And it is becoming more and more obvious that the lockdown itself has not only not been effective from an epidemiological perspective, but has actually been counter-productive. What's really behind all this?

A manufactured "crisis" that has allowed a corrupt, incompetent and totally untrustworthy government to take dictatorial powers that would have been literally unbelievable a year ago, with the excuse of "saving" a few thousand people, the vast majority of whom were either extremely ill with other diseases or were reaching the last few months or days of their life expectancy. This is a crisis alright, but it is not an epidemic. Rather, it is a tsunami of bullshit, an intentional and coordinated effort by those who would be our masters, to turn us into willing slaves, to make people panic enough to get them to trade their human dignity, their freedom and their very lives for a vaccination, a microchip and a bowl of gruel.

One of the primary maxims of the Parasite Class is "Never let a good crisis go to waste". A scapegoat for the real already existing economic crisis, an excuse for the further concentration of wealth, the destruction of small, independent business, and the descent of millions into desperate starvation level poverty. Add in the scarcity of vital resources, a literal competition for survival among all not in the master class or among their minions, the "need" for vaccines and biometric or even microchip ID, digital currency, and as always, more money, power and immunity for police and military to "protect" us from ourselves. And don't forget about the wholesale manipulation and censorship of information to "protect" us from bad ideas. The ultimate stratification of society into masters and slaves, and the ultimate dissolution of the last shreds of Working Class consciousness and solidarity. This is a nazi's wet dream come true, and it is unfolding right now, right before your eyes.

This is the latest false flag, the final psy-op, in a chain that started in Dallas in November 1963, continued through the Gulf of Tonkin, through Kuwaiti incubators, 9/11, Iraq WMD's, Arab Spring, Maidan, MH-17, Syrian gas attacks, Novichuk, and now finally, the grandest grand finale - Covid-19. Since the murder of JFK and the subsequent blatantly obvious cover-up being accepted, the nazis who own and run the US government have known they can literally get away with murder, and even if there is clear proof of their guilt right out in the open for anyone and everyone to see, the majority of citizens are too stupid, cowardly or lazy to even look, much less actually do anything about it. No wonder the master class has such contempt for average citizens. They can piss in the face of average citizens and tell them it's raining, and most will believe it. This corona scam is the final and biggest attack on reality, a global gaslighting, an intentional and coordinated attack on reality itself by those who intend to kill most of us and make slaves of the rest. And if the regular people of this world allow this attack to succeed, there will not be another one, for the simple reason that there won't need to be.

If you let them inject you with an unknown and untested substance, that may or may not have a microchip in it, if you let them silence every single dissenting voice and opinion, if you let them steal the last scraps of everything, if you let them dictate where you can go, and if you can go, what you can eat, whether or not you can work, if you let them control all money and financial transactions, if you let them use yourself and your children as guinea pigs or livestock or sex slaves, if you allow them to euthanize you or your family "for your own good", well, then, they will. And they will have won in the final life or death struggle, and you will have no way out and nothing left to lose. Or any reason left to hope or to live.

There will be no need or use for the wisdom, courage and altruism that are exactly the traits that make us human, these virtues will have been abdicated by by those willing to become slaves, and eradicated forever by those who will be their masters. If you do not fight these deadly parasites now, to the death, very soon, very, very soon, it will be too late, and humanity will be reduced permanently to the level of livestock or insects. The Human Race will be permanently enslaved. Choose your destiny and do it now, and be prepared to give your life for it. None of us will live forever, we all die. But we still have a choice, today, about how we live and what we will live or die for. This is the last chance, the final battle. If you fail to be a hero now, you are going to be a slave. Make your choice and back it up with your life, while it's still your life to give. Davai!