Sunday, October 25, 2015

How Much is that War Doggie in the Window?

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As the Novorossiyan militia intelligence learned, the commander of the 24th separate mechanized Samaro-Ulyanovskaya, Berdichev, of the order of October Revolution, triple Red-banner, of the Suvorov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky Iron brigade, colonel Alexander Pavlyuk ran away from the Izvarino cauldron, leaving the brigade that was entrusted to him to the vagaries of fate. This is how the ukro-fascists brought disgrace to the glorious banner of the former Iron division.
Expensive. The US and EU have spent many billions on installing and propping up their puppet proxy government in Kiev. And after the purchase, “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”. These traitors, psychopaths and genuine terrorists have committed countless war crimes in the East, and run the society and economy into the ground in the West of Ukraine. The billions sent by the West to Ukraine do not go to foster “freedom and democracy”, they go to line the pockets of the criminals and traitors in power, to the detriment of the Ukrainian People, both East and West. So, as the US and EU continue to fund their Dogs of War in Kiev, one must ask, “How much is that War Doggie in the window?” And what do you get for your money?

The short answer seems to be... A bunch of rich traitors and criminals. Take for example disgraced Ukrainian Army Colonel Alexander Alexevich Pavlyuk. (See below) A crooked clown and incompetent soldier, he has, none the less, in August 2015 been awarded the command of Sector “A” of the Ukrop Army, in spite of ordering the men of his former command, the 24th Brigade, to their total annihilation in the LNR (Luhansk People’s Republic) in July 2014. So, he remains a commander, in spite of trying to break into politics as a member of Tymoshenko’s “Batkivshena” Party. Even with the local Lvov mafia’s backing, his political ambitions were crushed by an even bigger criminal from Poroshekko’s “Block” Party. None the less, he has done well for himself.

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Besides other considerable residential and commercial real estate holdings, he recently acquired a house in the city of Yavov costing 10 million hryvnia (currently about 440,000 dollars). On a salary of 36 thousand hryvnia a year. So, does he get his extra money from his friends in the local mafia, or does he steal military and humanitarian aid from his masters in the US and EU? Or both?

Another charming character is General Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Nazarkin (above), Deputy Commander of Army Group “West”. Promoted to his current position in spite of being accused of treason in August 2014, for commanding (from the rear, of course) a mission by 19 top commandos of the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces, aka Ukrop army). Attempting to sneak behind DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) lines near Snegnoe on 29 July 2014, the UAF commandos were discovered and lost 75% of their men, killed or captured. Of the 19 soldiers Nazarkin sent on this futile suicide mission, 12 were killed and 3 captured. Was this rout due to Nazarkin’s gross incompetence, or was it perhaps treachery? After all, Nazarkin’s brother is a General in the Russian Army. Either way, his “punishment” is the same… Promotion! (One could argue that such incompetence or treason benefits the people of Novorossiya, but it clearly is to the disadvantage of the substantial proportion of ordinary Ukrainians who are not happy with the fascist boot on their necks and are facing another cold and hungry winter in northwest Ukraine. Perhaps their discontent will motivate another Maidan rebellion, this time against the fascist Kiev government. But this double-edged sword is of little comfort to a cold and hungry child or pensioner.)

The Ukrainian government and military command need all the traitors and idiots they can get. And they have plenty. As long as they know which butt to kiss, as long as they chant “Glory to Heroes” often enough, there is a place for them at the top of the current Kiev regime. If they kill a few soldiers or citizens (of Donbass OR northwest Ukraine), it is no big deal. Especially if your connections include (as Nazarkin’s do) the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Army, general Viktor Muzhenko, who personally pulled the strings to get Nazarkin appointed to the top position of the Ukrainian Army’s Military Police. In Ukraine, like Mexico (which also has a US-backed puppet State) the biggest criminals are the ones in government, police and military commands.

Weapons concentration near the Russian border with Ukraine. Video on source.

Which probably has something to do with why over 16, 000 criminal cases have been opened for “Desertion” by the Military Prosecutor’s Office in Kiev (A. Matios on “112 Ukraine” on 5 October, 2015). Ukrainian media ( reported there were over 10,000 deserters from the UAF back in June, and 6,000 more have run away in the ensuing 3 months. Of the 16,000 “Deserters”, many who took their weapons with them when they left, the secret police of Ukraine have been able to find less than 1,000. That’s less than a 7% success rate for the bumbling secret police. Congratulations, Heroes of Ukraine! Your Ministry of Internal Affairs police are as good at their job as your politicians and military commanders are at theirs! Again, a double-edged sword — from the Novorissiyan point of view, the more desertion from the Ukrop armed forces, the better. Bad for ordinary Ukrainians who are not enamoured of the Nazis.

When a government looks after the well being and the future of the people, steadily improves conditions of things like housing, medical care and education, that government is legitimate, and serves the purpose for which it was formed. When a regime comes to power through illegal and unconstitutional means, serves foreign masters rather than the interests of the people, destroys the economy, reputation and social web, while looting, raping and killing with impunity, that is not a government, it is a mafia, and should be overturned and brought to justice.It has been said that people get the government they deserve, but no one deserves to live under the yoke of fascist traitors and their foreign masters. The people of Ukraine have seen the work of the current stooges in power in Kiev, and are, I hope, smart enough to understand that the longer this junta retains power, the worse things will become, and the more difficult it will be to defeat. Soon, they will rise, and when they do, the good people of the world will stand beside them.