Monday, October 12, 2015

La vida continúa in Texac’s new home, Novorossiya

I just got the following message from a Facebook friend:
"You should probably take any money you have and come home. You do not want to be there when the border closes and the Junta takes control of Donetsk. They will hurt you. I am totally convinced this is going to happen and I am worried about you."

I am not worried, and I am not leaving. I do not at all believe that the Russians will close the border, nor do I at all believe even the entire Ukrainian Army can defeat us, and even if I did, I would stay and die here, fighting, before I would leave my friends and my new country. Thanks for your concern, but I live in a new country now, and Donbass is my new home. I AM home. If I return to the USA, I will be driving a T-90 tank when I do... :)

This is a picture of me and my little brother, Carter, playing guitars 30 years ago. He died last night in Texas. Before last night, we were a long distance apart. Now, he is with my Mom, and they are with me always.

This one’s for my brother, Charles Carter Bentley...