Sunday, February 11, 2018

Open Letter to the Officers and Soldiers of the Ukrainian Army

                         " You see how hard they fight for Syria. Imagine how hard they will fight for Russia."
                                                     -  Bashar al Assad on the death of Roman Filipov

Officers and soldiers of Ukraine - We have read your secret papers. They have been published, and 
we know your masters will soon order you on a suicide mission to Donbass. Do you not know that many of the soldiers in your army are already on our side, from the General Staff to the soldiers in the trenches at the Front? They are the true patriots of Ukraine, as we are, of the same blood of the Kievian Rus, whose brotherhood goes back together for more than 1,000 years. As brothers, as patriots, as ratniks, we advise you, we warn you, do not invade Donbass on the orders of Western master and their oligarch puppets. They send you to your death. A death without reason or purpose, a death without honor or glory, a fool's errand based on lies, from which you will not return.

If you come here to attack our families and homes, we will fight you, and we will win. You will die here, your blood and bones will fertilize our fields, just as the blood and bones of the German nazis did only a lifetime ago. A human life can be seventy to eighty years. Think about your own lifetime. If you come to Donbass as aggressors, 2018 will be the year you die, 2018 is the number that will be carved on your gravestone, if you get one. Have you forgotten the cauldrons of Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk? Do you think it will be different this time? It will only be worse. And this time, the cauldron waits for you. This time, if you come, it will be you who die here. Do not attack us, and you will not die here.

                     American nazi Mark Paslawsky, “Franko”, on his way to fight in Donbass, August, 2014

                            See where he is now. Don't come to fight in Donbass if you don't want to join him...

Can you not see what has become of the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian people? In only 1,000 days, western masters, their oligarch puppets and rabid nazis have covered Ukraine in poverty and misery and shame. They have tricked you with lies. Ukraine will never be a part of the European Union. The Europeans laugh at you as they sell you overpriced garbage and make slaves and whores of your children. In 1,000 days they have almost destroyed a brotherhood that has lasted over 1,000 years. And now comes the moment of truth. And it is up to the true patriot soldiers of Ukraine to stand up and defend their nation and their honor from the foreign whore masters and slave masters and their traitorous collaborators, who have taken control of a once proud and beautiful nation.

                                             USA/NATO/IMF bring "Freedom and Democracy" to Ukraine.

We know that you cannot help but see, as we do, as the world does, that Ukraine is no longer a sovereign nation, that it is controlled by foreign masters and their oligarch puppets, who care nothing for the future of Ukraine, nothing for the people, and nothing for the soldiers who defend it. Take a look at what your country has become. The food and the soil, poisoned by GMO crops, the water poisoned by fracking. The economy in ruins, with wages and pensions slashed, as prices for every necessity of life are being doubled or tripled or more. Am I lying, is this "Russian propaganda"? No, you know it is the truth, you see it with your own eyes. Your medical system is being dismantled, only oligarchs can afford medicine and care, but not your children or parents. This situation has led millions of Ukrainians to leave, to search for a better life abroad, but what do they become? Berry-pickers or toilet cleaners in Poland, prostitutes in Amsterdam, criminals and hitmen in London and Brussels. Is this the future for your children and your nation that you are willing to fight and die for?
                                                                         They are laughing at you.

Look around yourself, see what the Ukrainian Army has become. And think of what it once was. What would Ilya Muromets say if he saw Ukrainian soldiers taking up arms against their kin, their brothers, against women and children?  For every ukrop nazi whose traitor grandfather joined the German invaders, there are scores of Ukrainian soldiers whose grandfathers fought and defeated the nazi murderers and took the war all the way to Berlin. Is not the legendary and historic Victory Flag which was raised over the Reichstag inscribed with the name of the glorious 3rd Ukrainian Army? Were not Ukrainian soldiers at the forefront in the defeat of German nazis and saving the world from fascism? And what would those heroic grandfathers say today, if they saw Azov scum with pictures of Adolph Hitler and swastika tattoos? What do you think when you see this trash, and why do you not say it?

                                                                 Is this what you will fight and die for?

Your army, like your nation, has been enslaved by western fascists, mainly the USA and Canada. All their promises are lies, they are in Ukraine only to kill and steal and destroy. They will use you and dispose of you like toilet paper. Do you think your western "trainers" care how many of you will die if you attack Donbass? Do you think they will be standing alongside you when the order to attack comes? No, while you lay dying in the frozen mud, they will be in Kiev and Lviv, sitting in bars and restaurants, trying to seduce your wives and daughters. Or perhaps your sons...

                                                    They will train your Ukrainian Army to be like theirs...

Do you think they do not know that if you attack Donbass that the Russian Army will come into Ukraine and wipe you out? Don't you know that they know they are sending you on a suicide mission, and you won't be coming back? They will be far, far behind you, and as you fight and die in a battle that cannot be won, that is in fact designed to fail, they will be ready to "comfort" your wives and children and raise their drinks and say "Slava Geroyim" as you lay dying. And they will laugh to themselves as they do so.

And you know who else will be behind you, but not quite so far? The nazi "volunteer" battalions. The ones whose job is supposed to be to come behind you, to rape and murder and torture and terrorize the civilians after you have done the hard and deadly work of attempting to break through our front line positions. But their first job will be as "blocking troops" who will follow behind the real soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and shoot you in the back if you hesitate or don't advance as fast as the nazis behind you think you should. Why else do you think the nazis are being sent from the Front to second line positions? The soldiers of the Ukrainian Army would not shoot their fellow soldiers in the back. But the nazi battalions would, and will. Your foreign masters and their oligarch puppet have decided it is the nazis' job to kill. It is your job to die. Which you will, if you attack us. We will fight you from the front, and we will never surrender or retreat because we defend our homes and families. Your nazi "comrades" and foreign "trainers" will be shooting you in the back at the first sign of hesitation. And you do know the Russian Amy will be coming, and when they do, it will make the cauldrons of Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk look like a picnic. Those who will order you to attack us, foreign exploiters, oligarch traitors and rabid nazis, will be ordering the annihilation of the Ukrainian Army. In a few short hours or days, the Ukrainian Army, and you personally, will cease exist. Forever.

And what will be your legacy? Wiped out on the orders of foreign masters and corrupt oligarchs who sent you to certain death without a second thought. They want you to die, so they can show what's left of your bodies as evidence of "Russian aggression". It is a political game, and you are the sacrificial pawns. They care nothing about you, or your families, or your country. If you follow their orders, you betray yourself, your families and the future of Ukraine. And if you do so, you will deserve everything you get. And the best you can hope for will be a quick death.

                                       It was quick. This is the best you can hope for if you attack Donbass.

But it doesn't have to be this way. It is not yet too late. There are many honorable soldiers in the Ukrainian Army, more than you think. Which is why your masters must use the nazi battalions as blocking troops. Take a look around yourself, look into the eyes of your comrades, your Ratnik brothers. Did your parents and grandparents raise you to take orders from foreigners to wage war against your own people? Will you be willing to take orders from corrupt oligarchs and nazis who will shoot you in the back if you fail to obey? Will you be trained to die by foreign "instructors" who will be nowhere near the battle that they will order you into? Or will you take a stand against everything that has gone wrong in Ukraine, against a civil war started by foreign thieves and murderers that pits brother against brother and has the Ukraine Army committing war crimes against women and children every day? The choice is yours, but the time has come.
                                                          Remember your history. Think about your future.

The people of Donbass and the Novorussian Army are not your enemies. Your enemies are the foreign tricksters who come to impoverish and enslave your families and your nation. Your enemies are the nazi "battalions" who know only how to rape and murder, who will be turned against you too, to attack you from behind. Your enemies are the traitor oligarchs who sell your country and become fat and rich by continuing needless death and destruction, and who will continue until there is nothing left of Ukraine. Then they will take their billions and leave, for London, or Canada, or the USA. And what is left of Ukraine will resemble Iraq or Libya or Afghanistan. The Americans who own your government send their soldiers here to train you how to die, and when they tell you about "freedom and democracy" what they are really talking about is poverty and terror, endless war and destruction and death.

Look! Look with your own eyes at every single place the USA has taken control of in the last 20 years. In every single one, are the results not the same? Do you think their plans for Ukraine are any different?  Do you think the USA does not control Ukraine completely? Will you die, just to make Ukraine like Libya or Somalia or Afghanistan? Do you not know that the oligarch puppets who now make up the government of Ukraine follow every order of their US and IMF masters? Do you not know that the nazi battalions are even now lining up to shoot you in the back if you refuse to die like cattle for foreign masters?

                        Flags of the USA in the halls of the SBU in Kiev. Who is the master, who is the slave?

See who your real enemies are, deadly enemies that will kill you, shoot you in the back and send you to certain death, destroy completely the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian nation. You are a soldier, these are your deadly enemies, the real enemies of your families, of your future and of your nation. Deal with your enemies now, before it is too late.

If you attack Donbass, your destruction is assured. As certain as the destruction of the German nazis at Stalingrad, as certain  as the destruction of the Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk. Have no doubt. We will fight you to the death, we will not surrender or retreat. And we will not be fighting you alone. Our brothers will come to our aid, without question. You know this, we know this, your masters know this. Our brothers have said so themselves, that they will not allow genocide in Donbass. They mean it. Against us, you have no chance. No chance. If you come to fight, you will die. All of you. And Ukraine will become a wasteland with no future and a shameful past, a nation that destroyed itself.

Make the right choice, before it is too late. Stand up now against your true enemies, for your life, for your families, for your honor, for the future of Ukraine. Do not obey orders from foreign masters, do not allow fat oligarchs to enrich themselves by your suffering and blood. Do not allow nazis to shoot you in the back.  Return to your family, the Kievian Rus, to your brothers and sisters whose fates have been intertwined with yours for 1,000 years. Together, we are strong, together, no one can defeat us. Together, we will make a better future, for ourselves, for our families, for our fraternal nations, and for the world.