Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Is Steinmeier von Ribbentrop?

The recent big news about Zelensky signing the "Steinmeier Formula" of the Minks II Agreement has raised eyebrows and ruffled feathers on both sides of the conflict, but is it really such a big deal? And haven't we learned a lesson about Russians signing treaties with nazis before?  What are the results and advantages, if any, of this latest development?

The Steinmeier Formula is basically a simplified version of the Minsk Agreement, with a timeline for implementing the four major points - 1) elections to be held in the Donbass Republics, 2) confirmation of the results by OSCE, 3) amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine allowing independent self-government of regions, and finally, 4) return of control to Ukraine of L/DPR border crossings with Russia. In that order.

The first important thing to understand about Ukraine signing this document is that it is only a piece of paper. There is quite a difference between saying you are going to climb a mountain and the actual climbing of it. And there is also a big difference between telling someone you are going to climb a mountain and them actually believing that you will. However, it is noteworthy and precedent setting that Ukraine/Zelensky have defied the orders of their US gauleiters who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the Republic's leadership by dealing with them directly. Ukraine and Zelensky have now, in fact, dealt directly with the foreign ministers of the DPR and LPR, therefore, recognized them as such. So now, after 5 years, the "so-called", "self-declared" Republics are finally simply and de facto, The Republics.  Score one for the good guys.

Second, the Minsk Agreement and the Steinmeier Formula are the rock and the hard place between which Banderastan finds itself stuck. The goal for Ukrainian nazis and their US/Israeli masters is control of the Russian border crossings currently held by L/DPR authorities. Who controls the border crossings controls the Republics. But what is of the utmost importance in the formula is that the control of the border crossings is the final point, and can only be ceded after all the prior points are implemented. Those prior points include independent elections in the Republics, confirmation and recognition of the results by Europe and The Ukraine, and amending the Constitution of Ukraine. The main thing to understand about all this is that none of it is ever going to actually happen.

If elections are held in the Donbass Republics and the results are confirmed and recognized by Ukraine and the OSCE, the Republics are themselves recognized. If the Ukrainian Constitution is amended to allow independent self-government of the Republics, it must also allow other regions of Ukraine the same option, which would be undertaken by many regions immediately. Ukraine as a nation would be "Balkanized" and cease to exist in the same way and to the same extent as the Republic of Yugoslavia did. In order for Ukraine to try to take control of the Donbass Republics, they must relinquish control of the rest of the country. They may talk and sign documents, but they will never actually do it. First, they are not capable, and second it would be national suicide for them.
And while the scum who currently control and exploit Ukraine could not care less about the future of Ukraine or its people, they, like all parasites, wish to keep the host alive as long as possible in order to suck every last bit of wealth and worth out of the country before they abandon it.

  Furthermore, the people and defenders of the Republics will never, ever, allow the return of Ukraine government or military on our land. Laws and promises and treaties aside, it would be actual suicide for us to do so, on a Rwandan scale, as well as the absolute betrayal of the heroism, sacrifice and suffering we have undertaken and endured for the last five years. So, as I have said before, The Donbass Republics will never return to Ukraine, but there is a possibility that someday Ukraine will return to us, and to Mother Russia. It is literally the Ukraine's only hope.

The once great nation of Ukraine has been raped and robbed and ruined by the most venal scum on this planet. Nuland, Pyatt, the goddamned Bidens, Hillary Clinton, the fucking EU, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Kolomoisky, Monsanto, Burisma, the IMF... These parasites, these vermin, and their Zionist oligarch allies and their nazi henchmen are a fatal disease to the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian People.
Ukraine is now a satrapy that is controlled by foreign masters for their own benefit, and at the overwhelming expense of the citizens. The people of Donbass saw this trap and recognized it for what it was back in 2014, and we faced all-out war to break free from it. We will never, ever, willingly submit to the exploitation and outrages that Ukraine now suffers. If the ukrop nazis and their western masters could not force us to submit with war and terrorism, do you really think it is possible they will trick us with a treaty, "pencil-whip" us with pen and paper? Do you really think that clowns like Volker, Steinmeier or Zelensky could ever fool Russia or our Republics, could ever beat us at negotiation or diplomacy? These idiots have plenty of weapons and a willingness to use them, but inevitably, over and over again, they shoot themselves in their own two feet.

We have seen firsthand the worth of the words of ukrop nazis and their treacherous western masters. They are utterly unworthy of trust or respect, or of being taken seriously. We fully understand that they have exactly zero intention of adhering to any treaty or law, that they will break any promise or guarantee they make at the first instance they see an advantage in doing so. We may bandy about with them, but we are only marking time until Ukraine is finally sucked dry by its parasites and implodes under its own dead weight, or until the people of Ukraine finally stand up and take back their country, their history and their honor, and return to the Russian World of which they have been a part for over 1,000 years.

The Republics still stand, so we are winning. Time is on our side. Every year that passes we become stronger and Ukraine becomes weaker. Of course, the war continues, of course they kill more of us than we kill of them, and Donbass remains a potential regional and international flashpoint that can re-ignite at anytime. The rulers of Ukraine remain dangerous criminals, but they are also incompetent buffoons. Nobody here is falling for their lies. If they think they can fool us with tricks and treaties, they are only fooling themselves. 

In the end, the Steinmeier Formula is an unwitting formula for the further deterioration of Ukraine's political stability and future cohesion as a political entity, and above all a wedge between the competing gangster factions that are robbing and misruling the state. It further separates the US and EU, it pits Zelensky directly against the US masters who ordered him not to deal directly with L/DPR reps, and it wreaks havoc on Kolomoisky's political zoo, facing off his neo-nazi attack dogs against his presidential pet monkey. These are dangerous times for Zelensky and Ukraine. There are psychopath gangsters with heavy weapons howling for his blood, and they might just get it sooner than later. Perhaps Zelensky will be compelled to request Russian military assistance to safeguard his existence, quell rebellion and stabilize the situation, as Yanukovich should have done 5 years ago.

The signing of this treaty is a victory for Russia and the People's Republics and another defeat for Ukraine and her exploiters. The criminal clown show of ukrop politics is in no way equal to the diplomats arrayed against them on our side. The signing of the treaty by Zelensky is a move in the right direction, but ultimately, the situation in Ukraine is too far out of hand to have any real chance of a peaceful solution. More blood will be spilled before it is done, the only question is how many innocent lives must be lost in the process. The nazis and war criminals will have to pay for their crimes, there is no chance of peaceful coexistence with murderers and torturers. They know the punishment that awaits them, so will fight to the death rather than face justice. This is reality, and the sooner it is faced and dealt with, the better. There can only be peace after the total de-nazification of Ukraine and the punishment of the criminals, by military force if need be. So, let's get to it!