Saturday, January 25, 2020

PS-752 and MH-17 - UPDATE and NEW INFO

Although it already seems like "old news", it was only three weeks ago that Ukrainian Airlines PS-725 was shot down, killing all 176 onboard. The explanation of the events has changed several times, but has generally maintained the story line that Iran was responsible for "the tragic and unintentional accident". But whether it really was an accident remains an open question. With an obvious answer. The usual one... No.

Beyond any doubt, the Iranians had zero motive for shooting down the plane on purpose themselves, but new information has come to light that may well indicate that the Iranians were "spoofed" or duped by technical means into firing on and destroying an innocent civilian plane. But if you know the specifications and capabilities of the TOR M-1 system, the "spoofing" story remains extremely unconvincing.  As noted in my previous article on this subject, the Tor M-1 has a radar for detecting objects, and TV and infrared cameras for targeting and fire control. The radar has a 25 Km range, the cameras have a 20 Km range, and the missiles, 15 Km. If a target cannot be visually seen by the operator, it cannot be hit. Of course, I do understand that IFF transponders and radar return info can be "spoofed", but I have yet to see a credible explanation of how optical and thermal imaging cameras can be manipulated into making an ascending civilian 737 with all lights illuminated appear to be a cruise missile.

Two of the early "explanations" for "accidentally" firing on the airliner (first that the transponder was either not on or malfunctioned, and second that the plane had veered off course towards Tehran or military bases) have now been dispelled. As in proven to be absolutely false. In fact neither of these events occurred until after the airliner had already been fired on, and hit at least once. This video, published by the New York Times, contains extremely important information. This information, if true, shows the radar transponder on and working up until the first missile impact, and that the plane did not veer off course until after the first missile hit. "If true"... Do I trust the New York Times?  Of course not. But the professional liars that write for and edit it, from time to time hoist themselves on their own petard. Their video asserts -

It was the first missile impact that causes the transponder to stop working. So, the transponder was on and working at the time the first missile was aimed and fired, and the plane was on course, along its usual flight path, until the first missile hit.

And it appears from the video that the "sensitive military installations" that the missiles were fired to ostensibly defend, were directly under the regular flight paths of the many international flights leaving Imam Khomeni Airport every day. So, this 737, with its transponder and all lights still on, ascending along its usual flight path, well within the visual range of the TOR's targeting and fire control cameras, is "mistaken for a cruise missile"? This is simply not credible by any stretch of the imagination. Have you ever mistaken a bus for a bicycle? No. Me neither.

Furthermore, the following info and graphic casts serious doubts on the claim that the Tor's communication system was jammed.
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The Tor ADA site is clearly a permanent position (based on visible roads, berms and other infrastructure) defending the IRCG's Martyr Tehrani-Moghaddam Ballistic Missile Research Facility.  So, this was no hastily emplaced temporary position, it was a long-term position protecting a very high value static target. It would have had only highly trained and experienced operators, experts, intimately familiar with not only the equipment but the location and the environment. Furthermore, it is standard ADA protocol for each launch site to have at least two means of communication, a primary wire based land line and a secondary radio link. Any long term position would probably have had multiple, redundant landlines, as well as the radio link. Yes, wire landlines can be cut, and yes, they can be hacked into by physical means, but no one has yet explained how to remotely "jam" a wire landline, and  what are the chances of physical compromise happening in a highly secured military base, anyway? Possible, but extremely doubtful.

So, in summary, the mistaken identification story and the communication failure story are still unconvincing and dubious at best. The vast preponderance of the evidence is against them both.

There is also the question of the 9M330 missile nose cone photos. Yes, the world has seen the two photos of what appears to be a nose cone of an 9M330 rocket that was alleged to have been found "near the crash site". It was first published on 9 January, less than 24 hours after the crash. Ashkan Monfared tweeted the image, which he said was taken “by an amateur who had no knowledge of the significance of the story and did not know what he had found”. (Let that sink in for a moment.) Ashkan then wrote: “This is a fragment found at the crash site of a Ukrainian passenger plane that fell in front of a resident's home. Does the airplane look anything like this? Isn't it a rocket?” Ashkan demurely asks. Just a bit too cutely.

Ashkan Monfared is an "Iranian blogger and political activist" and student at De Anza Community College who lives in San Jose, California. That Ashkan would be the one to receive and then publish the photo within 24 hours, from a Tehran resident, " an amateur who had no knowledge of the significance of the story and did not know what he had found", is utter bullshit on multiple levels. Even Elliot Higgins was publicly skeptical. Indeed. This is probably the most important and politically significant photo of 2020 so far, and some community college blogger in California is the first one to obtain it, recognize its significance and share it with the world?  WTF? Is he kidding?!

Not the Iranian police or first responders, not the IRGC, not an Iranian citizen with a verifiable name and address who might have sent it to... I don't know, Press TV maybe (for money) or the local authorities (for patriotism). No, our unnamed, unknown and unlocated "resident" photographer, sent it to a dissident small-time blogger in California. Do you believe that bullshit for even one second? I understand if you do, because there are tens or even hundreds of millions of idiots all over the world who do so unquestioningly. But I am not one of them. And I hope you're not either.

Of course, I must admit, as every wise man must, that I could be wrong. This is, in fact, within the realm of possibility. But if you think so, please allow me to ask one question - IF the photo is legit, if it was found by an anonymous idiot who could not comprehend the significance of what he was seeing, but photographed it anyway and sent the photo halfway around the world to a 3rd rate blogger in California, why haven't we seen any more photos of the nose cone, sitting on a table in the hands of the Iranian military or police or the international investigation committee? Or anywhere else, for that matter? If the anonymous photographer took the photo of it, why the hell didn't he go ahead and pick it up and give it to someone more intelligent than himself? Even the local trash collector would qualify...

And this is the really, really important part - If the Iranians don't have the nose cone in their hands by now, that means whoever took the photos more that two weeks ago, still hasn't given it to them. It means the photos were, and are, fake.  Unique, original, never before published photos of a nose cone of a 9M330 rocket with no geo-location data, that could have been taken anywhere in the world (Ukraine, for example) that were ready and waiting for the tragic "accident" to happen... AHEAD OF TIME. You understand? These photos, just like the Ukrainian SBU's faked "phone intercepts" connected to the downing of MH-17 in 2014, had to be produced ahead of time, with foreknowledge that the planes would be brought down. And the only ones with foreknowledge were the ones who were actually going to do it. THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY DID IT. Do you understand?

Yes, you might say, "But the Iranians have admitted that they did it."  Indeed they have. But as I noted in my previous article on this subject, there may be other reasons why they might say they did it, other than that they actually did. Political expedience can be a strange and confusing thing. Again, the example of MH-17 can be instructive. The people who can understand that the ukrop nazis shot down MH-17 are on the right track, but they aren't digging deep enough. The BUK missile fragment supposedly found on DPR territory in 2018 and linked to MH-17 has been traced to a Ukrainian Army inventory. This seems to confirm the accidental shoot down of MH-17 by a Ukrainian SAM battery.  But that's not what happened. The accidental BUK launch is a provably impossible theory. The physical evidence clearly seen in photographs taken of MH-17 cockpit and wing shows 30 mm bullet holes in the cockpit and bullet graze marks along the top of the wing that are compatible with the projectiles from the 30 mm cannon of a fighter jet and nothing else.

So why would Russia provide a BUK fragment and say it was the missile that shot down MH-17 and traced to Ukrainian inventory when the physical evidence proves it was a ukrop jet that brought it down? Are the Russians lying? Yes, they are. Why? As you may recall, in the days shortly after the downing of MH-17, Russia provided its primary radar data, showing a Ukrainian combat aircraft within 5 Km of MH-17 at the time it was shot down.  They know exactly what happened, as do all the eyewitnesses I interviewed in 2015. But in September 2018, more than 4 years later, Russia provided a BUK fragment that was supposedly found in rebel-controlled territory near the crash site. The BUK fragment had a serial number that was recorded as having been in Ukraine's possession since 1986.  This story contradicts the Ukrainian fighter jet theory (that was and is backed up by radar and physical evidence) that the Russians had previously published. Why would the Russians lie? They still hold Ukraine responsible, but provide clearly fake evidence. Why? If Ukraine did it, (and they did) what's the difference whether it was a fighter jet or a BUK?  If it was a fighter jet (or jets), then it was no accident, but a BUK can be used to float the "accidental launch" excuse, which changes the cold-blooded and intentional premeditated mass murder into the much more palatable "tragic accident". Are you beginning to see?

When Trump claimed the Iranian missile response to the murder of Quassim Soleimani resulted in "No Americans" being injured or killed, he was lying through his teeth while telling the technical truth, and fooling millions of American idiots in the process. Because most Americans, unless they are veterans of the US military (like me) don't know about Green Card Soldiers. The dirty secret of the true cannon fodder, even more expendable than the regular US soldiers. These disposable soldiers are foreign immigrants who are paid bonuses and promised citizenship for serving in the US military, much as the French Foreign Legion does. But these non-US citizens, serving in the US military, are always sent to the most dangerous positions and situations, the suicide missions, where scumbag politicians like Bush, Obama and Trump can use weasel words to say "No American soldiers were killed", while still lying to the US public about the Iranian missiles not causing any casualties. The Green Card Soldiers have been an open secret for decades.

On the geopolitical chessboard, ordinary human beings can be, and are, slaughtered in the hundreds, sacrificed like so many pawns. Both, or rather, all sides know this and accept it, and they deal with it in whatever manner they deem will help them best achieve their own objectives. The truth and morality have little or nothing to do with it. So, yes, Russia is in fact lying about the BUK and MH-17, and lying to protect their enemy, the mass murdering war criminals in Ukraine, and their US masters. And yes, the Iranians are lying too, about the destruction of PS-752 being an accident. Why exactly they are doing so remains unclear, but the "accidental launch" theory is false, beyond any reasonable doubt. People need to understand this, and keep seeking the truth. Because while there may sometimes be a good reason for telling a lie, there is never a good reason for believing one.

The bottom line in both these cases is that the Russians and Iranians have almost certainly been complicit in the cover ups of the murders of hundreds of innocent civilians in just these two aviation disasters alone. The true score is incalculable. But what can be known and what is known, is who the criminal perpetrators are, who the real terrorists and mass murderers are. The usual. And if it seems distasteful for Russia or Iran to be complicit in the cover ups, remember this - they are doing the best they can against a truly satanic foe, who has no morals or mercy, who is literally willing to destroy the world if they are unable to enslave it. So the diplomatic concessions that are made may have allowed the murders of hundreds to go unrevealed and unpunished, but by doing so, may have literally saved millions of lives, including some of the readers of this article.

Once you understand the historic trajectory, the true battle lines and the true adversaries in this global and existential battle for the future of Humanity, the actual details are no longer necessary to know. You know who are the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. How they act and what they are capable of. This is a war between Humanity and those who want to rule the world and exterminate whatever portion of Humanity they do not find useful as slaves or biological resources. There can not be and never will be any kind of peace or truce, with these voracious and implacable cannibals, only victory or death, absolutely, total victory for one side, and annihilation for the other. The actions of each and every one of us will determine which side wins and which side will be permanently erased from the Earth. It will be one side or the other. Choose your side and do your part. Davai!