Monday, January 13, 2020

Truth about PS-752

There remain a lot of unanswered questions and implausible explanations in the story of the Ukrainian airliner shot down near Tehran on January 8th, 2020. And while the Iranians have publicly and officially taken responsibility, there may be other reasons for them taking responsibility besides their actually having done it. I can think of several, and I will propose a few. But one thing I am certain of, with good reason - the "accident" story is bullshit, no matter who is telling it, and no matter why. They may have a good reason for telling it, but it's a lie. There may be a good reason for telling it, but there's no good reason for believing it, at all.

The first thing to understand about the SA-15 system is that it DOES have an IFF interrogator built into its radar system. The interrogator sends out a pulse that detects and interprets the IFF civilian airliner transponder signal automatically, every few seconds. Boeing 737 aircraft are equipped with two IFF transponders, which are set and activated prior to take off. Planes can be allowed to take off with only one operational transponder, and it is possible that the single transponder can fail or a pilot (and co-pilot, and even ATC) can forget to make sure it's on before take off. My friend, a professional airline pilot, explains that if the plane is preparing for take off and the ATC does not see the transponder on his radar screen, he will remind the pilot, who will turn it on before take off. My friend has also told me that it does happen that the pilot, co-pilot and ATC can and sometimes do all forget and/or fail to notice the transponder is not on before take off. So, it could be possible for a plane to take off without an IFF transponder operating. On a flight across several international borders, into combat skies, where the IFF would be THE most important single safety system on the plane on this flight. Even flight PS-752.

Yes, it would be possible that they all overlooked it, except for one thing - we KNOW that they did not. That the flight was recorded on FLIGHTRADAR24.COM, proves that the transponder was on and working. The transponder was on and working, and the SA-15 radar, would have seen the unique flight info code for the regularly scheduled civilian flight on the radar screen, as would  all ADA radars and all other civilian and military radars within range. 

Even without an IFF transponder response, the SA-15/TOR M-1 radar provides the following data - location, bearing, speed and size (amplitude). That means, even if there was no IFF signal, (though, again, we KNOW there was) just from the radar blip on the screen, the operator gets location, bearing, speed and size, stating the object is going 180 degrees away from Aria military airbase, 90 degrees away from Tehran, (PS-752 did not turn right until after the first missile hit) going about half the speed of a Tomahawk cruise missile (275 knots vs 480 knots) and the amplitude of its return radar signal is exactly that of the profile of a Boeing 737, many times bigger and different from that of a cruise missile or enemy military aircraft of any kind.

Besides the integrated IFF interrogator, and the K-band Doppler radar, the SA-15 has another detection/ID/targeting system -  an automatic all weather day/night NV/IR Electro Optical Targeting System (EOTS) used for target engagement and fire control, with a range of 20 Km. The 9M330 series of rockets have a max range of 15 Km, so if they could hit it, they could see it. And what they see on an EOTS screen is something EXACTLY like this. Seriously, just watch this. This is all you need to see, in order to know that the "accidental launch" story is a lie. Even if the IFF interrogator didn't work, the radar return profile would have told 100% it was a 737 and nothing else. If the radar didn't work, the EOTS cameras, with a single glance, would have shown a 737, and not a cruise missile or F-35. And if all the above did not work, it would not have been possible to launch not one but two missiles, from the SA-15/TOR M-1 system and hit the plane.

Even with the naked eye, from 12 Km, any competent person could tell PS-752 was a civilian flight, or at least, showing civilian running lights... There are 7 lights illuminated at all times on the 737 when it is in flight, including 2 red and green navigation lights, 2 white strobe lights on the wingtips, and 2 orange anti-collision lights on the top and bottom of the fuselage. In addition, two white runway turn off lights, facing forward at 45 degrees from the nose of the plane, a white taxi light under the nose, and four forward facing wing mounted extremely bright and high powered landing lights. There are also 2 logo lights that illuminate the airline's logo on both sides of the vertical tail. NOTE - It is standard operating procedure for 737 pilots to use the runway turn off, taxi, logo and landing lights during take off, and to leave them on until they are above 10,000 feet. So, PS-752 had 15 different lights, steady and strobe, some very high power, and all illuminated when it was hit at 8,000 feet. It could have been identified by the naked eye as a civilian plane, even from a dozen Km away.
So, what am I saying here? I am saying this exactly - whatever happened, and whoever is responsible, and for whatever reason, the "accident" story is a lie. And whoever tells it, whoever they may be, is lying. For whatever reason. And you know, I know, from long years of experience, that the most common reason you lie, or I lie, or anybody else lies, is because either we have done something wrong, or we are trying to trick somebody. Not always, but almost always. What other reason could there be? What could the righteous reasons be for telling a lie to your nation, and to the world? There may well be some. Or not.

On the other hand, it may be that US/NATO/MOSSAD/ISIS/UKROPS shot down the plane in a false flag op to further inflame world opinion against Iran. Expecting Iran to deny their involvement, a powerful, emotional and ongoing good guy/bad guy drama could be created and exploited. By Iran's acceptance of responsibility, it shuts off the propaganda narrative before it gets started. Whether they actually did it or not, by taking responsibility, it becomes moot and the subject is closed. A smart move.  How could US/NATO/MOSSAD/ISIS/UKROPS shoot down PS-752 in Iran? 


The first questions are always, as they always must be, who had the motive, the weapon and the opportunity? Motive? Whoever wants war, who wants to throw more obstacles to peace into the mix, who has promoted war in the Middle East AND in Ukraine, and manipulated, blackmailed and bribed the US into doing it's dirty work for more than half a century. The ones to benefit from continued conflict between the US and Iran, AND Ukraine and Russia. (As I write Ukraine government is blaming Russia for the shoot down.) Can you imagine who that might be? Perhaps those whose motto is "By deception, you shall do war." Well, Shazam! Just imagine! They ever do anything like that before? Maybe ask the sailors on the USS Liberty, or those dudes who were dancing on 9/11, or "Lucky" Larry Silverstein, or Ukrainian/Israeli billionaire Igor Kolomoisky,  or Waltzman and Nudelman, and the Maidan snipers or their victims, or perhaps the passengers of MH-17. Or JFK or RFK or MLK. Who has the motive for war? Who values profit, filthy lucre, above human life, truth and justice? Can you guess?


Israel and the CIA both have powerful subversive terrorist organizations operating inside Iran. These encompass military, propaganda, economic, espionage and sabotage activities, which have been ongoing for years. Foremost among them is MEK, but there are others, including ISIS and Al Qaida sleeper cells.


The airliner had just taken off, it was flying low and slow, just a few Km's from the airport, near the town of Parand, but mostly over empty desert. The speed was 316 MPH at an altitude of just under 8,000 feet. This is well within the engagement range of most modern MANPADS, (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) such as the Russian Igla-S, the Polish Grom and the British Starstreak, as well as not so modern, but still available and effective, Russian Strela-3 and US Stinger. Flight PS-752 was well within the range of any of these man portable weapons, and Ukraine, ISIS and Al Qaida have all had access to, and used US Stingers and Russian Igla and Strela systems.

BUT... While getting MANPADS into Iran might not be easy, it is certainly within the ability of Mossad, the CIA or SBU. All of them have experience in false flag mass murder and are fully capable of murdering hundreds of innocent people for political goals. And so are the killers among their ISIS and MEK stooges. So when you cut out all the bullshit of all the impossible theories, when you go by past experience and add your grain of salt to info provided by known liars and criminals, when you examine who had plan, motive, opportunity, weapon and experience, who had done it before and had no compunction about doing it again, when you ask yourself "Cui bono", who would possibly benefit from preventing or at least complicating and diminishing chances for peace in the Middle East, and between Ukraine and Russia, you start to see a pattern, and a theory starts to come to mind that's not bullshit, that makes sense, is believable and explains all the evidence and loose ends that can't be explained any other way. And there you have the answer. And, you know, you knew it all along, didn't you?

I recently read a theory from a wise Суть времени (Essence of Time) comrade of mine. It was not what I wanted to hear or even contemplate, but it is possible, so must be considered before it can be dismissed. Consider this - Iranian elites may have made a deal to submit to U.S. pressure and hegemony, and betray Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and above all, their own country. However Shaheed Soleimani and the IRGC would have never agreed to this. Thus the murder of Qasim, and the attack on the reputation and the honor of the IRGC,  by framing them for incompetence. Is this the deal? I don't know. Man, I hope not. But we will see. 

If so, it's a classic example of gaslighting. How can you tell the truth if everybody's lying? That almost 200 people were mass murdered is a huge crime and a tragedy, but the attack on reality, and people's ability to discern it, is far worse. In other words, complete bullshit. We know it happened. Will we ever really know who did it and why? I doubt it. But we know it was no accident. And we know both sides are lying about it.

But it is possible for us to know what will happen next. Pay no attention to what they say. It is clear that everyone is lying. Just watch and see what they do. We have seen the death of Shaheed Quaseem Soleimani, we know that's real, and I felt it, and feel it, as much as I do the death of Alexander Zakharchenko. The Iraqi PMU's who lost Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis, the SAA and all Shia, and all good people around the world have yet to have their say about the murders of Brothers Mahdi and Quaseem and their companions. But I'm sure they will, and when they do, I believe they will speak the truth. By their actions. As we all do, every day.