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Putin's 3 Front War - Donbass, Syria and the Russian Federation


The situation in Donbass remains tense. Our Army remains strong and cohesive, ready for whatever comes, but the political situation is in flux, and highly unstable at the moment. Elections are still scheduled for November. Since the assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko ten days ago, military units in the Republics have been on high alert. Information on reinforcements of the 12,000 strong Ukrainian Army, along with the openly nazi Azov Battalion as well as NATO soldiers, instructors and commanders moving into the Mariupol area are also reasons for serious concern. Provocations by ukrop units all along the Front continue to escalate, particularly the use of snipers against front line Novorussian troops and artillery and incendiaries against civilians in front line areas.

I do not claim to have any "inside information" other than what I am told by my friends and comrades who are currently serving at the Front, and that which I can observe myself firsthand around Donetsk. But the Mariupol build-up is strange to me for several reasons. First, there is nothing of value, strategically, militarily or even economically between Mariupol and Donetsk. There are only two major roads between Mariupol and Donetsk, and one of them is already in ukrop territory. With the exception of a few small villages, the area between Mariupol and Donetsk is farmland and woodlands.

Second, a ukrop attack on Donetsk from Mariupol would entail a 100 Km advance in the open, along a single poorly maintained, but certainly well defended (by DPR Army) road, almost all of which would be within 20 Km of the Russian border. If Russia were to respond with artillery to this attack, they could wipe out the entire ukrop assault force without having to actually even cross the border. (Remember Debaltsevo?) So, in my opinion, the Mariupol build-up is either a ruse to get the DPR to commit manpower and resources to defend a few small villages and defensive positions, or a provocation to try to get the Russians to become openly militarily involved inside DPR 
(So-called "Ukrainian" territory.)

A - Southernmost DPR defensive positions at Shyrokino
B - Main DPR/RF border crossing at Uspenka
Red Line - Contact line of UAF and LDPR
Grey Line - Russian Border
Gold Lines - Main Roads
Scale - I----------------------I = 50 Km
(Google Maps, used under fair use doctrine)

The ukrop army holds positions on the very outskirts of all major Republican cities - Donetsk, Lugansk, Makeevka, Yasynuvata and Gorlovka. The center of Donetsk city, where I am right now, is less than 10 Km from ukrop positions, which have also been heavily reinforced over the previous months. The same goes for the other cities. Why would the ukrops make a major assault across 100 Km of open country, when, if they can break through our front line positions, they can literally be in the center of our major (and strategic) cities in an hour or two?

It is the US military that controls and directs the Ukrainian Armed Forces, therefore, the UAF will be used to pursue US strategic goals, not Ukrainian tactical objectives. The Ukrainian civil war has always been a proxy war fought by the US against Russia. The main objective has always been to unite world opinion against Russian "aggression", in order to justify the continuation and escalation of the economic, information and military war against Russia by NATO and Western powers. An attack into the major cities of the Republics will allow the ukrops to protect themselves from Russian artillery and airstrikes by using the civilian populations as human shields, even as they begin "cleansing" and "punishment" operations against these civilians.

Military operations in urban areas are highly destructive and time consuming, allowing the US and Ukraine the time to make "humanitarian" appeals for direct military involvement in Ukraine by NATO or the UN. Russian intervention against ukrop atrocities will be framed as "aggression" against Ukraine. As the battles for the cities drag on, the ukrop einsatzgruppen will be able to round up and exterminate many of those they see as potential resistance inside the Republics.

I believe the US/ukrop attack plan will begin with a feigned attack from Mariupol, which will either draw Russia directly into the war immediately, or require a military response by DRP forces, which will put our troops in the open, along the same road, which also happens to be within range of ukrop artillery. If Russia responds, the ukrop attack force can withdraw back to defensive positions in Mariupol, as reserves, and the main offensive will begin against our cities, in which case proximity to our civilians will afford the attackers some protection from Russian retribution. If Russia doesn't respond with artillery strikes from within its own borders or direct military action inside the Republics, the DPR will be forced to confront the ukrop assault force using troops and equipment drawn from our already outnumbered defensive lines. Which again facilitates a ukrop assault into the hearts of our densely populated cities.

The obvious tactical solution is an overwhelming preemptive attack by LDPR and Russian forces prior to the commencement of the ukrop offensive. The combined forces of Russia and the Republics are capable of eliminating the festering military threat of the Ukrainian Army in a matter of a few days, if not hours. But this has grave strategic and political consequences that are impossible to fully calculate. None the less, Vladimir Putin has given the people of Donbass his word that "Russia will always be with you", and as he learned as a kid in the streets of Leningrad, "If a fight is inevitably, it is better to hit first." The people of Donbass trust Putin, and we agree.


The situation in Syria continues to escalate and is headed for either the final elimination of US-backed ISIS terrorists or a new and much larger conflagration. The SAA and the Russian air force have ignored the "warning" by Trump not to attack the final Idlib stronghold of the terrorists, and the naval stand-off in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea also continues. Syria and Donbass are both frontline flashpoints in the same war, and if one is ignited, the other will immediately follow. As the US actually has zero legal or political right to occupy or attack Syria or the Russian defenders there, it is reasonable to expect a military attack in Donbass to precede a confrontation in Syria between the Western powers and Russia. This will give the West a chance to attempt to induce world public opinion to support a military confrontation with Russia in Ukraine and in Syria, with the "Russian aggression" canard.

If by mistake or intentionally, things in the Syria zone are escalated by either side, it will be the "GO" signal for the ukrop military assault on Donbass, thus forcing Russia immediately into a two front war. But I believe the plan of Ukraine's Western masters is to begin in Donbass as an excuse to escalate in Syria.

Current DPR intelligence (which is very good) indicates that the ukrop offensive will commence on September 14th. That's less than one week from today. Mark your calendar, and prepare. It is by now obvious that Trump is just another fascist tool, willing to start a world war in order to perpetuate US imperialism, in connivance with other fascist powers, particularly UK and Israel, along with their NATO henchmen. It is now too late to hope for any meaningful protest, much less any actual resistance, from the cowardly and brain-washed citizens of these regimes. They cannot and will not stop their rogue masters from starting this war, and it will be left to Russia and its allies to end it. By whatever means necessary. As goes Syria, so goes Donbass, and as I have said since 2015, "As goes Donbass, so goes the world."

                                             The Russian Federation
In case of a failure of the military option and a failure to turn world opinion against Russia and towards support for a world war against Russia, the imperialist regimes are now executing a "soft power" attack against Putin and the RF in the form of widespread protests against the Medvedev clique's proposed raising of the retirement age ("pension reform") in Russia. These protests have led to street protests and a significant decline in public support for Putin,
at a crucial time.

This issue is a red herring - as of yet, the retirement age has not been raised - The plan would see the age raised gradually from 60 to 65 for men, and from 55 to 63 for women. But the mere suggestion of such a plan, based on the economic reality of a reduced number of workers and a growing number of retirees, has already caused minor but significant nation-wide protests, led by western-backed traitors like Alexi Navalny and Igor Girkin, along with Russian nationalists and even the Russian Communist Party.

That Navalny and Girkin support the protest should, by itself, be enough to convince even the most ignorant Russian citizen of its treachery, and it is a sad and dangerous day when so-called "Russian nationalists" are too dimwitted to understand that these protests are organized and encouraged by Russia's worst enemies. That the KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) has cynically promoted the protest in order to attempt to raise it's own insignificant popular support at the expense of the Putin government is a betrayal not only of Russia but of history and Communist principles as well.

I have long considered the KPRF to be an irrelevant and impotent organization whose internal contradictions, poor leadership and self-serving opportunism have put the once great Party on the periphery of Russian politics and left it unworthy of trust or respect. And I say this as a Communist myself. Rather than these protests gaining any real political support for the KPRF, their collaboration with traitors like Navalny and Girkin will, and certainly should, be the final nail in the coffin of their political stature. These are "communists" like Gorbachev and Yeltsin, not Communists like Lenin and Stalin or the Communists of the Red Army who saved and freed Russia and the world from fascism 75 years ago. Encouraging and promoting this protest is abject treachery at a time when the Russian Federation and its future are under siege and in peril, similar to what Russians and the USSR faced in 1939.

It is also, on the part of the pensioners affected, nothing better than self-centered idiocy. They should ask their contemporaries in Libya, Syria and Ukraine how similar protests, engineered by similar western-backed traitors turned out. Sowing discord in Russia today will lead them to enjoy the same retirement that pensioners enjoy in Libya, and Ukraine.

Perhaps someone should inform them that today, as they agitate against their government because of a proposal to raise their retirement age to 63 or 65, in the "wealthy and free" USA, the retirement age is currently 66, with plans to raise it even higher. They should also be aware that the social security system in the USA is bankrupt, with no hope of actually covering the debt owed to people who paid into the fund a portion of their paychecks for all their working lives. The fund wad looted by Bill Clinton in the 1990's, transferred to the general fund, where it was stolen and squandered, and replaced with worthless IOU's. Those in Russia who join these protests are no better than the fools and traitors who protested at Maidan in Kiev four years ago, and they fail to understand that if they continue, they too will suffer the same fate.

It has been said that the three greatest leaders of the Russian People were all named "Vladimir". Vladimir the Great, who founded Russia a thousand years ago, Vladimir Lenin, who founded the Soviet Union one hundred years ago, and Vladimir Putin who saved modern Russia from the abyss, about ten years ago. I agree. There is no other person in Russia who could lead and protect the Russian People better than, or even half as well, as Vladimir Putin. To agitate against him now, is the most stupid, treacherous and dangerous thing Russian citizens can do.

And if the "pension reform" imbroglio is really so important, there is a reasonable solution, which is already being implemented, and does not endanger the political stability of the Russian Federation, and will produce an open, honest and democratic answer to the pension question. Суть времени, the Essence of Time Movement in Russia, has already begun collecting signatures on a petition to put the pension question to a vote in a nation-wide referendum. What could possibly be more democratic, open and fair than that? It really is the perfect solution, and should be supported (and signed!) by every patriotic Russian with any sense at all.

This petition, thanks to Sergey Kurginyan and Суть времени, is already being circulated. If it fails to garner the required number of signatures, it will prove the pension question is a minor issue, and the protests are being blown out of proportion by foreign enemies and domestic traitors to further their own ends, whose goals are to foment protest and discord in Russia, and actually have nothing to do with the question of pensions. If it does obtain the required number of signatures, it will be put to a vote, and all Russians can decide. Either way, the petition and subsequent possible referendum render all further protests on the issue moot. Any further protests in the streets, when a reasonable, effective and peaceful alternative exists, prove conclusively that anyone participating in those protests, whether through malice or stupidity or even simply short-sighted self interest, is a true danger to the future of Russia, in what is already a very dangerous time. And they should be treated accordingly.


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