Friday, September 14, 2018

UNSC Stalemate and The Great Game

I just finished watching the live kabuki theater of the UNSC September 11th meeting on Syria, broadcast by Sputnik News.    As usual, the immeasurable hypocrisy of France, UK and US, (FUKUS) along with the craven obsequiousness of Western states like Poland and Sweden, and other minions like Kuwait,  were on public display along with the latest opportunistic treachery by Turkey's weasel king, Erdogan. I also observed the mealy-mouthed condolences of the UNSC representatives about 9/11's 17th anniversary, as every one of them pretended not to know that beyond any question, 9/11 was a false flag terrorist operation by the  US "deep state" committed against their own citizens.  Even as they discuss the parameters of another equally as horrid false flag terrorist operation like so many that have been committed repeatedly against the citizens of Syria. By the exact same people.

The writing is on the wall - If Syria and Russia continue to prosecute the operation against US-backed terrorists in Syria, the US and their lackeys threaten to attack Syria, and the US will unleash their Ukro-nazi attack dogs against the Donbass Republics. The implication being that if Syria and Russia desist from the operation to clear Idlib and Syria from the last few remaining abscesses of US-backed terrorism in Syria, the perilous situation will be de-escalated, and US control of Idlib and their terrorists there will become the status quo. Again, for a while. Ostensibly, in return, the big ukrop attack on Donbass Republics will also be shelved, at least for the moment. Or so they seem to be implying.

Of course, as usual, the FUKUS powers are lying, as they did today and as they always do. If the staged false flag attacks, and the coordinated attacks against Syria (and international law) take place as a result, all bets are once again off. The FUKUS powers have proven long ago, and time and again, that their word is worth nothing, they are not "agreement-capable". Syria and their allies could agree to allow the terrorist stronghold of Idlib to continue to fester, and FUKUS could still instruct their allies to carry out the false flag, with attacks on Syria and Donbass to follow anyway. But as of tonight, 12 hours after the UNSC meeting, it appears that perhaps the deal is done - the latest reports from Southfront are about SAA operations in Der Izzor, not Idlib, and SANA News reports are still from yesterday, about the ISIS/White Helmets false flag videos. But as of tonight, the false flag in Idlib has not yet been raised. And as of tonight, there are no more reports about air strikes on Idlib.

The hostage millions (3 million) civilian citizens of Idlib are now bargaining chips, along with the 6 million citizens of the Donbass. It is only realistic to call us both "pawns", which is what they and we are. In "The Great Game" of geopolitics, a city, a few million people mean little compared to the future of the alliances of the East and West. All human suffering is subjective and relative.
Politics is a long game.

Those who move the chess pieces, who move the pawns in The Great Game, do not feel the pain of the innocent victims in Idlib or Donetsk, they cannot, and perhaps it is for the best. Perhaps... 

Vladimir Putin's first priority is and always must be the safety and security of the Russian Federation. This comes before and above considerations about the people or the States of Syria or the Donbass Republics. Without the existence of the Russian Federation, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Donbass Republics would already long ago have ceased to exist. If those who have stood by us and ensured our survival for so long are now forced to use us as bargaining chips, so be it. Putin has proven himself time and again to be a brilliant tactician, a shrewd bargainer who achieves his objectives with a minimum of bloodshed and suffering. With or without Syria or the Donbass Republics, Russia can and must survive. Without Russia, our small Republics have no chance against the Fourth Reich. Without Russia, neither does the world.

But the Western fascists care nothing about a few million souls, suffering or sacrificed, here or there, as has been proven by their criminal actions time and again, and openly admitted by the likes of Madeline Albright and Zbignew Brizinsky.  The DPR is my country, and these are my people, and if need be, I will die alongside them. If the Donbass Republics must be sacrificed to ensure the survival of the Russian Federation, we are ready to make that sacrifice, as our Grandparents did, by the millions, and as we will if we must, to preserve the Russian Federation, the Slavic People, our people, the best and only hope for the future of Humanity. But you can bet we will die fighting, and we will take as many nazis as we can with us when we go.  We ask only that the leaders and the people of the Russian Federation and the world, make sure our sacrifice is worth it. Hoka Hey.

To be clear, Neither I nor the people of the Donbass Republics think Russia will desert us. We have Vladimir Putin's word, and Putin don't lie. We have also seen the Russian military equipment and manpower lined up, out in the open, just a few Km from the Russian/DPR border crossing at Uspenka. But Russians never tip their hand. For every piece they show, there are twenty more that you don't see.  If the ukrop army does make an attack on the Donbass Republics, it will be the last move that army ever makes, a ukrop Waterloo, a neo-nazi Dien Bien Phu. But if the US and their lackeys make another unjustified, baseless and illegal attack on Syria, based on false pretenses, it can only be expected that they will do the same with their neo-nazi attack dogs in Ukraine. In which case, all these rabid nazi dogs will be cured. And there is only one cure for rabies.

Nor should the citizens of Idlib think that Russia or the SAA will abandon them to the tender mercies of the US-backed cannibal terrorists who now hold them hostage and murder their children for false flag videos. We are coming, and the terrorists in Syria too, will be tried and punished for their crimes, and they too will be cured of their rabies. As will their masters, directors and supporters.

The people of Idlib, the citizens whose families have lived there for generations, have much in common with the people of the Donbass Republics - we are victims of a war started by foreigners that became brother against brother, and has lingered on for years now. Above all, the people of Idlib and the people of Donbass have the same enemy.  we know it, and we know who it is. Do you?

I say to everyone who is reading this - our enemy is your enemy too. The exact same people and powers that fill our lives with strife, with sadness, struggle, misery and danger, who threaten our lives, our futures, who diminish the quality of life in every way, every day.  What they are doing to us, they are doing to you today, every day. And you know it. So what are you going to do about it?