Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Answer to More Questions from "The Saker"

 Andy Raevski has once again written another pompous pile of drivel on the occasion of the death of another DPR Hero.  As with his tripe on the occasions of the deaths of Motorola and Givi, he again has "questions", about the "major, massive, problem with the DNR/LNR security services"... "Whether this is pure incompetence or treason", he doesn't know.  Again, with the "incompetence and treason", as if taken straight from the pages of the Kiev Post or RFE/RL. Or as if projecting his own character onto the Army and special services of the DPR.

 Raevski, who claims to have once been a "soldier" in the Swiss Army, apparently finds the concepts of personal courage and a willingness to risk one's life to be utterly beyond his comprehension. A "soldier" in the Swiss Army, eh? Isn't that a bit like playing quarterback for the Boston Red Sox? The Swiss Army has never been in a war, or even a battle, unless you count the two times they were called out to crush worker's strikes in 1875 and 1918. Apparently, he's the kind of "soldier" who fails to understand that in real war, real soldiers die.

 Simply taking a look at Raevski's maudlin and self-pitying writing style gives a glimpse into his (lack of) character. He is clearly a creature whose craven worldview extends no further than his own comfort, self-interest and ego.

And the motherfucker just couldn't pass up taking a jab at me (from behind the safety of his computer keyboard) calling me "hysterical" and an "ignorant amateur" in his whining rant about the murder of Alexander Vladimirovich Zaharchenko, the Leader of our Republic, my Comrade and Commander, a man with whom I shared mutual respect. We were in the Army together. I knew him and he knew me. Like I said, mutual respect. My Comrade, who had just died.

  What I tried to explain to Andy, twice, when Motorola died, and again when Givi died, (both of whom I also served with at the airport) which apparently Andy is incapable of understanding, and too stupid to learn, is that real men, real soldiers, do not take every precaution to avoid danger at all costs and at every turn. Real men, unlike Raevski, are willing to face danger head on, to risk their lives, knowing they may some day have to die for their Republic and their principles. Men like Alexander Vladimirovich Zaharchenko, Arsen Pavlov and Mikhael Tolstykh, and all the Defenders of Donbass do not hide from danger, we face it and confront it. That is the only way to defeat it. The ONLY way, and we know that some of us will die doing so. It goes with the job, of being a soldier, and of being a Man.

 Every civilian, every Babushka and little kid, every young mother, also faces danger and death in the Donbass Republics, every day. (And every Grandma and little kid here has more courage than Raevski ever will.) Shall the soldiers and leaders take precautions that ordinary citizens cannot? Or should we stand and show those we defend that we are not afraid to face the same dangers that they do, thus encouraging them as well?

 Raevski, a simpering coward, safely ensconced in his self-proclaimed "belly of the beast", is incapable of even imagining, much less emulating, the courage of the men whose names he is not worthy to speak. The people of Donbass know war and danger, and we are simply not afraid. Unlike the traitors and cowards who ran from Donbass when war came, (and as Raevski did from his own personal failures) the citizens of the DPR stand firm in place, come what may, face the dangers of war, and the Defenders willingly put themselves in harm's way, we "run where the brave dare not go", with full understanding of the risks and consequences. Cowards hate the brave. Hate them.

 For this impudent swine to insult me again, at a time of deep mourning and heightened danger, is truly an example of what a piece of shit he is. His behind the back poison pen campaign against me and my Comrades, also show his utter lack of courage, principles and basic human decency. His autocratic censorship of dissenting views, his literal advocacy of ignorance, and his pompous self-importance are all indicative of what kind of creature he really is. He will never write, much less do, anything real against the "Anglozionist Empire" he pretends to oppose. He is controlled opposition, a Judas Goat, pretending to defy the very rulers whose boots he secretly licks.

 So, go ahead,"The Saker", keep spreading your drivel to your circle jerk of sycophants and credulous ass-kissers, you tub of shit, you whimpering dilettante, you nutless house husband, keep talking shit about me and the real men who stand our ground where the danger is, we who do for real what you pretend to do. We have your measure, you fucking maggot, and we will face the dangers and defeat them, without the likes of you. Or we will die in the effort. As real soldiers sometimes do.

There's your answer. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for another funeral...